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January 29, 2010

Thanks to Doris for prompting me to get another post out.  I think about my next post all the time, but the kiln gods sometimes have a way of interferring with my plans.  Like the above bowl.  If you follow my ‘365 blog, you already know what happened here.  Giant bubble has me starting this project all over.

So here it is again, my second attempt at perfection.  Not that I really think I’ll ever achieve perfection, but we can try, right?!  In the meantime I usually have a Plan B, so besides playing with powders I’ve gone back to ‘Square One’, which you can see below.  Stacks of squares ready to arrange into a sushi plate.

Both of these projects will go to ‘Red’, the February show at Columbia Arts in Hood River.  That is if they turn out!!

Invited to participate in another Hood River show at The Pines 1852 Art Gallery, titled “The Red Alert” I already have these smaller bowls ready to go.

Preparing for two art shows, making hearts for friends, more glass boxes, and photographing one image every day for my 365 project, not to mention posting occasionally on  my garden blog has kept me tremendously busy.

Although I still consider myself inept at all things computer related, I am slowly educating myself a little each day.  Sometimes it’s an ‘aha’ enlightening moment and sometimes it’s a red-faced ‘I hope nobody saw me do that’ moment.  It’s a good thing I can laugh at myself, because believe me I spend a lot of time laughing!

The two current Red projects on my workbench.

Bumbling my way through blogging, I rarely change any parts of my format because I don’t want to mess things up.  I recently discovered I could subscribe and have my blog delivered in an email each time I posted!  I think you can subscribe too! Please let me know how my new subscription service at the top right of the screen works for you.  One new thing learned on the computer today, so I can get back to the studio!

Had to set up an extra table to work on glass boxes and hearts!

But first I want to share why I added my third blog, 365 One Day at a Time to my already overfilled schedule.  A long time friend who happens to be a photographer and recent inductee to the Shutter Sisters Blog pulled me into taking and posting one photo a day for 365 days.  After consideration I decided it might be fun because I love taking pictures but I wondered if I could stick to it.  I have to tell you, I am having so much fun with it that I’d rather be outside photographing than in the studio.  Yes, I said it, there’s somewhere I’d rather be than the studio!!  Well sometimes.  When I don’t have a deadline looming.  Anyone can join in.  You can do it just for yourself too, without the pressure of posting daily.  Give it a try.  A couple friends you might know who’ve jumped in are Terrie,  Barb, and Katie.

I am so honored that you stopped by to read my blog.  I truly appreciate it and hope I’ve made you smile or given you an idea about something new or beautiful.

Taking the Scenic Route

January 17, 2010

After a quick half-day Glass Clay class yesterday at GlassHopper Patterns, I decided to take the scenic route home on the old highway along the Columbia River.

It was a cloudy, misty, gray day ~ perfect for photographing landscapes for my 365 One Day at a Time project.

I thought it would clear my mind and provide inspiration for this week in the studio where I’ll be working towards a gallery show, “Red“, opening in February at the Columbia Art Gallery in Hood River.

I know, I know, these shots are all forest-filled greens and white waterfalls; try to think ‘after-image’.  And look at all the red branches and twigs!  Not to mention all the color you can see when squinting your eyes at the falls and forest floor!!

It’s been awhile since I’ve been to the waterfalls and I’d forgotten the powerful sound of  water roaring down the side of a mountain.

When standing in front of a serious waterfall, the roar is deafening, your heart pounds, your eyes are mesmerized by the water dancing downward while the mist cascades over you.

I finally took the lens cap off and started shooting.

Trying to capture the entire landscape as well as smaller, interesting parts of it, I was looking for an interesting angle that hasn’t been noticed before.

In the end, of course it’s all been documented by many others before me, but I had a wonderful time photographing my personal view of a day in the Pacific Northwest.

I hope you enjoy my results and can find inspiration from them.

The top and last photos are Multnomah Falls, in the middle of where I started my tour – at Wahkeena Falls with the rocky bottom; and ended it at Horsetail Falls with the ultra mossy trees.  If you click on the photos you can read the photo titles telling which is which.  Please feel free to comment as I love knowing what you think about what I’m posting.  Whether inspirational landscape photos, glass news and info, upcoming classes or anything else!

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After a week of reclaiming my house after Christmas & New Year celebrations I am finally putting earrings into my on-line shop.

I’ve been talking about adding earrings for months but always dread the photo edits as I am terrible at photographing glass!

When adding merchandise to my on-line shop I’m told I need multiple shots so my customer can appreciate all angles of the object as if they were holding it in their hands.

You already know that when I make earrings (or any jewelry for that matter) I cannot make just one set because there are so many variations to be explored.

So you see the same earring in at least 3 different lengths…

…and 3 different angles for the camera.  I generally shoot  7 or more different angles, then choose the easiest to edit!

Then I change to horizontal texture instead of vertical …Oh I forgot I sold out of that style…..

So I move on to a different color and style because I can’t take more of the same today….

The Pantone color for 2010 is Turquoise, so let’s go with that…Turquoise and Cobalt dichro.

Turquoise and Purple dichro.

Turquoise and Silver dichro.

Then I start over again with different lengths.  And different ear wires!

I have a great photographer in Hood River, Denise at Photosensitive Portraits, but it means packing everything up and driving down into town.  In retrospect, that would’ve been faster!  Got any time next week Denise?

If you like this post, sign up to receive an email for future posts so you don’t miss anything.  It’s easy, just click the box at the top right of this page that says ‘Sign me up!” and type in your email.  It’s right under the yellow close-up photo of my work.

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