Bowl full of Sun

February 11, 2009



Although not quite ready for the show in March, here is the first bowl pulled from my kiln, plus it’s detail shot.  This bowl is 16″  in diameter with gold lines added for sparkle.  More after I pull the sister bowls out…….



3 Responses to “Bowl full of Sun”

  1. Toni Says:

    Very nice, Linda!


  2. Jim Simmons Says:

    Hi Linda.
    I just love the little “whispiness” lines and would like to know how to get that kind of affect, if I am not to rude in asking.
    Please do not be affraid to say “Maybe sometime i will teach a class, but for know this is MY signature”


  3. steiderstudios Says:

    Thanks Toni & Jim!

    I do teach this technique, Jim, & would be happy to have you as a student! My upcoming classes are ‘Exploring Glass Powders’ in Las Vegas at the ‘Glass Craft & Bead Expo’ the first week of April; and ‘Powderology’ in Redmond WA at Cascade Glass Art Center June 12, 13, & 14.


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