Mirror Mirror On the Wall….

June 9, 2009


Powder Room Heart Mirror

Powder Room Heart Mirror

Who has the prettiest powder room of all?  Mine is all about Hearts & Flowers. Heavy on the hearts. I do love hearts and don’t care if others think they’re sappy or corny ~ they express what you want to say when mere words aren’t enough. When I hand you a heart shaped object, I’m giving you my heart.  I’ve always drawn & collected them & cherish those given to me.

Each heart shape in the mirror was hand cut & arranged until I liked the color transitions, shape placement and overall look.  The glass shop guy who cut the mirror for my heart frame still tells me that this was the most creative mirror frame he’s ever seen!  Unsure how to hang it, he suggested we drill holes into the mirror & screw it directly onto the wall, so that’s what I did.  The screws are covered with mirrored ‘rosettes’ – one at the bottom & two at the top.

An avid gardener, I also love flowers.  And the birds that come along to eat the seeds and drink the nectar.  So, instead of cropping to show you just the mirror, I left in the goldfinch I did with pastels a few years ago.  The wall pocket is filled with an assortment of fresh cut flowers from my garden.  The blue hearts within hearts was a gift for my husband one Valentine Day.

In case anyone’s wondering about my wall treatment. It’s 2 shades each of pink, purple, turquoise, yellow, and spring green sponge painted on. Yes, it took FOREVER to do, but I wanted it to remind me of a field of flowers. And so it does. You can see the corner of a wall-hanging from my former life as a fiber artist in the mirror’s reflection, depicting a field of flowers.


Also in the reflection, you can see my curio cabinet filled with treasures I’ve collected, mostly from friends & mentors, but plenty of other things near to my heart.  Rather than strain your eyes, here it is.  Difficult to see details through the sliding doors, so one door open, one door not: 




I made all the hearts, mostly as gifts for my husband, including kilncarved (top left), cast (lowest shelf center, mostly obscured from the doors), tacked and fully fused as well as hand sculpted hearts from glass paste.  You can see vases from Fields and Fields, Alex Farnham, a horse from Newy Fagan, a leaf from Deb Williams, and an assortment of  ‘memories’…  The cast piece on the lowest shelf, suggesting a tree trunk with arms reaching out was made for an art show at Columbia Art Gallery a couple years ago reflecting death & dying.  Not a dark or depressing statement, but free and released from worldly pain.  The story behind it & how I made it will have to be a future post.

5 Responses to “Mirror Mirror On the Wall….”

  1. What a beatiful mirror, absoutely gorgeous.


  2. Lovely. So much detail, another example of your creativity. 🙂


  3. Toni Says:

    I am totally jealous that you have one of Deb’s leaves. She’s my “sistah”! 🙂 You have such a fun bathroom, Linda. One could explore for hours.


  4. I am grateful for your compliments! Is there any reason to NOT have a fun bathroom? We do, after all, spend a bit of time there! I am a lucky woman to have acquired one of Deb’s leaves! I have to laugh as I tell you that one of my friends won’t go in the powder room – he says it makes him dizzy, lol!


  5. jeroldssis Says:

    I have been looking for a red glass heart for months now and can’t find what I’m looking for. I emailed you. Karma’s definitely at work here. You posted about hearts and the giving and receiving of them, and I posted about the giving and receiving of ‘love bombs’. Hmmmm…..interesting!


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