Cobalt for Christmas?

December 22, 2009

Or just reliving my Studio Sale in cobalt colors!  Seriously, this is a post for an old friend, who wanted to see COBALT. (You know who you are, Gil!) Looks like I’m way low on cobalt at the moment, but here is what I have on hand….  The detail shot above is current work done with powdered glass on sheet substrate.  Most have 22k gold designs drawn & fired into the glass.  Gorgeous pieces for home decor, don’t you think?!

I love these festive candleholders and make them in many color combinations.  I usually adorn them with botanical designs, my favorites being lavender & lilacs.  Most of my custom orders have been themes based on the client’s home decor.

I’m very low on handkerchief vases at the moment.  Those I have in cobalt are the two on the right and the very dark blue (back, left) with red accents.

This shot makes the blue vase appear almost black, but it’s a gorgeous cobalt iridescent glass

Here it is in front of a window with bright light.

And here’s the cobalt vase with white accents as viewed in front of the same window.

A set of cobalt wall pockets.  Please forgive the white price stickers, I shot these on the fly just before my studio sale opened!  The left pocket is a botanical design and the others are all from my ‘I’d give you the stars and moon’ series.  The moon is hand cut silver dichroic glass and the stars are all the scraps I made while trying to cut perfect moons.  By the way, if you’d rather learn to make you own wall pockets, come take my class (Build a Better Pocket) at the Las Vegas Glass Craft & Bead Expo in April!!

Not so cobalt but I love these pieces so included them for your viewing pleasure!

Lastly the same shot from the beginning of this post uncropped.  Cobalt is included in a couple of the pieces here because I like a contrast of lights and darks.  My current favorite for home decor is the turquoise and purple combination with gold, but it’s a bit tricky to work with.

Merry Christmas to all!  Hope your holidays are filled with light, love and laughter!!

7 Responses to “Cobalt for Christmas?”

  1. I truly love your work Linda. Those cobalts are stunning and that top picture is filled with such luscious pieces.

    The stars & the moon series of your pocket vases really intrigue me. I love the one just to the right of the botanical piece. After Christmas I have got to get back to my glass work, you’ve inspired me here.

    Merry Christmas to you and may 2010 be fill with great success for you!


  2. Thank you so much Kathleen, you’ve been inspiration to me!


  3. Toni Says:

    Colbalt is my favorite color – that and transparent turquoise. Gorgeous work, Linda!


  4. Can tell me someone how is made vases handkerchief or candle holder in fusion glass.

    Manny thanks


  5. Sure, you simply place the fused glass disc or square over a stainless steel ‘floral former’, or martini mixer that has been kilnwashed. Heat and gravity, as the kiln is firing will pull the edges down over the form. Watch it by quickly peeking in when it’s near process temperature, and begin the anneal process when you are happy with the shape. Thanks for the question Vladimir!


  6. Can you send a picture of the metal support.I had try with a metallic tumble but all the time result a bad piece .Maybe there is a rapport of dimension between sheet of glass and support or the form of support is the point .I use for my pieces glass from the window from “Saint Gobain” and I paint this before to put in kiln .
    Thank you for your kindly


  7. Vladimir, you can do a search for floral formers and fused glass for a wealth of information, far more comprehensive than I can give you with a picture. Also, check out warmglass.com. Like most art forms, the more you do the better you will get.


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