Did you see me?

May 18, 2009

Columbia Gorge Art Festival '09

Columbia Gorge Art Festival '09

…at the 11th Annual Columbia Gorge Art Festival?  My display was a rainbow of color!  I had a huge collection of Celestials.  Wallpockets.  Glass inlaid wooden boxes.  Vessels for your flowers.  New cast glass boxes (more photos to come!).    This week will be spent stocking my on-line store with beautiful sparkly glass, as this was my last show of the season so I won’t be working quite so ‘full steam’ in the studio.

The festival is a yearly fundraiser for the Corbett Education Foundation (http://www.corbetteducationfoundation.org).  If you missed it this year, be sure to watch for it next year!  Overseen by Pam, an energetic woman and co-owner of Natural Spaces, she has a wonderful crew of volunteers, including Donna, Dee, Sue and so many others who make the artists not only feel welcome, but well taken care of.  They help us load in, help us sell & watch for us if we’re not there.  They feed us, bring us sweet treats if we need an afternoon pick up, BUY FROM US (!), then when it’s over help us load out.  I’m usually the last to leave, so the other artists might not know that after the close of the show, they also put the school back together with the aid of digital photos, exactly how they found it!  They vacuum, they put the children’s artwork back up on the walls, they carry out bags and bags of trash.  Kudos to them one and all!

My neighbor this year, Laurie Miller had a wonderful colorful display of her work that you can see at: http://lauriemillerdesigns.blogspot.com.  I have one of her fabulous boxes that I keep special jewelry findings in.

My friend Cindy Cossu at: http://mysite.verizon.net/res83mar/ always has wonderful new work there.  She’s and I have exchanged artwork over the years so I have a nice collection of her work.

I chose to do some very early Christmas shopping (doing my part to stimulate the economy!) and purchased well over the average I was told!  Some of the treasures I found were decorative paper boxes with working drawers by Mike Smith.  Um….I guess since my family might read this I’d better not go into too much detail, but for the children in my life, I found wonderful Fairy Chairs by David Palomino (http://davidpalomino.com/)  and Fairy baskets by his wife, Nancy (http://nancypalomino.com/).  Some of the other artists I purchased from:  Judee Moonbeam, Marguerite Perry, Linda Rydman, Jeanie Stein, Krista Weber, Kris Zorko.  One of my favorite artists there is Melissa Gannon, and even though I wasn’t able to purchase from her this time, I want you to see the incredible work she does: http://melissagannon.com.  As soon as I learn how to insert hyperlinks, I’ll edit so you can click on their names to see their work!  For now you’ll have to see them the old fashioned way by ‘Googling’.

Thanks again to Pam & crew for another wonderful show.  See you next year!

7 Responses to “Did you see me?”

  1. Laurie Miller Says:

    Wonderful display you had at Corbett – as usual! Let me know when you recreate some of those wonderful clear glass earrings ! I really do miss them – they were a favorite and I always got wonderful compliments when I wore them.


  2. Oh! Thanks for the reminder (& compliment)!! I just unloaded my car & haven’t looked at all my notes yet. I’ll try to get to them soon!!


  3. Linda Rydman Says:

    Hi Linda, Thanks so much for mentioning my name and buying my product. I had a great time and did quite well. I am looking into 1000 Markets. Thanks so much for the tip. You have a beautiful site here. Thanks again. Linda


  4. Hi Linda!

    Wow the colors in your work are so rich and lush. I hope you are going to bring some to show us in your Denver class this July. 🙂

    Sounds like it was a great event. Thanks for sharing the links to some of the other artists too. Have to go check those out!



  5. Thanks for the compliments, you’ve made my day perfect!
    You’re welcome Linda – your woven baskets are very cool!
    Kathleen D&L does have a medium sized bowl & a few miniatures – hopefully they’re on display! I tend to pack light when it comes to my own work as I bring so many samples of things for you to try in class. Maybe I’ll ship in another box of my work – I know other instructors share a lot more of their work than I do. My philosophy has been, rather than influence you with my work, to just bring samples (a suitcase full!) of possibilities and let students follow their own voice. Perhaps it’s time to rethink that! I wonder how others think about it….anyone care to share thoughts?


  6. Toni Says:

    Hey Linda! You were the featured shop when I clicked on the 1000 Markets Wall badge you have posted. That was fun! Your shop is looking great!


  7. That’s exciting news, thanks Toni! Filling my shop is going slower than I thought it would, but it will be full eventually!


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