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Two weeks from tonight ‘Fine Feathered Friends’ opens at Columbia Arts in Hood River, Oregon.  The artists reception is from 6 until 9pm on First Friday, March 6th.  Hope you’ll join us to see the work of 15 artists inspired by our theme ‘Fine Feathered Friends’.

Steider Studios.Great Horned Owl.2.17.15

My favorite bird shots will be on display and for sale at the show.  My other favorites (because I have too many) are available to purchase as soon as I get them listed in my shop!  Or if you can’t wait, you can always let me know what you like and I’ll order it for you!!

Steider Studios.Sunrise.2.18.15Until then I’m entertaining & inspiring myself by getting outdoors.  I love nature and the Columbia River Gorge has been ever so beautiful lately.

Steider Studios.White Heron in Sunlight.2.18.15-2

Here are a few of my favorites from this last week or so.  Went back to find the leucistic Great Blue Heron just after sunrise.

Steider Studios.Hummer.Resting.Bingen.Marina.2.15.15

Saw my first Hummingbird of the year at Bingen Marina!

Steider Studios.Swan Fight.Bingen.Marina.2.15.15

Also watched a little Swan action at Bingen Marina.

Steider Studios.Night Heron.HR Marina.2.14.15Finally got a good shot of a Night Heron at Hood River Marina.

Steider Studios.Conboy.2.19.15-6

Parked under this Red-tailed Hawk in Glenwood.

Steider Studios.Conboy.2.19.15

Gazed at Conboy Lake on the refuge for a while on a beautiful blue-sky day.

Steider Studios.Robin at Conboy.2.19.15

Followed a herd of Robins at Conboy National Wildlife Refuge.  Yep, it was a herd.

Steider Studios.Canal at Conboy.2.19.15

More Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge gazing on a misty morning.

Steider Studios.American White Pelican.2.17.15

Watched an American White Pelican bathing in the Deschutes River.

And more…..but that’s enough for now.  Don’t forget, come to my opening, First Friday at Columbia Arts in Hood River!!

Steider Studios.White Heron.Columbia River.2.1.15

February opened with a wonderful opportunity to see this leucistic Great Blue Heron along the Columbia River!!!

Steider Studios.Bald Eagle on Columbia R.2.1.15

Bald eagles are still here, and as I said on my Facebook. Page, “Why YES officer, I DO consider it an emergency when I see a Bald Eagle on a snag next to the highway. My car always pulls over for this type of ’emergency parking only’ situation!!”

Steider Studios.Northern Flicker.2.1.15

February 1st began with a small group of us meeting in Biggs and traversing the Columbia River to Maryhill State Park.  One of the first birds we saw was a Northern Flicker.

Steider Studios.Saturday.2.1.15-2

I was looking for an owl said to be there, but didn’t find it.  To my delight we found many little birds, like the Bewick’s Wren above.

Steider Studios.Saturday.2.1.15-3

It was a rainy gray day, but the little birds like this Fox Sparrow didn’t notice.  I did.  I left my camera’s raincoat in the car!  Had to cover it with a plastic bag that was loaned to me.

Steider Studios.Saturday.2.1.15-4

I managed to catch a Spotted Towhee between thicket branches.

Steider Studios.Saturday.2.1.15-7

A golden-crowned Sparrow posed for me framed by branches.

Steider Studios.Saturday.2.1.15-6

A few of us drove down the highway looking for a Long-eared owl that was seen another day, but instead we watched this Townsend’s Solitaire watching us.

Steider Studios.Saturday.2.1.15-5

I think this is a juvenile White-crowned Sparrow, but I get many of my sparrows mixed up!

Steider Studios.Saturday.2.7.15

Yesterday I went to Sauvie Island with my friend Nancy for an Audubon event.  Most of the birds were too far away, but fortunately Audubon had their birds there for us to see up close and personal!  Love the little American Kestrels even more now!!

Steider Studios.Audubon Peregrine Falcon.Saturday.2.7.15

Mesmerized by this little Peregrine Falcon, I learned so much about him and other raptors from the volunteers staffing the many booths and bird-watching stations.

Steider Studios.'Ruby' Audubon Turkey Vulture.Saturday.2.7.15

This is Ruby, the Audubon’s Turkey Vulture.  My appreciation for this scavenger bird has grown since learning more about them last spring.

Steider Studios.Waterfowl Group.2.7.15

Since we couldn’t get close enough to photograph the Sandhill Cranes and Swans, we headed out to Crystal Springs in Portland.

Steider Studios.Wood Duck Male at Crystal Springs.Saturday.2.7.15

It was raining and once again I left my camera raincoat behind!  I used my rain pants, which was a great substitute!  You can see raindrops on the Wood Duck’s back while we experienced a moment of clearing.

Steider Studios.American Wigeon.2.7.15

This American Wigeon and other waterfowl came running at the sound of children’s voices.  Apparently they know when kids are around they get treats!

Steider Studios.Mallard at Crystal Springs..Saturday.2.7.15

I tend to look for the unusual ducks, but this Mallard was begging to have his portrait taken.

Steider Studios.Unknown Waterfowl.2.7.15

I can’t figure out what the waterfowl behind the Mallard is.  Canvasback maybe?  Not exactly.

Steider Studios.Waterfowl..2.7.15

I have many more photos to process but will stop here so I can deliver a print today, ordered by a friend.

Steider Studios.Sand Hill Crane.Dance.Sauvie.1.23.15

Don’t forget, “Fine Feathered Friends” opens at Columbia Art Gallery First Friday, March 6th and runs through March 30th.  Co-curator Robin Panzer and I have put together a fabulous month of events for your enjoyment in addition to 16 artists presenting their artwork!  Many of our artists will demonstrate their process during the month and we’ll have an interactive display on loan from Conboy National Wildlife Refuge.  On Mar 7th come see Raptors, live in the theater at Columbia Arts!  Mar 14 you can paint a birdhouse in the studio.  Mar 21st, enjoy a fashion show of feathery tattoos and a tattoo demonstration.  Mar 28 join us for a short hike up the Hood River stairs into an older neighborhood to see and learn about our resident birds with field biologist, Cathy Flick.

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