Frozen Waterfalls

January 4, 2015

Steider Studios.Multnomah Falls.Frozen.1.2.15

A long-time friend and I decided to take the scenic route into Portland on Friday for our ‘Girls Day Lunch Adventure’ and we were rewarded with a magical winter wonderland.

Steider Studios.Horsetail Falls 1.2.15

Our first stop was Horsetail Falls and it was spectacular.  The walkway was very icy but worth the risk of slipping to see the sparkly ice up close.

Steider Studios.Horsetail Falls.Side.1.2.15

Icicles hung off all the cliffs and each of the big iconic waterfalls along the old highway majestically roared against icy canyon walls.

Steider Studios.Multnomah Falls.Side.1.2.15

Our next stop was Multnomah Falls and it was stuffed with photographers.  We bundled up and walked up to the bridge but did not hike any of the trails beyond.

Steider Studios.Multnomah Falls.Top Half.1.2.15

It was more of a fun girlfriend day out filled with laughter and memories along with a little awe, rather than a photographer’s holiday.  No tripod, no hiking boots, no rain gear just my camera and a semi-steady hand.

Steider Studios.LaTourell Falls.1.2.15

Our last stop was Latourell Falls and again we were mesmerized by sparkly white ice, the roar and majesty of these frozen waterfalls.

Steider Studios.LaTourell Falls.Bottom.1.2.15

For scale, the red splash in the lower left corner in the photo above is another photographer who braved the icy trail.

Steider Studios.Near Horsetail Falls.1.2.15

We finished our drive through the Columbia River Gorge and had a lovely lunch in Troutdale, then decided we’ll have to make this outing a regular occurrence!



8 Responses to “Frozen Waterfalls”

  1. Marina Vrouvlianis Says:

    WOW!!! Spectacular photos! Thanks for sharing them!!


  2. Cindy Jencks Says:

    Stunning beautiful photos.


  3. Thanks so much Cindy!!


  4. Great photos! Of course my favorite is Multnomah Falls. Hard to believe Dan & I were in that very spot in October.

    We are looking forward to our next trip out to the NW (no dates yet) and getting a chance to meet you in person Linda! For now, we will continue to live vicariously through your wonderful photographs.


  5. Thanks so much Kathleen, I look forward to meeting you too!


  6. I saw the article about you in this month’s Ruralite.

    Years ago, while working at the Klickitat County Fair, I saw the most beautiful quilt I had ever seen. The quilter was an unknown name to me.
    Linda Steider.
    You have since, moved on to be a well known name with your artistic talents.


  7. Aw, Laurene, thank you so much!! I truly appreciate you sharing my blog on Glenwood Weather & HR Weather!! Where are you during the day, next time I’m in Glenwood I’ll treat you to a cup of coffee or tea!


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