New Boxes are in!

May 20, 2009

Red Yellow Blue

Red Yellow Blue

As promised here are the boxes that were finished, just in time for the Columbia Gorge Art Festival. I had to re-make the lids – the first time through I overfired them, making the embellishments too flat.  The frog lid was especially sad as a flattened embellishment.

Princely Green

Princely Green

When I teach at D&L Art Glass in Denver this July, I’ll be leading students through the process of making these wonderful boxes using powdered glass for color.  New ideas abound as I fill the Lidded Box Molds again, making the next round of boxes.

I’ll show the next round soon, but must first spend some time filling up my on-line shop and firing more glass for the upcoming Art in the Garden show!

4 Responses to “New Boxes are in!”

  1. Whooo, whooo, I’m going to be one of those lucky students in Denver to learn this!!!

    The boxes look great. I’ve seen some on the manufacturer’s site with branches, leaves and flowers too. Can’t wait to learn more.

    Hope things are going great on 1000Markets for you too.


  2. Candace Says:

    Nothing sadder than a flat frog 😦

    The boxes are lovely!


  3. wow, I haven’t cruised by here lately and well, just WOW! I LOVE these boxes, gotta get me some! looking forward to seeing you around this summer…


  4. Thanks Denise! Maybe a hike with our puppies?


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