Rare Bird Sighting

November 4, 2014

Steider Studios.Northern Waterthrush

It was dark and raining near dawn Friday morning, but there it was – a rare bird skittering near the water’s edge, a Northern Waterthrush. Seldom seen in our area of the Pacific Northwest, two local birding experts had invited me along to document and wanted to be sure they were correct in their assessment.  My photos are not the best, but in spite of the not-so-sharp image you can see his markings.

Steider Studios. Northern Waterthrush

We stood in the sand across the pond, rain pouring down as we watched him run back and forth between water’s edge and the cover of false indigo shrubs. He’s actually in the warbler family and I learned a lot from these experts. While there I peppered them with all my bird-related questions, some of which they could answer & others they couldn’t.

Steider Studios.Shorebird.10.31.14.The Dalles

We also watched a trio of Dunlins traversing the beach at The Dalles Waterfront Park, close to where we saw the Northern Waterthrush.

Steider Studios.Merlin.10.31.14.The Dalles

…and a little Merlin decided to grace us with his presence.

Steider Studios.Raft of Coots, Ducks.10.31.14.The Dalles

We finished our travels at the boat ramp where a raft of American Coots and assorted ducks swam closer to us.

Steider Studios.Mourning Dove.10.31.14.Bingen

Back at the Ranch, so to speak we came upon a Mourning Dove near the parking lot where we started.

Sunday I joined a group of birders on the Hood River waterfront – the more I immerse myself in a bird’s world, the more I learn and I think my photos are improving.  Oh, I’ll still show you a blur now and again if it reminds me of a special experience that I want to share with you.  I’ll post pics from Sunday in a day or two…..

2 Responses to “Rare Bird Sighting”

  1. Chris Says:

    Thank you so much for sending me all the bird pictures, I have 4 birds (‘tiels) at home and just love them. I wish I knew more about local birds.


  2. The pleasure is all mine, Chris, thanks for commenting. I simply started by looking for them, then looking up what I thought I saw and compared it to my photos.


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