Commitments and inspiration

October 16, 2009



Another day begins…

After taking a skip down my road I had to settle in and finish up some commitments I’d made in the studio.  Earrings, bracelets, butterflies, and beautiful glass boxes are finished and delivered or underway and nearing completion.

Earring group copy

Earrings coming to my on-line shop ~ Steider Studios

I also had some upcoming teaching commitments that include my basic six-week kilnforming class.   I’m hoping we have ten new converts to the wonderful world of kilnformed glass via The Dalles Art Center!  My students are having fun with their projects so far!  Tomorrow I’ll be hosted by Georgia at Glasshopper Patterns, the Queen of DICRO SLIDE for a glass clay class in Portland.   I’m packed up and ready to have a full day of fun with a great group of students that Georgia has invited into her studio.  Next weekend I’ll travel to Cascade Glass Art Center near Seattle for my Powderology’ course. There might still be a spot open if you’re interested!  Join us!!

Di's prototypes

For order inquiries SteiderStudios

More commitments coming up include participation in another Pittock Mansion Artist Spotlight, and working with local elementary age students in an after school program.  My local art galleries are already preparing for their holiday sales, so the next round of glass work will no doubt be geared for them.  And somewhere in between I’ll have my annual studio sale.  Would you like an invitation?  Send me a note so I can add you to my invitation list.  I turn my entire house into a gallery setting filled with sparkling beautiful glass for your shopping pleasure!

Sunset along the Columbia River Gorge

Sunset along the Columbia River Gorge

Between commitments I try to keep breathing & every once in a while remember to look up and enjoy the incredible vistas that surround me every day.  I take great inspiration from the landscapes of the Columbia River Gorge. The majesty of it gives me energy and spirit to move on to the next round of projects and the next set of classes.  Sometimes I have to stop everything and just breathe it in.

7 Responses to “Commitments and inspiration”

  1. Great post Linda! I enjoy the reminder to stop, look around, and take in the beauty that surrounds us. Thanks for sharing photos of the wonderful vistas you enjoy and your beautiful works.

    Love the idea of you awakening the love of glass in your students. Congrats.


  2. kseverny Says:

    this is fantastic work you do


  3. Toni Says:

    You are one busy lady, Lady!! Your gorge shots are gorge-ous!! And I L-O-V-E LOVE your butterflies!!!


  4. Thanks friends! My class at GrassHopper was very fun! Now packing up for Cascade Glass Art Center!


  5. LeSan Says:

    What fun and beautiful pieces you have here. Great work! The river shots are absolutely stunning. Hard to imagine you would get any work done at all with that beckoning to you.


  6. Thanks LeSan! True, like the song of a siren I can hardly bear to stay in my studio some days!


  7. Chris Says:

    Gorgeous pictures Linda! Very calming for sure!


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