Connections to the Heart

July 15, 2009

You have my heart!

You have my heart!

Connections.  We all have them.  First to our mothers, then our families and friends.  As we grow into adulthood and begin our lives … raise our families then watch them begin to raise theirs we make so many connections that it would be difficult to remember or keep up with them all.

My Celestial series is about connections…how we’re all connected ~ in spirit, in love, in light.  We’re all different, yet so much the same.

Connections.  I seem to be making a lot of them lately.  Connecting with people I’ve met ‘virtually’ through forums and blogs.  Or reconnecting with old friends that I went to high school with through Facebook!  And those that I’ll see this summer, former co-workers from over 20 years ago who were such a tight knit group that we were a family.

Connections to my students…I love teaching others how to work with glass.  I delight in that light bulb moment when I know my student really gets it ~ understands exactly what I’m talking about.  I would love to keep up with every one of them to see their progression in glass.

With the onset of summer I’m spending more time in my garden than in the studio or online.  I keep thinking about connections in a meditative way as I pull weeds or move rocks or snip the spent flowers. Looking back, I see that each of those connections made a positive difference in my life, even those that I might not have liked much at the time.

Returning to my work and how it fits this post, an old friend, one of those former co-workers recently had me send her some glass hearts.  A photographer, she has a vision for using them.  Oh my gosh, you must see her work, it’s incredible … And the way she’s using those hearts!  Go take a peek at her blog right now:  Everyday Heartbeats.

Hearts are a great gift, whether a physical object or your heart reaching out to another’s.  I give my glass hearts to those who need a hug, to those who have inspired me to be more joyful, to those I love.  I love it when kids want to buy one at art shows so I always give them a discount to equal the amount they can spend.  I must confess I love that kids are drawn to my work as they are still seeing the world with fresh clear vision and vivid color.  I WANT them to have my work if they are attracted to it!

Two of my granddaughters will be arriving today for a week’s visit, so each morning I’ll have them join me on my morning ritual of strolling through the garden.  We’ll be searching for flower fairies, who I have a sneaking suspicion will have left little gifts, including my glass hearts.  I wonder how the flower fairies managed to get the hearts out of my studio … oh!  Of course… they’re magical!

So this heart’s for you.  However you arrived at my blog I’m glad you’re here sharing this moment with me.  Enjoy the summer and the people in your life.

8 Responses to “Connections to the Heart”

  1. Beautiful blog and so many nice things. I too feel a connection to my cyber and real family. Kudos to you for making connections.


  2. Hi Linda.

    I think this is one of my favorite posts that you have written. It’s so touching and your words eloquently describe connections. Wonderful.

    I checked out Everyday Heartbeats and loved her photos of your hearts.

    Thanks for sharing this.



  3. Toni Says:

    This is a wonderful post, Linda. A post from the heart. 😉 I went to your friend’s blog and tried to leave a comment, but it disappeared. I’ll try again later. I’ve seen her comments and occasional image on Shutter Sisters.

    Have fun with your granddaughters! Jealous! I want some of my own.

    If I get permission, I’m going to have a special post tomorrow – inspired by something you did a little while ago. 🙂


  4. Thank you so much Toni! Indeed, from the heart ~ mine to yours. Can’t wait to see what you post tomorrow!!!


  5. beth Says:

    Wow. Nice article ” Connections to the Heart” it looks great. Looking forward to your upcoming blog.


  6. Candace Says:

    Those are beautiful, Linda, and so are your friend’s photos of them.

    Have fun exploring your garden with your granddaughters and I’m sure the fairies left a lot of fun treasures. What a nice memory that will be for them for the rest of their lives.


  7. Thanks Anna, Kathleen & Candace for your kind & sweet comments. I do want to keep my glass blog about my work and hearts are always part of it!!


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