Steider Studios.Ice Storm-16

I can’t believe a month has gone by since my last post!

Steider Studios.Ice Storm-2

Where has time gone?

Steider Studios.Ice Storm-4

Where is my Rocking Chair – will sitting in one make time slow down?

Steider Studios.Ice Storm-5

I need more time.  More time to just breathe.

Steider Studios.Ice Storm-6

Life has been crazy busy and today I am forced into having that extra time to breathe.

Steider Studios.Ice Storm-7

And to catch up.

Steider Studios.Ice Storm-8

Because for the first time EVER I had to cancel my appearance at an art show.

Steider Studios.Ice Storm-9

Even if I COULD carry my heavy boxes of glass across the ice to my car…

Steider Studios.Ice Storm-14…there’s no way my car will go UP my driveway.

Steider Studios.Ice Storm-17

If you were planning to shop for holiday gifts from me you can still see my work online.

Steider Studios.Ice Storm-18

You can click here for my Zibbet shop…..

Steider Studios.Ice Storm-22

or you can click here for my Artfire shop.

Steider Studios.Ice Storm-29

If you want to see my work in person, go to Columbia Arts in Hood River

Steider Studios.Ice Storm-24

or Artisans Designs and Gallery in White Salmon.

Steider Studios.Ice Storm-25

Hood River Jewelers has a nice selection of my bowls….

Steider Studios.Ice Storm-26

J D Smith Jewelers in The Dalles has a selection of my jewelry….

Steider Studios.Ice Storm-27

…and don’t forget the Hood River Holiday Pop Up Gift Store at Gallery 301 in Hood River!

Steider Studios.Ice Storm-28

Back at ‘The Ranch”, there is half to one inch of ice covering everything.

Steider Studios.Ice Storm-31

That includes my car, trash barrel, mailbox, garden and driveway.

Steider Studios.Ice Storm-33

This morning I took my camera out to capture some of it.

Steider Studios.Ice Storm-34

In a way it was pretty … and I AM catching up … and even breathing today!

Steider Studios.Ice Storm-35 Steider Studios.Ice Storm-36

My bird sculptures are pretty in ice (made by Sherm Rouse).

Steider Studios.Ice Storm-37

At least I’ll be toasty ‘weather’ I get out or not!  Hope you enjoy our winter wonderland and don’t get ‘stuck’ anywhere.

Steider Studios.Sunrise.11.2.14

As I raced down the hill and through the fog Sunday morning, on my way to join a group of birders I was suddenly stopped in my tracks. Simultaneously the fog lifted, the sun began to rise and the colors in the sky were rearranged into this magnificent order. I thought of a friend who’s fighting cancer. I had to stop and take this shot for her. I felt overpowering love from this sky, the kind of love where your heart opens without bounds. It was a fabulous beginning.

Steider Studios.Columbia River Gorge From Bridge.11.2.14

Then as I crossed the bridge and saw that gorgeous light behind those clouds….I had confirmation of the fabulous day ahead!  Lucky for me there was no one behind me on the bridge!!

Steider Studios.Golden Crowned Sparrow

As we walked toward the river from where we parked at The Hook, we saw this cute little Golden-crowned Sparrow, wearing his winter feathers.

Steider Studios.Kingfisher.11.2.14 HR Marina

We slowly worked our way to Waucoma Basin, but I lagged behind when I heard the call of one of my favorites, a Belted Kingfisher!  We know he’s a male because he has no orange belt.

Steider Studios.Shoveler Duck.HR Marina.11.2.14

Down at the Basin we saw Mallards of course, but among them were a couple of Northern Shovelers, including this female.

Steider Studios.Wood Ducks.HR Marina.11.2.14

Several Wood Ducks were also in the Basin – they were our big draw.  The males are easy to see, but there are two females in this image also!

Steider Studios.Grebe.HR Marina.11.2.14

Walking further along the Hook’s gravel road, we felt the warm sun gracing us with better light on this Horned Grebe in winter plumage.  There was a large raft of Grebes and Ducks farther out on the Columbia.

Steider Studios.Ring Necked Duck

Just when I thought I had my Wigeons and Ruddys down, I suddenly can’t identify most of the waterfowl I saw.  This is a male Ring-necked Duck and I love his golden eye!

Steider Studios.White Crowned Sparrow.11.2.14

Half our group decided to go over to the marina and a couple of us watched this little White-crowned Sparrow for a moment before we joined them.

Steider Studios.Raft of Ducks.HR.11.2.14

I cropped this raft of ducks super tight because I didn’t see the ‘Redhead’ that everyone wanted me to see until I looked at my photos.  I wish I had written down all the names of waterfowl the other birders were calling out!

Steider Studios.Trio of Ducks in Flight.11.2.14

Trio of ducks taking off from the raft.  I thought I knew what these were yesterday.

Steider Studios.Bonaparte's Gulls.HR.11.2.14

I had never noticed this size difference in Gulls…or maybe I hadn’t noticed little Boneparte’s Gulls before.  They were on the sandbar at the Hood River Marina.

Steider Studios.Heron.HR Marina.11.2.14

A resident Great Blue Heron greeted us as we walked along the path next to the Hood River from the beach towards the foot bridge.

Steider Studios.Killdeer.HR Marina.11.2.14

On our way to the foot bridge we stopped to watch a large group of Killdeer.

Steider Studios.Sandpiper.HR Marina.11.2.14

I learned to watch for other birds like this Least Sandpiper when Killdeer are present.

Steider Studios.Merganser in Hood River.11.2.14

We crossed the Hood River and checked Nichols Basin for Night Herons but didn’t see any.  This female Common Merganser slept (or pretended to) during our walk out and back in – see her peeking out at me?

Steider Studios.Salmon Spawning.11.2.14

To finish off the day a couple of us stood on the foot bridge watching salmon spawn!  Then back at the beach I got close enough to watch a Merlin bathing in the Columbia at the edge of the sandbar, but alas my shots are too blurry to share.

I love going out with this group!!  The first Sunday morning of each month.  Care to join us?!!

Rare Bird Sighting

November 4, 2014

Steider Studios.Northern Waterthrush

It was dark and raining near dawn Friday morning, but there it was – a rare bird skittering near the water’s edge, a Northern Waterthrush. Seldom seen in our area of the Pacific Northwest, two local birding experts had invited me along to document and wanted to be sure they were correct in their assessment.  My photos are not the best, but in spite of the not-so-sharp image you can see his markings.

Steider Studios. Northern Waterthrush

We stood in the sand across the pond, rain pouring down as we watched him run back and forth between water’s edge and the cover of false indigo shrubs. He’s actually in the warbler family and I learned a lot from these experts. While there I peppered them with all my bird-related questions, some of which they could answer & others they couldn’t.

Steider Studios.Shorebird.10.31.14.The Dalles

We also watched a trio of Dunlins traversing the beach at The Dalles Waterfront Park, close to where we saw the Northern Waterthrush.

Steider Studios.Merlin.10.31.14.The Dalles

…and a little Merlin decided to grace us with his presence.

Steider Studios.Raft of Coots, Ducks.10.31.14.The Dalles

We finished our travels at the boat ramp where a raft of American Coots and assorted ducks swam closer to us.

Steider Studios.Mourning Dove.10.31.14.Bingen

Back at the Ranch, so to speak we came upon a Mourning Dove near the parking lot where we started.

Sunday I joined a group of birders on the Hood River waterfront – the more I immerse myself in a bird’s world, the more I learn and I think my photos are improving.  Oh, I’ll still show you a blur now and again if it reminds me of a special experience that I want to share with you.  I’ll post pics from Sunday in a day or two…..

Hood River Holiday Pop-Up

The Hood River Holiday Pop-Up opens Saturday, November 1st.  Open hours are 10am until 6 pm every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in November and December; and every day December 12 – 25.  A fabulous place to do your holiday shopping, located at 301 Oak Street in Hood River.  I’m honored to have my work juried in with many artist friends including Kathy Watne enamels and several artists from Gorge Artists Open Studios.

You’ll find my ‘Buggettes’ (also featured on the poster, yay!), art glass star ornaments, miniature plates, treasure/trinket boxes, wall pocket vases and some sweet 8 x 10 photographs printed on metal along with some of my favorite images printed on all occasion greeting cards.

Snow Show at Columbia Arts

Don’t forget the ‘Snow’ Show opens First Friday at Columbia Arts in Hood River with some fabulous artwork depicting snow.  I may post a teaser of my work on my Steider Studios Facebook page, if time allows.

Extravaganza 2014

I’ll take my art glass and photography on the road again and meet you at the Soroptimist’s 10th Annual Artisan Shopping Extravaganza!  Held at the Hood River Inn one day only, Saturday November 22nd from 10 am until 4 pm.  Mark your calendars, this is a good show!

December 5 I’ll be in The Dalles with a small table of work at the MCMC Holiday Market in the Medical Office building.   December 6th you’ll find me in Trout Lake for the Holiday Market at the Trout Lake School, sponsored by the National Honor Society.   More info on both shows as we get closer to the events.

Until then, I think I’ll catch up around the studio as quickly as I can, then take a long and leisurely Sunday Drive up to Glenwood and visit my favorite National Wildlife Refuge, Conboy for inspiration and relaxation!

Coming Up ~ Fall Art Shows!

October 17, 2014

Steider Studios.White Salmon Fall Art Tour Show Card

Flying by the seat of my pants to catch up, I stayed outside too long with my camera.  Now I’m buried in my studio working as fast as I can producing new art glass home decor, jewelry and garden art for upcoming fall shows.  The first is our first – the inaugural White Salmon Fall Art Tour takes place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 24, 25, 26 from 11am until 5pm.  Downtown White Salmon. One week from today!  We have an event page on Facebook with our map and more information.

A White Salmon Art Council sponsored event.

Join 14 White Salmon artists as they open their studios and a Pop-Up Gallery all within walking distance of downtown White Salmon for a Fall Art Tour.  The self-guided tour takes place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Oct 24, 25 & 26 from 11:00 am until 5:00 pm all three days.

A preview and month-long viewing of the artists work is at the White Salmon Pop-Up Window.

Participating artists are:

In the Hatchery Studio Arts Building at 363 E. Jewett:

Sally Gilchrist, a painter/printmaker inspired by simple natural forms.

Sarah Morton Erasmus of M.E.Jewelry Co. & Atelier, will be demonstrating the fabrication of her handwrought sterling and gold jewelry at studio #6.

Cyndi Strid, mixed media artist, is excited to share large-scale drawings and her admiration for our native Northwest bees in studio #4.

In the Elba Building, 290 E Jewett Blvd at the corner of Estes and Jewett:

Peggy Ohlson grew up surrounded by the beautiful landscapes she loves to paint.

Linda Steider offers nature photography prints and greeting cards in addition to her kiln-formed art glass jewelry and home decor.

Jo Dean Sarins will be using turquoise in a new collection of jewelry featured at the White Salmon Fall Art Tour.

Barbara Murphy creates colorful, impressionistic gorge landscapes in acrylic on canvas.

Chris Fischer, traditionally trained jeweler, wholesaler, retailer and artist, has created works in sterling silver and gold filled for the upcoming Fall Tour from Celtic- inspired themes, accented with gemstones.

Miki Caldwell is a functional potter who enjoys making tableware and outdoor decorative ceramics in her studio in Husum, WA.

Ellen Nippollt creates shelter, furniture, clothing, and increasingly, jewelry, designed to a new materialism that’s torn from place, re-paired, re-strung.

Showing in their own studios:

Klickitat Pottery at 264 E. Jewett, Ed and Diane Swick making handmade artistic and functional stoneware pottery for over 30 years.

Ann Fleming at 200 SW Edgecliff Drive, will be showing limited edition bronze and one-of-a-kind clay narrative sculptures, jewelry and handmade brightly painted pottery.

Katey Ellen Price at 217 NE Wisconsin Street will show oil paintings that are the result of her love for the outdoors and her continual exploration of both the intriguing effects in nature and a variety of techniques to produce pleasing works on canvas.

In other news……

Opening the First Friday in November, I’m producing work in my other kiln for…..


… a gallery show titled ‘Snow’ at Columbia Center for the Arts.  It opens the First Friday in November with a reception from 6 until 8pm and runs through the end of the month.  I’ve created a series of ‘Snow’ Bowls in my ‘Celestial Series’ tradition and will offer my iridescent art glass snowflakes.

Between those two events I’m delivering work to the NEW Holiday Pop-Up Shop in Hood River at 301 Oak, formerly Gallery 301!  “Locally handmade gifts for everyone on your shopping list.”  It is open Fridays and weekends November – December and open every day the week before Christmas from 10am until 6pm.

There’s more in November, but for now I am dashing madly toward my studio!  Hope you’re all having a wonderful fall.  You can see many photographs I’ve taken between my last post and this one on my Facebook Page, Steider Studios.



Steider Studios:  Sunrise Silhouette

September 20th I participated in the Klickitat County Bird Count at Conboy National Wildlife Refuge, one of my favorite places.  We arrived just as the sun rose on a cool morning with mist hanging in the air below the hills.  An explosion of birds took off as I pulled my car into a sheltered spot – sorry, I didn’t mean to wake or alarm you!  We counted over 300 birds, traversing just over 50 miles in 9 hours time.  A long but very fun day with 1954 images on my memory cards!

Steider Studios.Heron in TreeWe saw 13 herons that we could count, but think there were more.

Steider Studios.Vulture in Flight

Flying high in the sky, we could clearly see that two of those black silhouettes were Turkey Vultures.

Steider Studios.Wood Duck Trio

We counted three Wood Ducks – not these three, but aren’t they cute?!!

Steider Studios.Flock of ducks.Conboy 9.20.14

We watched several groups of Mallards take off – in one blurry photo that I blew up I counted 84!

Steider Studios.Green winged teal trio

I do not know ducks so asked for help with these Green-winged Teal.  Hope that’s what they are so I don’t mess up the official bird count with wrong identifications!

Steider Studios.Female Ring-necked duck

We counted one Ring-necked Duck, but think we saw 3 more.  I had help identifying her also, thanks so much to the Backyard Bird Counters!

Steider Studios.Northern Harrier in Morning at Conboy.9.20.14

We watched 10 or 11 Northern Harriers hunt from the sky and in the marshes.

Steider Studios.Kestrel.Conboy 9.20.14

I spotted an American Kestrel on a utility wire with another on a stump nearby – love these little guys!

Steider Studios.Wild Turkey

We saw 8 wild turkeys, but not until we were leaving, late in the afternoon.

Steider Studios.American Coot.9.7.14_

One American Coot identified, but there were probably more in the canals.

Steider Studios.Sand Hill Cranes.Conboy.5.24.14

We heard 1 or 2 Sandhill Cranes but did not see them.  I’m hoping to see hundreds at Ridgefield’s Birdfest next weekend!

Steider Studios.CA Gull.Conboy 9.20.14

Forgive this blurry shot, but I’d not seen a California Gull before!  At least not here in the Pacific Northwest.

Steider Studios.Herd of Elk at Conboy 9.20.14

As we waited quietly in the canal area hoping more waterfowl would appear we heard a loud rustling in the tall grass. Much to our shock and awe, a herd of Elk appeared instead!  We startled them as much as they startled us.

Steider Studios.Flying Flicker

Our attention turned back to birds – six Northern Flickers tried to hide from us, but we spotted them.

Steider Studios.Pileated Woodpecker

We couldn’t find, but heard 1 Pileated Woodpecker through the woods.  This shot is a snag outside my back door.

Steider Studios.Raven Duo

There were so many Ravens that again I had to blow up a blurry picture to count all 30 but I think there were more.  American crows in the fields were just as plentiful, more than 40.

Steider Studios.Mountain Chickadee at Conboy 9.20.14

Three Mountain Chickadees were scampering from cone to cone.

Steider Studios.Western Bluebird.Conboy.9.3.14

We counted four Western Bluebirds, but there were more that we couldn’t properly identify.

Steider Studios.Robin in Forest

Only two American Robins presented themselves to us.

Steider Studios.Yellow Rumped Warbler.9.20.14

We counted nine sweet little Yellow-rumped Warblers.

Steider Studios.Sparrow.Rufous-winged at Conboy 9.20.14

The sparrows gave me a headache trying to identify them!  I think this one is a Rufous-winged…

Steider Studios. Savannah Sparrow

I had help with this Savannah…

Steider Studios.Lincoln's Sparrow.Morning at Conboy.9.20.14

and more help with this Lincoln’s Sparrow.

Steider Studios.White Crowned Sparrow at Conboy 9.20.14 I DO know the White-crowned Sparrows because they’re in my garden.  Maybe the others are too and I’ve been calling them finches!!

Steider Studios.Dragonfly on Reed Flower

At the end of the day a swarm of dragonflies captured our attention and away we went on a new adventure…You can see more dragonflies in my Facebook album.

Between our notes, photos, Peterson’s & Audubon’s field guides and help from birding groups on Facebook I finished our report and turned it in.  Hoping to have helped in some small way even though we weren’t at all sure what we were doing!

Over 300 birds within about 50 miles in 9 hours time…whew!!

A Month of Birthday

September 8, 2014

Steider Studios:  Sunrise 9.7.14_

As I stepped out the door I heard an owl call from the fir tree directly in front of me.  A second hoot responded from the neighboring fir tree.  Then a third owl joined in their conversation from the next tree over!  If I had not been in a race to meet the sun rising on the Columbia River, I would’ve grabbed a flashlight to seek them out.  My date with the sun would not wait so I left the owls conversing and sped down the hill to meet my sunrise at Mayer State Park.

Steider Studios:  Starling

My BirthDay is in September and I generally spend the entire month celebrating.  One of my birthday gifts was a NEW CAMERA!  So, after three hundred sunrise photos I headed to Lyle Point, a favorite birding spot to see how my new camera would capture birds.  I watched this pretty Starling sitting on a snag observing his world for a while.

Steider Studios:  Rusty Blackbird 9.7.14

There were tons of black birds at Lyle Point – I am including the speckled Starling because from a distance they look black.  I watched a group of them flying through a pine tree, having a little pine cone breakfast.  Trying to learn my new Nikon D-7100 while keeping up with the action was daunting at times.  I was thrilled to have this bird pose for a minute.

Steider Studios:  Ringed Turtle Dove Pair 9.7.14_

To our delight, we found a flock of Ringed Turtle Doves flying from tree to tree shortly after our arrival at Lyle Point.  It was such a beautiful morning, windless, warm and the river was crystal clear and calm.  By now, it is daylight and I can see all the buttons on my camera.  Trying to learn and remember each button and it’s function!

Steider Studios:  Red-winged black bird 9.7.14_

A Red-winged Blackbird landed on the top of a tiny tree and posed for just a minute.  I think he was saying ‘Happy Birthday’ to ME!!

Steider Studios:  Lewis' Woodpecker 9.7.14

To my surprise, one of my favorite birds appeared for just a moment, a Lewis’ Woodpecker!  I managed to get 3 shots of him before he skipped town.  I followed in his path, but to no avail – he was gone or very well hidden.

Steider Studios:  Brewer's Blackbird 9.7.14

I love how iridescent the wings of a Brewer’s Blackbird are.  This is another black bird that I was unfamiliar with.  We saw a lot of these, but they kept their distance and didn’t pose long.  Yes, I needed them to pose because my 150-600 Tamron lens is heavy; and I am trying to learn my new camera!

Steider Studios:  Brewer's Blackbird 9.7.14

I think this is a Brewer’s Blackbird coming in for a landing, but I think I’m starting to get all the black birds confused.

Steider Studios:  Brewer's blackbird, female 9.7.14

“This is a female Brewer’s Blackbird” she said as she put down her birding field guide to re-check her camera manual and re-read how to change the white balance and f-stop.  Again.

Steider Studios:  Crow Pair, 9.7.14

Although there were a few more black birds at Lyle Point yesterday, this is the last of the black birds I’ll show you.  For now.  A pair of crows.  I believe.  Thankfully they were not in flight.  Just posing on a snag for me.  Where was that re-play button on my new camera?

Steider Studios:  Cycle Oregon at Lyle 9.7.14

While we were in Lyle, we snapped some shots of the Cycle Oregon folks taking a break.  And I re-read page 6 “The Mode Dial”.

Steider Studios:  Cove on Columbia River 9.7.14

By late morning we found a cove on the Oregon side of the Columbia River.  It was a stunning spot – calm, peaceful, restful.  We took our time exploring.

Steider Studios:  Song Sparrow.9.7.14

We found a few woodpeckers but they were in dense forest.  Instead I focused on this sweet Song Sparrow taking a bath in the Columbia River.

Steider Studios: on rock.9.7.14_

A blue Dragonfly resting on a rock – I had my lens locked and by the time I unlocked it the dragonfly was gone so I only snapped this one shot of him.  A late summer picnic lunch, then we were off to our final destination for the day.

Steider Studios:  Cormorant in Flight 9.7.14

As we arrived at the Bingen Marina, a Cormorant flew by and I managed to grab this shot.  He was flying low and slow just for me.  And my new camera.  He landed on a piling and we meandered over to watch him and his friends bask in the sun.  I know it’s a matter of  ‘practice, practice, practice’ and my new camera will become as comfortable as my (barely) old camera, but I want to learn everything now.  Right now.  Today!

Steider Studios:  American Coot 9.7.14

There were a ton of Mallards at Bingen Marina, but this Coot was a nice contrast and an interesting duck for me to practice with my new camera.  I’ll be out and about almost every day this month, so if you see me, stop & say hi.  I love my BirthDay month!  And my new camera!!  I have new photos from Ridgefield and Conboy Wildlife Refuges to show you too!  As soon as I process and ‘tag’ them in my still ‘new’ish’ LightRoom Program.  Yet another learning curve I’ve been playing with!

Thanks to all who voted for my image in last week’s Daily Depiction of Nature photo contest, I WON!!  Thanks for following my adventures!  And letting me know that you are noticing and enjoying nature and wildlife because of something I posted!!  I love nature and wildlife!  xoxoxo


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