It’s March?

March 1, 2009


'Running Horse'

'Running Horse'

The year is already racing by too fast.  I have signed on to too many projects.  Many of them due this month, MARCH!  Not one to say ‘no’ to opportunity, of course I said ‘yes’.  If I should fall behind with my blog will you keep following?

This pastel painting was based on my photographs taken at a photographer’s horse drive near Sisters, Oregon.  Wilma invited me to go along, knowing I wasn’t a photographer, but a painter at the time.  The cowboys would herd the horses toward us so we could capture the imagery of running horses with clouds of dust.  I can still hear the thundering sound of hooves pounding towards me.


3 Responses to “It’s March?”

  1. Toni Says:

    Yes, Linda, it is MARCH! I like it in all caps – MARCH. March just doesn’t give it enough significance, does it? And of course I’ll still follow you if you ignore your blog for awhile.

    This painting is gorgeous! I love the sense of movement. I didn’t realize you were a painter, in addition to glass and fiber arts. You are a talented lady.


  2. Heather Says:

    Lovely piece! The 27th annual Wallowa Valley Festival of Arts (www.wallowavalleyarts.org) is just now opening its Call to Artists for the juried show taking place the first weekend in June.

    The festival is open to both professional and nonprofessional artists. You might look it over and consider entering.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Thanks Toni & Heather.

    When I was building my resume, I applied to every show that I could possibly do, but those days are long gone. Indeed, I no longer care to stage my work outdoors in the rain, wind, sun, cold, heat, & everything else that goes with the outdoors. It’s getting harder to find indoor shows that are not wholesale, but truth be told I’d rather hand my work over to a gallery and let them sell it so I can stay in the studio producing more work. When outside, I want to be hiking, gardening and generally enjoying the environment!

    The good thing about participating in an art show is the immediate response from the public. Good or bad, you have immediate feedback about your work. When someone can’t go home without a beautiful bowl or a painting or a …. well, it’s wonderful to watch someone fall in love with your work for the first time or the thousandth.

    And as for talent, well gosh thanks. I’ve always thought it’s not so much talent as it is my good work ethic. I work very hard perfecting technique, figuring out what I want to say in a piece, or just how to make that glass more beautiful than it already is. But this year I’m going to make an effort to just accept a compliment. Thank You!!


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