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May 6, 2009


Cast Glass Box with Lid

Cast Glass Box with Lid

My shipment of new box molds should be arriving any day now. I have the kidney shape that Craig at Colour de Verre (http://www.colourdeverre.com/index.php?cat=4) gave me and I’ve made a couple of them.  The box pictured here is a pink so dark that it almost appears black.  The lid embellishment is CdV’s Lotus Flower mold.  I have a new box in the kiln using clear frit with purple powder which will give it a ‘veined’ appearance & can’t wait to see how it turns out.  

I LOVE these lidded glass boxes!  I’ve tried making various glass boxes in my kiln to no avail for years, so am excited and happy to find a reusable casting mold that works.  The other shapes are round, elliptical, and rectangle.  The lids can be embellished with a cast accent, using another CdV mold or my own original mold, then tack fusing it to the lid.  

Frit Cast Glass Box with Embellished Lid

Frit Cast Glass Box with Embellished Lid

Don’t forget the auction in my previous post!  You have until this Friday, May 8th at midnight to bid on the puzzle vase.  I’m so thrilled with the response at this point that I’m throwing in an extra surprise for the lucky high bidding winner as a thank you!


7 Responses to “Back to Boxes”

  1. Hey Linda! These are pretty darn cool. I can understand why you are so excited about these. Great for Mother’s Day too. Actually any occasion. Hope you bring some examples to Denver in July. 🙂


  2. Thanks Kathleen, I plan to bring some. D & L gave me a great price so that I’d use them as examples. Still playing with lots of ways to incorporate powdered glass – they’re so new on the market not a lot has been done yet. Larry & Craig have wonderful samples, & the last I’d talked with them wanted to start some powder experiments. We’re planning to share & trade info.


  3. Sounds great. Looking forward to it!


  4. What a beautiful blog, I am glad I visited. No wonder this takes so much time. I am going to explore your work further.


  5. Thanks so much Audrey!


  6. Karyn Cott Says:

    If you were to want to sell this box, how much would you ask for it?


  7. Thanks for the inquiry, Karyn! I DO sell my work and this box is $125.00. You can see it along with my other available boxes at my new 1000 Markets shop:


    I would love to personally show it to you as photos never do the work justice!


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