Shattered Lives, Shattered Glass…

May 2, 2009


Puzzle Bowl


I was asked to donate to an upcoming art auction benefitting Helping Hands Against Violence.  I’m all for stopping violence of any sort, especially against helpless children. Domestic violence is more rampant than you might think and according to reports is on the rise.  I’m amazed at how many women I know who have experienced a violent act.  My friend, Pam took an informal survey to discover 80% of her friends had been raped or molested at some point in their lives.   

This piece was selected as a symbol of how broken or discarded lives, just like glass can be put back together again.  It’s from my ‘puzzle’ series in which I jigsaw – fit discarded bits and pieces of iridescent clear glass together into a shape, then fuse it all back together.  For this bowl, I had a handful of clear frit also leftover, so tack fused it to the bottom of the bowl representing ‘diamonds in the rough’.   Similar to those who’ve been through the trenches of violence….diamonds emerging and ready to sparkle.  It then went back into the kiln for a third time to shape it through a drop ring into the bowl form.       

If you’re in Hood River next Friday night, the benefit auction is May 8th from 5:30 until 8:30 at Ground Espresso Bar & Cafe at 12 Oak St.  Only $8.00 to get in includes a drink and hors d’oeuvres plus the opportunity to bid on an array of artwork by local artists.   Please bid on my piece!  Bid on your favorite piece!  Bid high and bid often.  You’ll receive a beautiful piece and your financial help will benefit a worthy cause.


4 Responses to “Shattered Lives, Shattered Glass…”

  1. Linda,

    What a beautiful piece to donate to such a worthy cause! And I just love your description of all the elements you used to create this.

    Man, there are times when I wished we lived in Oregon so I could attend some of these great events.

    Hope it is a wonderful success.



  2. Thanks Kathleen! We do have a lot of events here…I could attend something every night of the week if I had time. I bet there is a similar organization (or one near & dear to your heart) that could use your help at their next auction….or your suggestion of an art auction for their next fundraiser!


  3. Linda, how do I bid on this piece? I’d cherish this one not just because of the artist’s hands who have made it but because so much of my life has been in the “recovery” mode from violence. Having a loving, caring husband now has made the past seem like the nightmare it was. Let me know how to bid or else let me tell you I’d pay $100.00 for it. xoxo cfort


  4. Charlene, thank you so much! I’ll let the organizers of the auction know of your bid. If you CAN go bid in person, it’s at Ground Coffee at 12 Oak Street this Friday night at 5:30. You are an inspiration.


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