Sad News. Or is it Easy Come Easy Go?

September 22, 2010

1000 Markets announced yesterday that it had been acquired by Bonanzle….and will be changing it’s name to Bonanza.  I’m not sure how I feel about my little shop in ‘Bonanza’ compared to my little shop at ‘1000 Markets.  Not feeling so great about it right now, especially when I go to their site.  I decided to go along for the ride during the transition as I have no time at the moment to research my options.   Many other venues are being bandied about by the artists represented at 1000 Markets that I’ll look into after my current jobs are all delivered.  What are your suggestions?

One of the more important results of that transaction? Just when I was having so much fun with Bixbe, it’s over before the fat lady sang.  Yep, all that effort learning how to use Bixbe and installing the new ‘Buy’ pages here is about to be dust in the wind.  After only a week of being able to click the button to purchase SteiderStudios Glass Medium (or anything else), we have to go back to phoning or mailing in your order.

……..Edit:  I now have live links for my new ArtFire shop where you have several options to purchase .

You can Purchase the Economy size here. Or the Regular size here. Or just a sample here.

If you’re overseas, you can send me a note from the Artfire page and I can add a shipping option for you.  I think I’m going to like Artfire!

I truly appreciate all your support and can’t wait to see what you’re making with SSGM.

Next post I’ll be back with photos of all the lovely bowls in the kiln for my show at The Dalles Art Center and the Museum of Glass in Tacoma!

6 Responses to “Sad News. Or is it Easy Come Easy Go?”

  1. winderwood farm Says:

    hi, sorry for things falling apart for you! please list in your etsy store. it would be wonderful!!! you will do very well there and i can then pay with paypal. have a great day! bob


  2. Thanks Bob, now that I have a PayPal account there may be a few more options. I’ll get that Etsy store ready as quickly as I can.


  3. Margot Says:


    I’m really disappointed too. Bonanza looks like a flea market to me. ugh! You probably know this but just in case… you can get a “Buy it Now” button from Paypal. That’s what I did before Bixbe. Guess I’ll have to dig up those instructions again.



  4. I was just learning about that Margot! So far, I haven’t been able to get it to work with my WP blog.


  5. Candace Says:

    What a drag, I hate working on something and then have it just sorta drift away.


  6. Or worse yet, spinning your wheels to make up the difference, lol!


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