Glass Gallery 2009, Portland Convention Center

April 18, 2009


Glass Gallery '09

Glass Gallery '09

Next weekend is the 9th Annual – Oregon Glass Guild – Glass Gallery – at the Portland Convention Center.  I’ve been working hard, producing new work for this event where 50 plus glass artists join six other guilds to present an exhibition and sale.  If you’re a collector it’s a feast for the eyes, gifts galore, and new decor for sprucing up your abode.  If you’re a working artist or hobbyist we’ll also have select suppliers on hand and demonstrations just for you. 

Visit my booth & tell me you follow my blog to receive a special token of my affection.  While in my booth, please feel free to purchase home decor, personal adornment, gifts for Mother’s Day, upcoming birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries.  Does there have to be a reason to gift a loved one?  Of course not – ‘Just Because’ is reason enough.  And don’t forget to treat yourself!  I accept Visa, MC, checks and cash.  Ask for my Blog Follower Discount!! 

I’ll have new pendants, earrings and bracelets.  New work from my Celestial Series.  With only a week left to produce, I hope to have new boxes, wall pockets, and some hand cast miniatures.  Waiting for the kilns to cool off before I’ll know if my newest concepts worked out or not!  Let me know that you’re planning to attend!!

4 Responses to “Glass Gallery 2009, Portland Convention Center”

  1. This sounds so great Linda. Wish I was in Portland. I would love to see all of the work at this exhibit. Anxious to see your new pendants, earrings and bracelets…maybe you could post some pictures of them on you blog after next weekend…for those of us who can’t attend? Hope there is a great turnout and you have lots of sales!


  2. Great idea, Kathleen, thanks! The participants at this show are all Oregon Glass Guild members. You can get a sneak preview for some of the glass by clicking on ‘Oregon Glass Guild’ in the ‘Find my Work’ section. Then go to the ‘Member Gallery’ link to view some juicy glass!


  3. Oh Linda!

    Thanks for the sneak preview. 🙂

    Yowser, you are one creative glass artist. Lovely, lovely pieces. You are an inspiration. All of your work should sell out at the show!!!!


  4. Now you’re making me blush, thanks for the kind words! And thanks for the inspiration for the next post where you can get a REAL preview!


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