Steider Studios:  Studio Sale 2014

Thanks so much to everyone who drove to the top of Burdoin Mtn to see my studio & purchase my work!  You make it all worthwhile!!  I’m open by appointment and you can see my work in my ArtFire & Zibbet shops.  Now for some R & R in the garden!

Annual Studio Sale

March 31, 2014

Steider Studios Annual Studio Sale 2014

It’s almost here!  My annual studio sale.  April 11, 12 & 13 in the hills above White Salmon Washington.  I’ll open my studio for three fun-filled days in conjunction with Gorge Artists Open Studios.  It’s the only time ALL my work is unpacked and displayed in one setting.  Enjoy a stroll through my garden on your way down to see my photography and art glass.

I just ordered new metal prints and all occasion greeting cards from my photographs.  My kiln has been reloaded with MORE garden art.  Last night I finished cold-working new earrings and bracelets.  I have a feeling I’ll be finishing them between guests as there’s still so much preparation left to do!

You can find maps at Mt Adams Chamber of Commerce or download a pdf from our website,  onto your iPad or similar device.

If you’re in ~ or will be in ~ the Pacific Northwest, I’m happy to send you directions, just send me a message.

Until then, I’ll be scouring out my studio & unpacking all my work to show you!

Steider Studios:  Sunset yellow.2.28.14

I am way behind, so instead of panicking I’ll just relive the last sunset of February.  I was cooped up all last week  with my computer, CreativeLive and Photoshop trying to learn new tricks.  At the end of the last session on Friday I had to… no, needed to hike down my mountain for fresh air, green forest and hopefully a sunset.  So thrilled I caught the last sunset of February just before March stormed in.

Steider Studios:  Sunset Sky.2.28.14

On Sunday, in spite of the March storm I went to the Yard Garden & Patio show with my friend Kathy.  We were so desperate for spring that we braved icy snowy conditions on Interstate 84.  We cruised at a steady 35 to 40 mph & arrived in Portland in time for a fabulous Lebanese lunch and the show.  Our trip home was not as pleasant with a 10-15 mph cruising speed crawling on bumpy washboard ice caused by semi trucks chained up.  I confess that was better than the alternative – skating off the road like some of the abandoned cars we saw.

Steider Studios:  Sunset 2.28.14

Now I’m back in the throes of getting ready for my annual studio sale. and working with Gorge Artists Open Studios for next month’s self-guided tour of 40 artist’s studios.  I always wonder if people will venture way up here to my spot on top of Burdoin Mountain to see (and purchase!) my glass & photography.  If you’re so inclined, you can download a pdf of our map from our website onto your iPad (I think it would work on other reading devices too)!

Steider Studios:  Sunset.2.28.14

In preparation this year we have THREE venues showing a preview of our work!

Tomorrow night, Thursday March 6th is the opening reception for The Dalles Art Center Preview Show.  From 5 until 7pm you will meet many of our artists – I hope you can make the opening.

We’ll also have a Preview Show in the lobby of Columbia Art Gallery with an opening First Friday, March 7th from 6 until 8 pm.  Most of us will be there to talk about our work & we’d love to see you there.

Trash-2-Art Gallery Show at Columbia Arts

I also have work in the gallery portion of Columbia Art Gallery for the Trash to Art Show during the month of March.  I’ll be hanging out between the lobby area and the gallery for the reception of both shows on First Friday.

If that weren’t enough, the White Salmon Windows project is featuring participating studio tour artists downtown for the month of March.  So, 40 artists have work spread throughout the gorge hoping to tempt you to come to our studios in April!

I’ll post more information about my studio sale closer to the event & hopefully will have something interesting to post between now & then!!  As always, I’m ever so grateful that you took a moment to visit with me!!


Pilgrimage to Glass Beach

February 11, 2014

Steider Studios:  Glass on the Beach

Ever since hearing about  Glass Beach in Fort Bragg California I’ve wanted to make a pilgrimage to see it for myself.  Many friends and acquaintances told me I’d be disappointed because there was no glass left, but I was determined to go and find glass to photograph if there was any to be found.

Steider Studios:  View From Room

I wanted to stay right on the beach but not in a dumpy old place so after researching chose the Ocean View Lodge - this is the view from my room.  It was comfortable in spite of a few quirks and we didn’t plan to spend any time there other than sleeping.  We arrived late and had a great meal at Mendo Bistro.

Steider Studios:  Leaving Harbor

While waiting for low tide the following day, we took a whale watching excursion on the Trek II Charter boat where I had an interesting conversation with our captain & his brother.  Their grandfather captained the first charter boat specifically for whale watching in the area.  I snapped a few shots as we left the harbor and wish I’d grabbed a shot of our boat to show you.

Steider Studios:  Traveling Companions

My friends and I enjoyed our Starbucks in the warm dry cabin while the 4th grade class that we shared the boat with crowded the front deck.  We traded places soon after the first whale sightings occurred and the kids had spent their early morning excitement and energy.

Steider Studios:  Heading out to Sea

It was a blustery day but we were there to see whales.  As the kids moved to the back deck we headed to the front where we mostly had the entire deck to ourselves.

Steider Studios:  See It?

See it?  The blow spout from a gray whale.

Steider Studios:  Gray Whale

We only saw a couple of whales and they didn’t show us much more than this, but it was fantastic to see them.  Soaked from the rain in spite of our rain gear, we remained on deck so we wouldn’t miss any sightings.

Steider Studios:  Back to Wharf

Two hours later, back at Noyo Harbor I tried to dry out my camera so it would be ready to document Glass Beach.

Steider Studios:  Storm at Glass Beach

Following the advice I was given from several sources we hiked along the cliffs in Fort Bragg.  We were determined in spite of the weather so kept moving forward, closer to where we might find sea glass.

Steider Studios:  Trail to Glass Beach

We had several trails to choose from and decided this looked the easiest to hike down the cliffs at Glass Beach.

Steider Studios:  Glass in Hand

How thrilled we were to find actual glass at the bottom of the cliffs!  We couldn’t resist digging through it right there, even though we had a couple of coves to explore while the tide was out.

Steider Studios:  Lighthouse near Glass Beach

As we played in the glass we heard a melodic and peaceful continuous song that must have been a fog horn at this lighthouse.

Steider Studios:  Glass Beach Coastline

As we left I snapped one more shot of the Glass Beach coastline then we grabbed a late lunch on the wharf.

Steider Studios:  Traveling Companions determining our course.

We decided to see more of the coastline after lunch since we were already wet & didn’t want to spend the afternoon cooped up in a hotel room.  My friends and I wanted more adventure!

Steider Studios:  Walking on Beach

Forgive the quality of this shot, it was almost sunset and we were wet and cold in the fog, wind and rain.

Steider Studios:  Pair of Seagulls

Back at our room we dried out, then found a fantastic pizza at Piaci Pizza, recommended by a local friend.

Steider Studios:  Rain and Mud at Glass Beach

At dinner we couldn’t stop talking about how much fun we’d had on Glass Beach, so abandoned all other plans and returned the following day.

Steider Studios:  Glass Beach Coastline

It was raining even harder so we drove down the coast to Mendocino while waiting for low tide, stopping at every little turn out.

Steider Studios:  Low Tide at Glass Beach

Climbing down the cliffs was wet and muddy that second day but worth it.  As we hit the beach the rain stopped and we frolicked in the glass one last time.  I tried to get a classic shot of glass beach, but there was no glitter without sunshine to bring out the sparkle.  Much of what appears to be dark rocks is actually very dark brown glass.

Steider Studios:  Glass Beach

As I said earlier, several of my friends warned me of disappointment because there was no glass left.  I think they were on the wrong beach!  I hated leaving but had to catch a flight to the frozen Northwest the following afternoon.

Steider Studios:  Lighthouse

Early in the morning we left to have one more half a play date together in Santa Cruz.

Steider Studios:  Sea Lions at the Santa Cruz Wharf

We started at the Santa Cruz wharf where sea lions were piled high.  Several babies were snuggling in the group.

Steider Studios:  Sea Lion Kisses

It was fun watching them swim and play in the water.

Steider Studios:  Baby Sea Lion

Loved this cute little baby sea lion.

Steider Studios:  Seagull in Flight

I got a little practice photographing  more birds while there!  You knew I would!!

Steider Studios:  Heron in Mendocino

Found a few herons too!  A remarkable and fabulous four days of adventure.

I must tell you it was mostly a remarkable trip because of the company I kept – two friends from long ago that I hadn’t seen in over twenty years.  In addition to the excitement of seeing Glass Beach for the first time, most of my joy came from our reminiscing and planning for the next adventure together.

January ~ A Month of Eagles

February 2, 2014

Steider Studios:  Bald Eagle Take Off into Flight, 1.6.14

January was an incredible month for chasing eagles.  I’ve been down by the river all month in spite of below freezing temperatures.

Steider Studios:  Bald Eagle.1.13.14

The best day was January 27th when my friend Nancy and I counted FORTY SIX eagles between Major Creek, Balfour Park, The Dalles Dam, Meyer Park and Mosier.  Simply stated, it was a magical day.

Steider Studios:  Bald Eagle in Tree.1.6.14

Thousands of photos later, I’ve whittled down my image catalog to those I can’t bear to part with.  Not all are that great, but remind me of what I saw, staring up in wonder at the magnificent Bald eagles.

Steider Studios:  Juvenile Eagle.1.13.14

January was a magical journey full of inspiration.  We photographed many other birds, but mostly we chased eagles.  Without further ado:

Steider Studios:  Eagle Catches Fish.1.13.14

On the Klickitat River I caught an adult bald eagle taking his fish to a more private dining area.

Steider Studios:  Eagle Takes Off

Further up the Klickitat River eagles were harder to photograph due to camouflage of twigs and branches.

Steider Studios:  Klickitat River.1.13.14

While we wait for photo opportunities the surrounding landscapes are breath-taking.  This is an upper section of the Klickitat River on a frigid January morning.  I can still hear it roar.

Steider Studios:  Bald Eagle in Flight.1.6.14

My heart soars with these magnificent birds.  Am I lucky?  Blessed?  In the right place at the right time?  Yes.

Steider Studios:  Foggy Balfour Park

This is Balfour Park where eagles perch in trees along the Klickitat River.  I’m still waiting for my new Tamron 150-600mm lens that will allow me to get much closer to these incredible birds.

Steider Studios:  Eagle@Balfour.1.27.14

This adult bald eagle perched right on the paved path at Balfour where numerous visitors including Yours Truly were able to photograph him endlessly.

Steider Studios:  Eagles at The Dalles Dam on 1.27.14

At the Dalles Dam on the Columbia River dozens of bald eagles congregate daily.  I will get much better shots of them with my new lens.  If it arrives before the eagles leave!

Steider Studios:  Juvenile Eagle Taking Off

A juvenile bald eagle surprised me when he took off directly overhead at Major Creek.  I think I surprised him too!

Steider Studios:  Eagle in Flight along Hwy14, January 2014.

Although not sharp, I like this photo because of the white feathers on his back and his tail feathers have brown tips.  Near Lyle Point along Highway 14.

Steider Studios:  Mosier Creek at Columbia RiverMosier Creek where it flows into the Columbia River is another great spot for watching eagles.

Many of my images have been printed on all occasion greeting cards and are available in my Zibbet shop and my ArtFire shop; and are also available as metal prints and canvas wraps to adorn your home or office walls.  If you see something you like and it’s not in my shops, please send me a message to make it happen!

If you like this post, sign up to receive an email for future posts so you don’t miss anything.  It’s easy, just click the box at the top right of this page that says ‘Sign me up!’ and type in your email.  It’s right under the yellow close-up photo of my work.


A Magical January Sunset

January 4, 2014

Steider Studios:  Columbia River Gorge Magical Sunset

What a magical start to 2014!  I was giddy with excitement as I watched the colors in the sky changing on the second evening of January.  Overlooking the Columbia River Gorge watching the mist hovering over the river as the mountains darkened and the skies turned into a painting.

Steider Studios.Sunset.1.2.14

No matter where I turned my camera an amazing array of color mixed with golden clouds.  Cars were stopping on the road, all the neighbors were out staring at the sky in amazement.

Steider Studios:  Sunset on Mt. Hood. 1.2.14

Mt Hood with a brilliant red cloud curling over her snowy white cap was the last bit of color to fill my soul.

Steider Studios:  Kingfisher in Flight. 1.2.14

The day had a magical start when I found a Kingfisher & caught him in flight!

Steider Studios:  Hawk in Flight. 12.31.13

The last day of 2013 I caught this juvenile Red-tailed hawk in flight.  Today I entered him in a Project FeederWatch contest.  Do me a favor and vote for my photo:  Simply click this link and vote for my hawk in flight.  Thanks!!  You only have until tomorrow night (Sunday, Jan 5th) to vote!!!

2014 is off to a wonderful start!  I can’t wait to see what’s next!!

Happy New Year

January 1, 2014

Steider Studios:  Lyle Point 1.1.14

I had a glorious ending to 2013 and a fabulous beginning to 2014 chasing eagles along the Columbia River.  They congregate where the Klickitat River meets the Columbia River.

Steider Studios:  Bald Eagle.1.1.14

Fog has covered the river most days with sun breaks from time to time.  I’ve been traversing the Columbia near Lyle daily this last week and plan to continue until the eagles are gone.

Steider Studios:  Juvenile Bald Eagle.1.1.14

Today, eagle expert Tim Pitz led a small group of us on an ‘Eagle Outing’ along the Balfour trail from the Memaloose Tasting Room in Lyle.  To our astonishment, this juvenile stayed perched on the trail while our group carefully and quietly made our way around her.  Tim pointed out the blood still on her talons and her swollen crop indicating she had just eaten.

Steider Studos:  Kingfisher.1.1.14

Prior to the event I was at the water’s edge looking for a Kingfisher that I recently discovered.  He didn’t disappoint.  I was lucky to see him dive in the water twice just after his call that sounds like maniacal laughter.

Steider Studios: Bonus Bird.Kingfisher

Here’s another shot of him from a few days ago when I first discovered him.

Steider Studios:  Goose in Flight

After today’s event the river had filled up with people fishing so I headed home.  Stopped at the Bingen Marina in time to catch some geese flying off, but I saw no more eagles.

Steider Studios:  Hawk.12.31.13

Yesterday I was lucky to catch this hawk flying.  I’m told it’s a juvenile Red tail.

Steider Studios:  Juvenile Eagle in Flight. 12.29.13

A couple days ago a juvenile bald eagle graced me with his presence.

Steider Studios:  Eagle in Flight.12.29.13

The same day I was lucky to have this bald eagle fly right in front of me.

Steider Studos:  Juvenile Bald Eagle on Beach 12.30.13

And this motley juvenile was the only eagle on the beach while I searched for the Kingfisher.

Steider Studios:  Heron in Tree.12.31.13

Yesterday a friend and I missed this heron hiding in a tree as we hiked by.  Fortunately her husband pointed him out to us as we hiked back out!

Steider Studios:  End of County Road

The last few days have been amazing.  I’m so lucky to live here, in the Columbia River  Gorge.  I can’t wait to see what unfolds tomorrow!  And I really can’t wait until my new Tamron 150-600mm lens arrives!


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