March 7, 2010

At noon I was able to open the kiln door to find as perfect a set of glass panels as I could hope for.  They’ve been cleaned up and coated with FlexTec (an anti-shatter substance) which is curing for the next 6 hours.  Because we’re short on time, I’ll accelerate the normal 4 day curing time by placing them back into the kiln at 150º for 8 hours.

Above are the two 20″ panels with the sun hitting them so you can see the sparkly iridescent glass.  Below are the two 12.5″ panels with the iridescent glass sparkling.

And in the photos below, you see the same sets in the same order with the sun behind the glass so you can see how vibrant the colors are.

They’re so much better in person!  Hope you can join us at the dedication and see for yourself!!  The next photos of these panels will be installed at Maryhill Museum, where you’ll also see the the fence and patio.

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8 Responses to “SUCCESS!!!”

  1. Congratulations, Linda! They are so pretty!


  2. Julie Eiden Says:

    Linda – I love these panels. I would love to see them installed, they’re stunning.


  3. Thanks Terrie & Julie! Join us at the dedication!! I’ll post more photos after the installatiion so you can see the complete fence and patio. The glass is only a small part of it, but I’m very excited to have been included in the adventure!


  4. robinglasspony Says:

    These are so much fun!!! The colors came out so vibrant. Thanks for posting them.


  5. Doris Says:

    These are beautiful! I’d love to see them installed too.


  6. Lynne Says:

    These are AMAZING!


  7. Kathleen Says:

    Linda…those panels are just spectacular! What an awesome job. Would love to see them in person one day.


  8. Thanks friends, just posted the installed fence so you can see the end result!


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