100 Tears

February 15, 2009


This piece was made for a specific competition, but wasn’t selected.  It speaks to my childhood memories and overcoming obstacles.  I entered it in another show in Las Vegas, where it was well received.  Afterwards, while loading luggage into the car to go home, my large suitcase fell over on the cement parking lot.  Wouldn’t you know this bowl was sitting on top!  Yes, it broke.  I was heartsick to say the least.  My parents, who were my ‘taxi’, were so grief stricken about it that I had to pretend I was over it to help them get over it.  As we drove to the airport, I happily chatted in the back seat about how I was going to turn this piece into 100 pendants.  100 tears for 100 pendants.  By the time we got to the airport, I WAS over it & excitedly planning those pendants.  I’m not close to the 100 mark yet, but still work on it as I have time.


Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2009













Small jewelry sized cast glass hearts

photo credit:  Photosensitive Portraits

final-panels-mock-upThis has been an exciting project for me.  In conjunction with Arts in Education and Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital’s ‘Youthful Art of Healing’ program, I led a group of 28 high school students, their art teacher, & para-educator through the process of learning to work with glass, then producing a series of tiles.  These are 8″ kilnformed tiles based on the concept of ‘healing’ and span about 12 feet horizontally, 4 feet vertically.

After learning the basics of scoring & breaking glass, the students began making small samples, artist sketches in glass.  This was to show them how the media responded to heat and gave them some practice before beginning our project.  We used three different process temperatures: 1400º for a textured finish, 1500º, for a smooth finish, and 1350º for a small group who wanted to try working with powdered glass.  Each student then produced a miniature version of their sketch, again testing to see if they preferred a textured or smooth finish.  Some chose both – a smooth flat background with textured details added.

We started mid October and the last of the tiles were completed in January.  I’ve spent the last couple weeks arranging and rearranging photos of the tiles for the mock up.  My parameters were balance of color, shape, content, dark and light space; as well as evenly distributing multiple tiles made by  the students who produced more than one. (The final arrangement may change after I have them all laid out.)  The backing/frame is being fabricated next week, with installation scheduled for the end of this month.

My heartfelt thanks to all the donors & sponsors of this project:

Schlosser Machine Inc. for donating labor for fabrication of the backing panels.

Oregon Glass Guild for loaning and donating tools for the students to work with.

Dianne Muhly and Mary Caldwell of the OGG for donating tools to the students.

Fay Malench donated hand made glass stringers that the students used in their tiles.

Charles R. Hall and Toni Johnson donated plans & instruction so that I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel.

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More Sunshine

February 13, 2009

Here are a couple of  Sister Sun Bowls, pulled out of the kiln yesterday that I’m happy with.  I have another couple that didn’t work out – too many bubbles & not enough time to rescue them.  It’s easier & faster to simply start over.  Today I’ll be making a couple more from scratch that need to be complete enough to turn in the title & price in time for the ‘Art Heals’ show at the Columbia Art Gallery.


10.75″ diameter x 2″ deep


12.5″ diameter x 2″ deep

Sometimes I have the title before I begin; sometimes the title presents itself to me in progress, or as soon as I see it finished.  For this series all I can think of is “Sun”, “Sun”, “Sun”, “Sun”, “Sun”, “Sun”.

Bowl full of Sun

February 11, 2009



Although not quite ready for the show in March, here is the first bowl pulled from my kiln, plus it’s detail shot.  This bowl is 16″  in diameter with gold lines added for sparkle.  More after I pull the sister bowls out…….



Work in Progress

February 10, 2009

celestial.mini.yellowMiniature Celestial Bowls:

Preparing for the upcoming March show at the Columbia Art Gallery, I begin by creating miniature versions of the bowls I want to produce to see what colors, patterns, & lines I want to work with.  The show is titled “Art Heals – From Birth to Death”.   Those of us asked to participate are to create work that suggests hope.  Through the dark dreary winter days my thoughts have rested on the return of the sun.  The light coming back to energize my spirit, my creativity, my soul.


Upcoming class at the Las Vegas Glass Craft & Bead Expo: 

Explore the possibilities of personal expression with this underused form of glass in a hands on, fun, experimental atmosphere.  Working with small components, we’ll practice a variety of techniques unique to glass powders, including color blending & shading for ‘painting’, sgrafitto, combing & feathering, line work, resists, faux sandblasting, and how to pull out oversifted powder.  We’ll play with mica, Glass Glow ™, dichroic and irid glass, learning how they interact with and relate to powders.  Discover how to ‘correct’ a problem, after it’s been fired.  Design & color issues will be discussed and practiced.  You’ll take home a set of samples to remember the techniques allowing you to easily reproduce this work in your own studio.  

This class is almost sold out.


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