Creativity…What is it and how do you get it?

September 3, 2009

Wall of collaged studies, tests, doodles

Wall of collaged studies, tests, doodles & trinkets from friends.

I was recently interviewed by Erika Pitera for the Designer Spotlight on My Shopping Connection.  When asked “What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?”, I knew the answer immediately.

“My greatest accomplishment is having inspired others…  To reach further & push themselves in a new direction after taking one of my specialized courses in powdered glass; or simply inspiring students to find the joy in their own work.  Some of my beginning students have gone on to set up their own glass studio after taking a basic kilnforming course I offer locally.

Part of that accomplishment is proving – especially to women who say they have no talent, that they’re not creative or artistic – that we’re all creative beings & their work is indeed worthy and beautiful.”

You can read the entire interview here or here.



So, what is creativity?  According to my dictionary it’s a noun…  “the use of the imagination or original ideas, esp. in the production of an artistic work”.

Fairy for trading with the young artists I know & love.

Fairy for trading with the young artists I know & love.

The use of imagination.  I think that’s the key.  I’ve always been imaginative.  Had the ability to play, or put myself into an imaginary circumstance and carried on imaginary conversations.  If reading a book or watching a movie, I’m transported to that time and place, I’m able to put myself into the story while everything around me dissolves, disappears into an other world.  It’s the same when I’m working on a project in my studio.  I go to that place where time stands still, and my entire being is consumed with the project, nothing else matters and the energy is incredible.



I wonder how anyone can say they’re not creative….   Don’t you have to be imaginative to use up those leftovers for dinner tonight?  Don’t you have to be creative to come up with holiday & birthday gifts when you haven’t the extra cash?  How many different ways have you come up with to say ‘I love you’ to those you love?  I’ve seen some amazing gardens, fabulous homes, and incredible fashionistas all designed by someone who believed they weren’t creative or artistic!  That my friends is a travesty!  These creative spirits do not believe they have the power of imagination. They do!  Believe it.  We ARE all creative and imaginative!  I believe the difference is some of us take more time to practice.

Airbrushed canvas

Airbrushed canvas

That brings up another observation for those who say they can’t draw.  They’ve never taken a drawing class because they believe they can’t draw & don’t want to be embarrassed in class.  I understand, it can feel intimidating, but guess what?  Nobody else taking a beginning drawing class can draw either!  YET!!  Can you speak French without having ever taken a class?  Or any language?  Drawing is a visual language.  Can you tap dance without lessons?  Someone taught us how to do almost everything we know.  You take the class to learn how to draw.  Then it’s simply a matter of practice.  Did the Olympic swimmers gain their medals without practice?  Was the World Series won without practice?  Does the concert pianist perform without practice?  I think not, and the best of artists will tell you they practice to stay at the top of their form



How do you get creative?  Take a class!  Learn something that you think is creative and let the energy and fun factor pour over your spirit.  Walk into an art store and buy some interesting paper and some color to put on it.  Watercolors, Pastels, Oils, Inks.  Splatter, smear, and moosh it on then scrape lines out of the color.  Go to a florist and instead of a bouquet, buy individual flowers.  Take them home, pull out your prettiest vase and arrange them.  Snip the stems into different lengths & arrange them again.  Add ribbon, marbles, rocks, or weave sparkly thread around them.  Explore your local fabric or craft store & take something home that makes you smile…what can you make with that pretty fabric, some glue and glitter?  When it’s finished, make another one!  Gather some rocks, moss, pine cones and sticks.  Arrange them in an empty garden spot.  Add something new to it every day.

Glass scraps

Glass scraps

Spend time practicing.  Have FUN practicing.  Leave your ego out of it and just play.  Make as many, play as often, practice as much as you can.

8 year old Granddaughter's rendition of ME!

8 year old Granddaughter’s rendition of ME!

Then send me a picture of what you made & I’ll post it here!  Take a chance!  Believe in yourself!  Any questions?





7 year old niece's fairies

6 year old niece’s fairies


Remember, HAVE FUN!!!

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13 Responses to “Creativity…What is it and how do you get it?”

  1. Great post. I’ve always felt people were creative, even in small ordinary ways. Mainly it’s about awareness and practice…once aware the whole world opens up for creativity! Also I love your celestial bowls…they’re beautiful!


  2. I agree Lindy, awareness & practice! Thanks for the compliment, I love your work!


  3. Hi Linda!

    Another great post, well written, and sooooo very true. It continues to become more obvious to me why we have struck up a friendship…I think we share a lot in common and believe in many of the same concepts.

    You have inspired me! And your energy and zest for creating comes through in your blogs.

    Thanks so much!

    Hugs, Kathleen


  4. You are so sweet Kathleen, thank you!


  5. Candace Says:

    This is such a good, inspiring post, Linda! So many of these things you’ve mentioned, I’ve never tried. That would be a fun project to make a little garden space and add different natural things everyday.

    I love your embroidery sampler. And your granddaughter’s and niece’s drawings are so good–those fairies are great!

    You’ve made me want to go out and try something new!


  6. Candace you made my day! Can’t wait to see your something new, even though I already enjoy your creative spirit on Glenrosa Journeys!!


  7. Emma Says:

    Yes you are absolutely right that imagination play an important role. Imagination and creative thinking are required for everything not only art.


  8. Indeed!! Thanks for commenting Emma!


  9. tippa eviano Says:

    we all are creative in our every day life,since we are made by God, in His very image and likeness,how can we not be sooooooooooooooo creative. think of it


  10. fairegarden Says:

    Oh how I would love to take your glass class! I so believe as you do that every single one of us is so full of creativity and imagination. We are born with it, as the art of children always shows. Somewhere along the line someone says something that discourages some people. What a shame. I love this soapbox speech! I love those flying fairies too. 🙂


  11. Yes, the children’s drawings are proof indeed! Thanks Frances & Tippa, so glad you stopped by!


  12. Toni Says:

    A most excellent post, Linda. Your granddaughter’s rendition of you is spot on, although I’ve never actually seen you in a dress. And your neice’s fairie drawing is fantastic. I’m late for work or I’d comment more! 😛


  13. Thanks Toni! I adore the artwork I receive from the children in my life!


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