Help for the internet illiterate….

May 25, 2009

Recycled Glass Wall Pockets

Recycled Glass Wall Pockets

Although this blog is about my work, my inspirations, and my studio life, the people who’ve helped me along my path are part of my journey.  Working in reverse chronological order here are just a few for now.  As you know I was recently juried into an on-line shop.  A daunting task of photographing all my available work, uploading it to my shop and typing in descriptions – hopefully juicy descriptions that will entice someone to purchase!  Then finding ‘markets’ where my work will fit and supporting those markets by putting buttons or badges here on my blog to make it easy for you to jump over to those markets (as well as my own shop!).  You can now find these colorful badges interspersed in the right column.

Melanie of  The Creators Palette not only reached out, asking me to join her market, before I had a chance to apply, but had already develeped a button code for it that members simply had to copy & paste into our blogs.  Thanks to Melody for making it so easy for us to promote that Market.  “Walls” is for everything that goes on the wall, in my case wall pockets!  For now only the pocket vases pictured above are in my shop but I’m steadily increasing the collection.

The Pacific Northwest Market didn’t have a ready made badge to use, so Sue of Nine Dragons Sculpture Art came up with one & sent me to her friend Karen Casey Smith for help installing it here.  Karen led me through the process of not only adding it to my blog, but also developing (learning) enough code to make up a badge for my shop!  Generously spending almost a full day to help the newbie – is that not the mark of a wonderful community?!

In addition to that, I’m still learning about blogging in general, so must mention two savvy blogger & glass artists Kathleen Krucoff, Reflections of a Glass Artist, and Toni Johnson, Daily Vignette (also photographer extraordinaire).  Both have held my hand over such simple things as digital photography, hyperlinks and (blush) even URL’s.  Not many would take the time to sweetly answer the most basic of internet questions!

Last for today, but certainly not least, Cynthia Morgan, Morganica is considered among my peers to be the Queen of computer, tech, & internet stuff in general!  I have picked her brain so often that I can’t remember all the questions she’s helped me through.  Cynthia by the way is a talented glassist and includes on her blog exacting descriptions for some of her processes for others to learn from.

Kudos and many thanks to these marvelous women!


5 Responses to “Help for the internet illiterate….”

  1. Hey Linda,

    First I LOVE all the cool buttons and links you’ve added to the right side of your blog. What a great way to find your work. That’s awesome.

    And thanks for mentioning me along with so many other wonderful people. I feel like I’m in great company.

    In the past year I have discovered so many helpful, talented folks here in cyberspace…I think it’s important to share what we know and help others along. All part of mentoring, networking, and just having fun.

    Along with that is finding great artists and people like yourself, via other mega talents like Cynthia Morgan. Many know how much she shares of herself.

    All of you ROCK and I’m delighted to get to ‘know’ you via blogging, the web, and great marketplaces.

    Thanks Linda!


  2. Toni Says:

    You’re so sweet, Linda! I’m always willing to a hand, even if I don’t know what I’m talking about! Ha!! 😀


  3. Toni Says:

    Oh good grief…that should read “willing to LEND a hand…” See! I really don’t know what I’m talking about!! 😛


  4. Your title certainly caught my eye!! How wonderful to have friends who can help you with all of that. Kudos to all of you who helped! I’m a blogger. An elementary blogger. I blog each day. I’m a clay artist. http://www.claymama1.blogspot.com Would you be my friends, too?? LOL


  5. Hi Lynda –

    Why are you so familiar to me? Have I seen you on 1000 Markets where I’m new? Or Linked In? I know I’ve seen your profile picture! And of course we’ll be your friends, lol!!


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