Notes on making a pair of earrings:

August 1, 2009


Please forgive the lighting!

I’ve been too long in my garden, but did get my imagination refreshed and my creative spirit reloaded. If you’d like to see what’s been going on in my garden you can see I’ve done a lot of work out there and I am rewarded each evening as I stroll through!

Back in the studio, I’ve been working on orders, most of which are overdue. One is a pair of earrings for a wonderfully patient woman who I met at Pittock Mansion during their Featured Artist evening. Most people would simply make the pair of earrings for her. We discussed what she wants, I understand her desires, yet my mind starts wandering and wondering what if…..

What if the red drop is longer or shorter, skinnnier or wider. What if the black square isn’t entirely square. What if it’s offset? How will it look in opaque glass or will it look better in translucent glass and if I use translucent glass should I use irid? If I DO use irid, should the irid face front or back? And look at the gold and silver on that black irid! What if I put together some black irid facing back with some black irid accents facing front; and what if I arrange them just the opposite of that! THEN let’s reverse all those queries & put red squares on black drops & follow the same questions down yet another path!

Before firing

Before firing

Normally for a larger project these questions are all answered in a set of tests on a small scale before beginning the project. Since the project in this case is already small, I explore all the possiblilities in my earring format of choice and end up with an entire tray of new earrings. Not all of them turn out to my high expectations, but enough do that I’m busy for the following 2 days cleaning, attaching findings and finishing with all the ear wire choices I have to make! The rest go into my ‘dump box’ and will eventually be recycled when I find a good project to include them in.


Red earrings not yet fired

Black irid before firing

Black irid before firing


Black earrings not yet fired

I hope to get all my new earrings properly photographed and added to my on-line shop soon … very soon! If you can’t wait, please send me a note & we can get them to you sooner rather than later! Yes, this was an obvious commercial plug!!


Translucent red fired

Translucent red fired

Thanks for stopping in, you’re welcome to leave a comment, and I’m always happy to answer questions. It’s fun for me to see who’s been here reading my blog!

Dimensional view

Dimensional view

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8 Responses to “Notes on making a pair of earrings:”

  1. Chris Says:

    It looks amazingly difficult to me, the one who has no idea how it’s done, but to you it’s probably a piece of cake! lol


  2. A piece of cake, nice analogy from one who tempts me daily with cakes and other heavenly treats!


  3. What fun earrings Linda! I just love it when you get started on a project and then the creative wheels start turning like yours did here….the whole “What if?”. Great job. Off to check them out on 1000 Markets! 😀


  4. Thanks Kathleen! I’ll work on getting them into 1000 Markets after I finish up the magazine article that’s due this week. … And the reunion I posted about earlier is next week, so when I get back from that. People stop me in the street to comment on the earrings I wear, so I MUST make more of an effort to place my jewelry into my 1000 Markets shop!


  5. laketrees Says:

    hi Linda
    your blog is now listed at TAD R – Z section
    thanks for adding a link back…much appreciated :))
    cheers Kim


  6. Thank YOU, Kim!


  7. Candace Says:

    Wow, you’re a hard worker, Linda. Very interesting how–as your earlier commenter, Kathleen, said–the creative process works and the amount of work and thought that can go into a supposedly “simple” project.


  8. I appreciate your comments Candace! Maybe other artists can keep a simple project simple. I don’t have that ability. For glass, for paintings, or any creative endeavor I’ve ever tried. I always wonder ‘what if’ and try different possibilities. Guess that’s why I have a huge amount of work to take with me to art festivals! ; )


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