First Day of Summer ~A Hike Through My Forest

June 21, 2014

Steider Studios.Pileated Woodpecker in Snag.6.21.14

I woke to a gorgeous Summer Solstice in the Columbia River Gorge & decided to stay close to home today with a hike out my back door.  As I grabbed my gear I saw a Pileated Woodpecker in the snag across from my deck – a good omen!

Steider Studios.Rufous Sided Towhee with Baby

There’s a bird magnet in the form of a crippled old tree at the top of Burdoin Mountain that I like to watch.  The first birds I saw there this morning – a baby Rufous-sided Towhee and it’s parent screeching at him to take cover.

Steider Studios.Rufous Sided Towhee from Back

When the babe was safely tucked away the parent came back out to keep his eye on me.  I decided to take better cover & crept behind a wild rose bush.  I am loving my new Tamron 150 – 600 mm lens and how much closer I can zoom in on birds and wildlife!

Steider Studios.Baby Evening Grosbeak.6.21.14

Near the old tree I kept seeing a flash of brilliant yellow.  A baby Evening grosbeak!

Steider Studios.Lark Sparrow.6.21.14

Then this little Lark Sparrow showed up, a bird I’ve only seen a couple of times!  Instead of hauling my tripod with me I decided to convert it into a monopod since I hadn’t done that yet.  My camera with a long lens gets quite heavy & it’s easier for me to rest it on my tripod when a bird actually ‘poses’ for me.  The monopod worked out great once I got used to it!

Steider Studios.What is this caterpillar

I noticed this cocoon with emerging caterpillar type bugs on the rose bush I was using for a blind.   Anyone know what it is?

Steider Studios.Sleepy Squirrel

Decided I didn’t want those bugs to land on me, so I headed back into the forest & found this little guy looking like he was napping.  With his eyes open.

Steider Studios.Hairy Woodpecker.6.21.14

I love this section of Burdoin Mtn – I’m surrounded by tall trees that I can stand next to and watch for birds.  This is the area where wood-pecking birds hang out.  A hairy woodpecker flew from tree to tree, then landed on this snag & posed for a fraction of a second!

Steider Studios.Red-breasted Sapsucker on Snag.6.21.14

I love these colorful Red-breasted Sapsuckers – they’re quieter than the woodpeckers but easier to spot because of their red heads.  He came by later with a beak filled with bugs and I thought I heard the sounds of babies nearby, but did not see a nest.

Steider Studios.Yellow-rumped 'Audubon's' Warbler

This little bird was a first sighting for me – my best guess is Yellow-rumped ‘Audubon’s’ Warbler.  I don’t remember hearing his song, just that he swooped in on the snag where the woodpecker had just been.

Steider Studios.Pileated Woodpecker on Snag.6.21.14

I thought it fitting as I left the forest & headed up my path home, a Pileated Woodpecker appeared again!  He was halfway up the tree before I could get my camera ready.  I need to practice my ‘quick draw’ more!!

Yesterday I went to Conboy National Wildlife Refuge and posted my photos from that adventure on my Facebook Page if you’d like to take a look.

Monday I have a date with Columbia River birds and Tuesday I’ll be back up at Conboy.  I LOVE summer!!

12 Responses to “First Day of Summer ~A Hike Through My Forest”

  1. Candace Says:

    Wow, you got a ton of birds! I’m jealous. And a 600mm lens, that would be awesome for capturing birds.


  2. cfortglass Says:

    Awesome pics Linda. Thankx for sharing all that knowledge too. Charlene


  3. I just love all your photos. I am a bird lover. Is it ok to post some on my ABCbirdhouses Facebook page and website.


  4. Great photos!! I love birds & other wildlife and enjoy reading of your adventures.


  5. I think I live right in the center of a migratory path, Candace! Plus I can to see river birds or up to the mountain to see mountain birds. The Columbia Gorge is a magical place to live! And yes, that lens is awesome, lol!!!


  6. Thanks Charlene! This time of year there is so much going on in the wild. Each new encounter leads me to yet another ‘Google’ search, lol!!


  7. Hi Sissy, I’ve purchased your cute birdhouses! Please DO share my images, with photo credit of course. On Facebook, it’s easy to just hit the ‘share’ button.


  8. Thanks so much Gail! This time of year it’s all I can do to stop for a minute and download 500 photos at a time before heading out to find the next series! Any day now baby Osprey will be poking their heads up over the nest walls! I really appreciate your inclusion of my Zibbet shop on your blog post – makes me want to stay at the computer longer and finish adding all my bird greeting cards to my shop!!


  9. kathy watne Says:

    wow linda – i had no idea there were such a wonderful variety of birds in this area! great shots!


  10. Thank you Kathy! We live in an amazing place!


  11. This was a delight. You do live in an amazing place. Always enjoy your posts and pics. All I have is a little brown hummingbird, and a duck family on the canal. So Schlanx!


  12. Thanks Sally!! It’s a delight to see you here!!


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