Happenings of late….

August 27, 2009

Glass Clay, Pate de Verre

Glass Clay, Pate de Verre

You might wonder what I’ve been so busy with that kept me from posting for the last couple of weeks.  Welllll, I’ve been compiling my fall class schedule and you can see all the new additions on my Upcoming Classes page!

A surprise venue thanks to a VERY interested potential student, Joyce, will be held at the studio of GlassHopper Patterns in Portland, OR.  I usually only see Georgia at the Glass Craft & Bead Expo in Las Vegas, even though she’s just downriver from me.  Georgia is a joy to be with so I know this class will hold unlimited fun for all and look forward to teaching there!  If you’re interested in having fun with ‘Glass Clay’, join us!

I’ve also been gathering work for an upcoming show in September at the The Golden Art Gallery in Goldendale Washington!  It’s a show of Oregon Glass Guild members, and the gallery is a delightful spot to showcase glass, with great lighting and visual space.  I’ll edit this post when I know more details for  an opening reception date and time.  The show runs through the month of September.

Working with local metal sculptor Tom Herrera, I’ve been producing glass inserts for a few of his sculptures.  I will post photos here as soon as he retrieves them from his camera.  He likes what I’ve come up with to fit his criteria and I like his sculptures, so this could be the beginning of many more.

I’ve written a magazine article for Glass Craftsman which will be in their next issue if all goes well.  It’s about the way I make color charts for referencing various thicknesses of powdered glass.  The editor, Judith Conway of Vitrum Studio is fabulous to work with and makes my words flow!

Last but certainly not least, I’ve been filling orders here and there, always grateful for that steady ‘bread & butter’ that keeps an artist’s head above water!  A hearty thank you to those who buy original artwork for gifts, home & garden decor, and personal adornment.  Also thanks to the artists who buy tools and supplies from me.  I appreciate you choosing me as your source for mica, liquid gold, tools and glass!

Next I’ll be working on adding jewelry to my on-line shop!

4 Responses to “Happenings of late….”

  1. fairegarden Says:

    Hi Linda, I adore your work! The faces really interest me. I am going to look into them further. 🙂


  2. Thank you Frances, I think every artist should hear those words daily!


  3. Hi Linda,
    I’m very impressed with all of your work, and with all the time and effort you put in when exploring new ways to use glass.

    I love to experiment and try out new things as well, preferably combining my photo art with metal clay art and glass. I love sculpting as well, used to sculpt stoneware faces and combine with silver for jewelry.

    I would love to try your Seaweed binder for glass clay!

    Sweden is a long way away from where you teach, so I have no chance of attending one of your classes. Is there any written instruction available for how to use your seaweed binder with powdered glass to make glass clay, and do you ship overseas?


  4. Thank you so much Anneli. Yes, I do ship overseas ~ I warn you, the cost of shipping is quite high. I include brief instruction with the binder and am working on an “On-line class” for a couple of others who’ve requested it. I hope to have the class ready by the first part of 2010.


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