Personal Adornment ~ Earrings

January 3, 2010

After a week of reclaiming my house after Christmas & New Year celebrations I am finally putting earrings into my on-line shop.

I’ve been talking about adding earrings for months but always dread the photo edits as I am terrible at photographing glass!

When adding merchandise to my on-line shop I’m told I need multiple shots so my customer can appreciate all angles of the object as if they were holding it in their hands.

You already know that when I make earrings (or any jewelry for that matter) I cannot make just one set because there are so many variations to be explored.

So you see the same earring in at least 3 different lengths…

…and 3 different angles for the camera.  I generally shoot  7 or more different angles, then choose the easiest to edit!

Then I change to horizontal texture instead of vertical …Oh I forgot I sold out of that style…..

So I move on to a different color and style because I can’t take more of the same today….

The Pantone color for 2010 is Turquoise, so let’s go with that…Turquoise and Cobalt dichro.

Turquoise and Purple dichro.

Turquoise and Silver dichro.

Then I start over again with different lengths.  And different ear wires!

I have a great photographer in Hood River, Denise at Photosensitive Portraits, but it means packing everything up and driving down into town.  In retrospect, that would’ve been faster!  Got any time next week Denise?

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11 Responses to “Personal Adornment ~ Earrings”

  1. Linda Burrell Says:

    Gorgeous Linda! Really pretty stuff!!


  2. Thanks Linda!! Great to ‘see’ you here!


  3. fairegarden Says:

    They are all wonderful, Linda! I like the longer ones for some reason, in any color. I enjoyed scrolling down and catching up with your sale set up and cobalt. All your works are so light catching, a real cheer me up during the cold times. Thanks. 🙂


  4. Thanks for stopping by Frances, always a treat to see you here!


  5. Toni Says:

    Too bad you live so far away, Linda, I’d shoot ’em for you! I don’t know that I’d have any better luck than you, though. I took some shots of a necklace last week – about 50 to get one good photo!! My mom would really like the long ones. Maybe I should buy them as an apology gift – she’s mad at me right now. 🙂


  6. AmyBean Says:

    Those are really pretty! I love them all, but I like the turquoise and silver the best.


  7. Thanks for the offer Toni, hope your mom’s over it!!

    Amy! So nice to see you here & thanks for the compliment!!


  8. Denise Says:

    Linda! how fabulous are these?!! (and why haven’t I checked your blog lately, sheesh…) I ALWAYS have time for you, dahling – email is the best way to reach me right now (as I am experiencing “phone issues”, lol!)…talk with you soon!


  9. Thanks Denise! Photography had to stop for a minute while I prepare for a gallery show at Columbia Arts. See “RED” in Feb!!!


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