Fairies in my Garden…

June 14, 2009

I believe…..

Maria's Garden Fairy, Sally

Maria’s Garden Fairy, Sally

My little neice & I love searching for flower fairies together.  You can see part of our story at Fired Glass Portraits.  It’s a constant search, watching and waiting for the right moment when a fairy might pop out of an opening flower bud.  Or running to the movement of tall grasses only to find it wasn’t a fairy passing through but our cat who’s also hoping to find an elusive fairy.

Green Garden Fairy

Minty Garden Fairy

We thought if we’d pretend to be fairies, they’d want to find US and come out to play.  While searching, we surmised if we could spot one there’d likely be a colony nearby.  Then came the brilliant idea we might be able to attract them if we had a resident fairy.  This is how the creation of my Garden Fairies came about.

'Lila' Garden Fairy

‘Lila’ Garden Fairy

They adorn your shrubs and trees, trellises and plant supports.  Some are smiling, some are pouting, and they all have sparkly dichroic eyes.  Their wings might glow in the dark or have patterned accents.  They usually have a ‘friend’ on their skirttails riding along.  They  wear colorful costumes and have done up their hair as best they can, considering they might be swaying in the wind, getting rained on, or soaking in too much sun.  Like us, sometimes a ‘stray hair’ drifts off their heads!

Each is unique and I love making them…..for my garden, for your garden, for everyone who needs a fairy in their garden!  Arms wide open, they are ready for fun & hoping to find their way to a garden near you!  You can find a few at the Art in the Garden show through  June 30th; and at my on-line SteiderStudios shop (yes, that was a commercial plug)!

'Skie' Garden Fairy

‘Skie’ Garden Fairy

They can also hang on the wall, if you are not one who takes a daily garden stroll.  I’m an avid gardener, so rain or shine I wander through my garden if not daily, as often as possible.  It’s my sanctuary where my spirit is soothed and my joy is restored.  I rearrange my plants the way others rearrange their furniture.  You can read more about my garden at An Artists Garden.  I just started it to share my garden and inspiration with my friends.

'Penelope' Garden Fairy

‘Penelope’ Garden Fairy

Do you have a garden fairy?  I’d love to hear where it lives & how you found it!


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4 Responses to “Fairies in my Garden…”

  1. Candace Says:

    They’re so cool, I love them. I’m just now reading a summer novel called “The Beach House” by Jane Green that takes place on Nantucket. The main character, Nan, is building fairy houses with 2 little girls, telling them that if the houses are built of all natural elements–twigs, shells, grass–it will attract fairies to the garden.


  2. Thanks Candace, I’ll have to read that book AND build some fairy houses from natural elements! They’ll be a great addition to my garden & a fun new project to do with my neice.


  3. Toni Says:

    These are too cute, Linda!! I think it’s great that you come up with special projects to do with your neice. I remember your self portraits that you did with her for the WGB and thought how special they were. You’re a good auntie. 😉


  4. I try to be everyone’s ‘favorite’ auntie!!!! Thanks, Toni!


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