April 20, 2009

Frit Cast Hearts & Tree

Frit Cast Hearts & Tree

Today I have a ton of ‘finish’ work to do in preparation for the ‘Glass Gallery’ show which is coming up too fast!  I can hardly wait for the kilns to be cool enough to check out yesterday’s work!  I wasn’t planning to post any new photos until after the upcoming show, but Kathleen’s comment on my previous post gave me an idea to tease you until then.  The left photo, taken yesterday shows my cast hearts & tree upon opening the kiln door.  


Fresh out of the kiln

Fresh out of the kiln




Photo on the right shows the glass removed from the molds & ready to cold work (grinding then polishing the edges smooth).  These are my own molds made with reusable casting material.  In the background, you can also see a commercial butterfly mold filled & ready to go in today’s firing.  At the Glass Craft & Bead Expo I purchased a number of Colour de Verre molds to try out & those are what I’m waiting for, cooling in the kilns this morning  ( http://www.colourdeverre.com/index.php ).

At the show, for the first time, we’ve invited some of the suppliers we use to join us.  If you are unable to attend the Portland show, you can visit them at their websites!  Here are some links (you may have to paste the link into your browser):

Bullseye Resource Center:   http://www.bullseyeglass.com/

Glasshopper Patterns:  http://www.glasshopperpatterns.com/

Elements Glass:  http://www.elementsglass.com/

Roses Glassworks:  http://rosesglassworks.com/

The participating artists are all members of the Oregon Glass Guild.  You can see a sneak preview of the show by clicking on the ‘Member Gallery’ at http://oregonglassguild.org/ 

Of course, not all members will be showing, but you’ll get a taste!  And here are just a few of the participating members:

Heather Fields:  fieldsandfieldsblownglass.com

Alex Farnham:  www.farnham-art.com

Serena Smith:  sjasdesigns.com

Donna LaPlanate:  www.confusionartstudio.com

Jane Godfrey / Sondra Radcliffe:  www.artglassambiente.com

Bob & Rox Heath:  CandlelightGlass.com

Jenny Newtson:  www.firebrandbeads.com

Hope to see some of you there – don’t forget: visit my booth # 44  & tell me you follow my blog for a special token of my affection!

7 Responses to “Preparations”

  1. Great! So glad for a bit of a sneak preview. These look so cool. And the tree…what are you going to do with that? I like it!

    I’ve eyed the Colour de Verre molds, but so far, haven’t bought any. Interesting to see what you have. Sometimes it sure can be killer waiting for the kiln to cool so you can see what surprises await!

    What a great show this should be. I’m going to make it to Oregon one of these days…it’s a goal, hopefully BECon next year.

    Anyway, thanks so much for posting… I can only imagine how busy you must be right now and I for one appreciate you taking the time to do this. Thanks!!!


  2. My pleasure, Kathleen, I’m thrilled you return to my blog! The little trees are decorative, placed in wooden stands. I like doing a progression or gradation of colors so in the light, they glow.

    I typically prefer making my own unique molds, but CdV has new box molds with lids that are way too cool! I only have one to play with for now, but have ordered the entire set. I hope to have some with me when I teach at D&L, so you’ll see them if I don’t post photos here ahead of time. The one I took out of the kiln this morning was my first test with this mold and I LOVE it! Here is a link to their site: http://www.colourdeverre.com/index.php?cat=4
    You can tell them I sent you!


  3. Thanks Linda. I’m checking them out. Really nice. It would be great if you had them when you head to D & L this summer. Appreciate the help and information!


  4. Candace Says:

    Everything looks beautiful, you’re so talented. Wish I was close to Portland.

    Good luck with the show!


  5. Thanks Candace! Wish you were closer too!!


  6. Monika Says:

    Linda, love the hearts and the tree, looking forward to see the tree back lit..
    What material did you use for the mold? Not that I’ve time to start anything new, but my molds never look that good and never last more than 2-3 firings.
    (will be in Bob L.’s class for the next 5 days, should be grueling fun..)


  7. Thanks Monika! I use Michael Dupille’s Castalot – I love it. The more complex the image, the fewer firings I get out of it. I’ve used the heart mold for several years & the tree only a dozen or so times as it disintegrates a bit with each casting.


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