January ~ A Month of Eagles

February 2, 2014

Steider Studios:  Bald Eagle Take Off into Flight, 1.6.14

January was an incredible month for chasing eagles.  I’ve been down by the river all month in spite of below freezing temperatures.

Steider Studios:  Bald Eagle.1.13.14

The best day was January 27th when my friend Nancy and I counted FORTY SIX eagles between Major Creek, Balfour Park, The Dalles Dam, Meyer Park and Mosier.  Simply stated, it was a magical day.

Steider Studios:  Bald Eagle in Tree.1.6.14

Thousands of photos later, I’ve whittled down my image catalog to those I can’t bear to part with.  Not all are that great, but remind me of what I saw, staring up in wonder at the magnificent Bald eagles.

Steider Studios:  Juvenile Eagle.1.13.14

January was a magical journey full of inspiration.  We photographed many other birds, but mostly we chased eagles.  Without further ado:

Steider Studios:  Eagle Catches Fish.1.13.14

On the Klickitat River I caught an adult bald eagle taking his fish to a more private dining area.

Steider Studios:  Eagle Takes Off

Further up the Klickitat River eagles were harder to photograph due to camouflage of twigs and branches.

Steider Studios:  Klickitat River.1.13.14

While we wait for photo opportunities the surrounding landscapes are breath-taking.  This is an upper section of the Klickitat River on a frigid January morning.  I can still hear it roar.

Steider Studios:  Bald Eagle in Flight.1.6.14

My heart soars with these magnificent birds.  Am I lucky?  Blessed?  In the right place at the right time?  Yes.

Steider Studios:  Foggy Balfour Park

This is Balfour Park where eagles perch in trees along the Klickitat River.  I’m still waiting for my new Tamron 150-600mm lens that will allow me to get much closer to these incredible birds.

Steider Studios:  Eagle@Balfour.1.27.14

This adult bald eagle perched right on the paved path at Balfour where numerous visitors including Yours Truly were able to photograph him endlessly.

Steider Studios:  Eagles at The Dalles Dam on 1.27.14

At the Dalles Dam on the Columbia River dozens of bald eagles congregate daily.  I will get much better shots of them with my new lens.  If it arrives before the eagles leave!

Steider Studios:  Juvenile Eagle Taking Off

A juvenile bald eagle surprised me when he took off directly overhead at Major Creek.  I think I surprised him too!

Steider Studios:  Eagle in Flight along Hwy14, January 2014.

Although not sharp, I like this photo because of the white feathers on his back and his tail feathers have brown tips.  Near Lyle Point along Highway 14.

Steider Studios:  Mosier Creek at Columbia RiverMosier Creek where it flows into the Columbia River is another great spot for watching eagles.

Many of my images have been printed on all occasion greeting cards and are available in my Zibbet shop and my ArtFire shop; and are also available as metal prints and canvas wraps to adorn your home or office walls.  If you see something you like and it’s not in my shops, please send me a message to make it happen!

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