100 Tears

February 15, 2009


This piece was made for a specific competition, but wasn’t selected.  It speaks to my childhood memories and overcoming obstacles.  I entered it in another show in Las Vegas, where it was well received.  Afterwards, while loading luggage into the car to go home, my large suitcase fell over on the cement parking lot.  Wouldn’t you know this bowl was sitting on top!  Yes, it broke.  I was heartsick to say the least.  My parents, who were my ‘taxi’, were so grief stricken about it that I had to pretend I was over it to help them get over it.  As we drove to the airport, I happily chatted in the back seat about how I was going to turn this piece into 100 pendants.  100 tears for 100 pendants.  By the time we got to the airport, I WAS over it & excitedly planning those pendants.  I’m not close to the 100 mark yet, but still work on it as I have time.



One Response to “100 Tears”

  1. Toni Says:

    Your necklaces are quite beautiful – that’s the way to make lemonade from lemons, Linda!


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