Raining Cats and Dogs!

April 29, 2009


What Birdie?

What Birdie?

Thanks to Donnie for loaning me this colorful piece from my ‘Raining Cats & Dogs’ series so I could photograph it.  Yet another series I long to get back to, one day when I have more time, as it was so much fun to make.  I am getting better about documenting all my work, but this is a series that got away from me before I managed to photograph it.  My renderings were inspired by children’s artwork of or about their pets, which were mostly cats and dogs.  Children have the most clear and pure vision of life around them and are unencumbered with life’s “I can’t, don’t know how, people will laugh”, etc, etc.  I’m always flattered when children are drawn to my work, as they can still see the joy and glitter in everything.


8 Responses to “Raining Cats and Dogs!”

  1. Hi Linda!

    Oh when I first saw this it made me smile. Love it when art makes me happy and this definitely does. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Candace Says:

    Oh, I love it, Linda. But I am partial to cats. It looks like a great series and I would think it would appeal to many, many people.


  3. Thanks! It makes me smile too & it was a fun series. It was amazing how many cat lovers I didn’t know I knew.


  4. Toni Says:

    Count me as a cat lover, too, Linda. I actually prefer cats to dogs, and yes I know I have two dogs. Looks like a fun series to play with.


  5. Donnie B Says:

    Oh Linda,
    I have been looking thru all your sites and finally found this one. I had tears in my eyes when I saw the “kitten” Plate. I can’t tell you how much I admire you, and so proud this plate hangs in my home. How wonderful. xoxo


  6. You too Toni? A really fun series for you to play with might be entitled ‘Pillow Fight’! For those that don’t know Toni, check her blog to see why I say that!

    Donnie, you are too sweet! You make my head swell & I’m honored to be your friend.


  7. So cute. Reminds me of Klee a bit, I have always loved the cat with the fish on his forehead.


  8. Appreciate the compliment! I love the Bauhaus artists, favorites are Klee & Kandinsky. Thanks for stopping in!


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