Good Morning Moon

March 12, 2009


Setting Moon over Cascades

Setting Moon over Cascades

I’ve hired help to meet rapidly approaching deadlines and have spent all my time in the studio rather than here.  To keep your interest, thought I’d post this morning’s ‘Moonset’ before my day of cutting glass starts.  Today I’m preparing for my class, ‘Exploring Glass Powders’ at the Glass Craft & Bead Expo in Las Vegas.  I’m cutting a zillion 2″ squares of glass for the students to explore upon.  Bullseye Glass has donated all the glass & I’m very grateful!

The photo doesn’t show exactly how pink the sky looked, but it was a breathtaking moonset viewed from my deck.  If you’re not familiar with this part of the Pacific Northwest, the moon is setting over the Cascade Mountain Range above the Columbia River.   To me, it announced I’ll have a wonderful day.  Hope you do, too!


2 Responses to “Good Morning Moon”

  1. Toni Says:

    Oh that is gorgeous, Linda! You have a fantastic view up there. Color me green. 🙂


  2. Candace Says:

    Your view is definitely priceless. No wonder you’re so inspired to make such pretty things!


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