Middle School Students Produce Panels for School Cafeteria

February 10, 2009


My latest project was too much fun, & went too fast!

These 6” tiles were produced by middle school students in the 6th, 7th, & 8th grade. Each student had only 3 hours to learn about glass, including the types of glass we had to work with, how to cut it, arrange it for volume control, and translate their design into glass. In some cases, they also had to quickly sketch a design, if they didn’t come in prepared. Additionally, they learned how to bend stringer in a candle flame – thanks to Bullseye for donating stringer! Also thanks to Columbia Gorge Studios (Dave Cutler) for donating frit & to Susan Franklin for donating frit & scrap sheet glass.  A special thanks to the Oregon Glass Guild for loaning tools & safety glasses to each & every student. 

The overall theme was their school: what they loved about it, their favorite part of it, or what they wanted to share most with others about their school. It truly is a unique public school as some of the courses include oceanography, rock climbing, windsurfing, yoga, photography & drama as well as the core subjects, art & music.

The students wanted to be involved in the fabrication process, so a few of them were invited to arrange the tiles along with one of their teachers. The photo shows the final arrangement of the tiles before fabricating. There’s a slight gap in the center as it is actually 2 panels that will be hung together. The paw prints in the corners are for their sports teams, ‘The Panthers’, & the mountains are what they see from their windows. It was great having a couple of students also help fabricate onto a substrate of window glass, making the process much faster. That was a good thing, as we only had 3 hours for the whole process & we managed to get it finished with 3 minutes to spare!


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