One week from today is the opening of Oregon Glass Guild’s 12th Annual Glass Gallery at Gathering of the Guilds in Portland Oregon.  It’s a fabulous three day art show and it’s what to do in Portland next weekend.

Glass Gallery is held in conjunction with Gathering of the Guilds, which is the largest artist-owned art show on the West Coast.  The show runs May 4, 5, and 6.  Show hours are 10am – 9pm on Friday; 10am – 7pm on Saturday; and 10am – 5pm on Sunday.

Originally started by the Oregon Potters Association thirty years ago, ‘Gathering of the Guilds’ includes the Oregon Glass Guild, Portland Handweavers Guild, Portland Bead Society, Guild of Oregon Woodworkers, Creative Metal Arts Guild and Northwest Fine Woodworkers.

The Oregon Convention Center is located at 777 NE MLK Blvd in Portland close to the intersection of I84 and I5.  You’ll find the Glass Gallery in Hall C.

The best way to see the show, meet artists and learn a bit more about their work is during the typical ‘slow’ times of an art show.  Friday during the day, Saturday night and Sunday morning.  Typically the largest crowds arrive Friday night after work and Saturday late morning through late afternoon; then Sunday early afternoon after church and brunch.

If you go during a slower time, you can get to know your favorite artist better – ask about their work, what inspires them, what upcoming projects they have, and maybe even talk about a special commission you’d like them to make for you.

You can read about how I set up my booth in this post from last year’s show:  Epilogue of the Event: Glass Gallery 2011.

This year I’ll be in booth # 29, nestled between my friends, Carolyn Crystal and Kathy Watne behind the information booth.  We plan to have a lot of fun.  Come see us first, ok?!!  Oh, and I’d love it if you tell me you follow my blog!!


The first ‘Art of the Gorge’ was held at the Columbia Gorge Hotel in Hood River Oregon during Blossom Festival.  It was a magnificent weekend.

After my table was set up I dashed out to photograph the other artists and hotel grounds.  Enjoy….

Charlene Fort Art Glass was the coordinator for our show.

Jan Byrkit Art Wear Clothing

The hotel grounds were so lovely I’d be remiss to not share with you.

Watercolors and Pastels by Christine Knowles

Leila of  Prestia Studio

Did I say the grounds were spectacular?

Kathy Watne, enamels

Melanie Thompson Art Pottery

It was hard to stay indoors when it was so beautiful outside!

Mary Rollins, watercolor

Stephanie Johnston, glass pendants

It was a perfect weekend for Blossom Festival in Hood River.

Terri Johanson Art Glass

Karen Watson pastels

The north side of Columbia Gorge Hotel hosts a waterfall.

The hotel staff offered a fabulous reception and treated us like royalty!

I love it when children like my work, but this little girl was exceptionally expressive about it!  Thanks to her dad for allowing me to share her beautiful face with you.

Thanks Paul & Kim for a wonderful show.  Can we do it again next year???

This weekend during Blossom Festival!!  If you missed my studio sale, come to the Columbia Gorge Hotel in Hood River Oregon and see a sampling of my work in glass (mine is the rainbow bowl at the bottom right of poster).  A dozen of us will be presenting our best work for your consideration.  While there, you can have a fabulous meal and stroll the incredible gardens.  See you soon!

Quiet After the Sale

April 16, 2012

My studio sale is over and I’m basking in the quiet.  In the midst of slowly packing up all the artwork displayed throughout my house, I reflect on how much fun it was.   Not wanting to be left out of any fun, my dog Treasure was our official greeter.

Old friends and new stopped  by & almost everyone who came through took some of my glittery glasswork home with them.  Friday was a bit slow, but I wasn’t completely ready by 10 am. so I was okay with that.  Plus it gave me another chance to play with my new Lytro camera! https://pictures.lytro.com/SteiderStudios/pictures/96179


One of the highlights for everyone who tried them were the Petite-Vanilla-Scones…a recipe from the The Pioneer Woman given to me by my dear friend Chris at Everyday Heartbeats.  “Very moist”…”Delicious”…”I’ll have another” were the words most frequently heard.  Truly, they were quite wonderful & even though I’m not often in the kitchen, I’ll bake them again!

Many bracelets went home with fun, creative women that I loved having here.  And a few were purchased by very generous men as gifts for their wives!

I love seeing all my work out and displayed.  It gives me an opportunity to take stock without having to dig through boxes.

One of the many highlights for me was a hug from an interesting woman after our conversation about art and creativity.  My head swells with this, but she said I was inspiring!

Treasure was exhausted after three days of greeting so many new people.

At the end of the day, it was a great show!  If you missed it, you can see a sampling of my work at The Columbia Gorge Hotel in conjunction with Hood River’s Blossom Festival next weekend.  It will be set up in the large banquet room near the restaurant.  “Art of the Gorge” will take place Saturday, April 21st from 1pm until 5pm with a reception from 5pm to 7pm.  On Sunday the show will be open from 9am until 2pm.

I’ll be gone a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon to sit on a panel discussion about blogging at ‘Artist 2 Artist’, a professional development opportunity for artists sponsored by Columbia Arts.  If you’re an artist, it’s a great opportunity to grow your business, network with other artists and learn in a cooperative educational setting.

Spring has finally sprung and just in the nick of time.  I was hoping my studio tour guests would have some color to enjoy as they walk through my garden to my studio.  Crocus are blooming and maybe a daffodil or two will open in time.

I’ve been trying to fit in time to play with my new Lytro camera.  I have a lot to learn:


You can change the focus by clicking on the photo!  The code above was supposed to embed the photo, but looks like you’ll have to click the link after all.  You can see more of My Lytro Photos and watch my progression as I learn how to use this fun new camera.

In the meantime, I’m almost ready to open my studio.  I still have to wash the dog nose prints off my windows & later in the week bake some lemon scones.  Not to mention displaying all my work!  To see how I transform my home into a gallery for my work you can go back to this previous post.

Please join me at my annual sale!  I just may have an extra treat for you!!

My final sunrise from the South Point Hotel where I’ve been attending the Glass Craft and Bead Expo in Las Vegas.  I’ve enjoyed this view every morning at 6:30 for the past week.  Today I didn’t want to miss capturing it for you, so raced to the top of the parking garage at 6 am.  I shot for about 45 minutes playing with different settings on my camera.  Can you imagine how fun this would be if my new Lytro camera were in hand? It’s finally enroute, so get ready to re-focus some of my upcoming shots!!  Yes, you’ll be able to re-focus what I post here!  You can play with some of the photos already being sent to Lytro by photographers at this link:


In addition to my love of teaching others about glass possibilities at the Expo, there were excellent networking opportunities.  As a result, I’ll be back at Half Moon Creek in Palmer Alaska this July; and I caught a couple more leads for places that are interested in hosting me as a guest instructor. Thank you Carrie of Calyx Ann for one of them!!

Heading back to White Salmon today to begin preparations for my annual studio sale.  It’s in conjunction again with the  Gorge Artists Open Studios Tour on April 13, 14, and 15.  Yes, you heard correctly!  We’re open for THREE days this year from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.

To celebrate, I have a complimentary map for the first three people who bring three or more guests to my studio on each of the three open days.  

Until then, I’ll be whirling my way through the cobwebs and my garden to make sure you have a delightful time at my studio!  If you’d like an invitation and aren’t on my guest list already, please let me know so I can send you an invite!!

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