Taxes Done. Business Closed.

March 25, 2015

Steider Studios:  Bald Eagle Take Off into Flight, 1.6.14

Some of you saw this coming even before I did.  The more I get out in nature, the more I want to be free to do as I please.  Which is getting out in nature even more.

I want to play all day.  I want to capture everything I see with my camera.  I want to be responsible only to myself.  I want to have fun every day without stressing about an upcoming art show or deadline.

I’ve done art shows since I was 16 years old.  I sold macrame tie-dyed belts at the Rose Bowl Swap Meet back in the 60’s.  I also sold them to my high school teachers, neighbors and relatives.  I couldn’t stop making them.  To this day I can’t stop making things.

Steider Studios:  Rainbow of Earrings, Collection of my Shorter Styles.

I’ll still produce art, that is part of who I am.  I just won’t be on a schedule, or mass producing for any shows.  I won’t be marketing Steider Studios Glass Medium although I would love to find someone to take it over.

Steider Studios:  Mica Varieties

I won’t be replenishing any of the mica or tools for sale that I offer other artists.  When they’re gone, they’re gone.

Steider Studios.Elk with Babies

I’m tired of deadlines, numbers, taxes, headaches, the everyday worries and aggravations.  Tired of responsibility, and jumping through hoops.   I no longer want to count inventory and re-order supplies.  Or worry about the ‘bottom line’.

Steider Studios: New Bracelets Just Finished

I’ll keep my Zibbet and ArtFire on-line shops because I still have a lot of work stored in boxes that I need to sell.  Plus I have tons of prints and cards that can easily be ordered from either shop.

Steider Studios:  Hummingbird in Honeysuckle

I think I began formulating this decision during my family emergency in December.  I put everything on hold for a wee bit but never fully re-committed to my business afterwards.

Steider Studios.Treasure on the Beach

What will I do?  I’ll play all day.  I’ll take pictures.  I’ll go on hikes.  I’ll go out to breakfast with my friends.  I’ll search for bird nests.  I’ll rejuvenate my garden.  I’ll have F.U.N.!!!  And I’ll keep posting as much as I can in between fun adventures.

Steider Studios:  Garden Chairs 6.22.13

Thanks to all of you who’ve followed my adventures from the beginning and to all of you who recently added me to your e-reading list.  I will understand if you don’t want to go with me, especially since I’m not sure where I’ll go next!


22 Responses to “Taxes Done. Business Closed.”

  1. blnl Says:

    Time for you…the most fulfilling! Enjoy and be well.


  2. Thanks Barbara!


  3. Sue Smith Says:

    Good for you, Linda. It IS time for you now, so have a ball and find lots of birds nests to photograph.


  4. Thanks so much Sue!!


  5. Kathy Kollenburn Says:

    Congratulations. Wishing you the best. It will be fun to see where you go.


  6. Thank you Kathy!!


  7. Marlene Vitek Says:

    Good for you! I wish you happy success in your new endeavors!
    Please continue to share your out in nature experiences with us.


  8. Thanks so much Marlene, I will!!


  9. patriciaugo Says:

    Good for you! Wish you all the best in your new life.I’d love to hear about your new adventures.Peace, Love and Creation.-


  10. Thanks so much Patricia, I appreciate your long time friendship!


  11. cfortglass Says:

    Well, my dear friend, I’m glad for you in this decision. It will all work out and for your benefit also. Just enjoy your new path. Love you, Charlene


  12. Thanks so much Charlene!


  13. Susan Hayen Says:

    I’m envious! You’re “retiring” from work you love to do and moving forward to fun you need to have. My problem is the work I need to do I don’t exactly love. It’s familiar after >20 years, pays good, is close to home, has good benefits. But I want to “retire” and do fun which would include beadwork and photography. And right now I’m planning a surgery for a blown knee, so now I’m really evaluating. I’m only 56 and I laugh as I say that because to me it’s not only, it’s already! For me it was wood beads and wire work earrings and pendants and cotter pin roach clips in High School. Hey, I capitalized on a “need”. I made cash, they wasted (pun intended) theirs. I’ve supported myself since 18 yrs old. I’m tired. I just need the push to take the plunge you’re going for. Like I said, I envy you! I’ve enjoyed all your emails, stories and pics. I’ve even shared them with a friend in Florida as we both follow the SouthWest Florida Eagle Cam in North Fort Myers. Check it out on FaceBook. Good luck and can’t wait to see where your journey takes you next! Susan


  14. Susan Hayen Says:

    PS, will anyone be caring the Glass Medium you brought to us? Thanks again. Susan


  15. rose Says:

    AWEsome. Follow that bliss!


  16. Thanks so much Susan, best wishes for your surgery! Keep me posted on your retirement adventures, you don’t have that much longer before you can play all day too!! I’ll go look for that Eagle Cam, thanks!!


  17. I sure hope so. If anyone takes it over I’ll be sure to point all my links in their direction! If not, it will just fade away which would make me sad because I worked so hard bringing it to fruition.


  18. Thank you Rose. Bliss. What a lovely word!!


  19. Wisdom. I admire you for who you are and understand your decision completely. Not to diminish your beautiful glass work, which I love, it has become clear to me that photography is your true passion Linda. The beauty you capture in nature is outstanding. Best wishes moving forward, doing what you love. That is wisdom my friend. I look forward to seeing you this fall.


  20. Thanks so much Kathleen! Can’t wait to see you this fall!


  21. Katie Says:

    Congratulations on making the difficult decisions. I absolutely look forward to the occasion when I open my e-mail and get to see more of your fantastic photos. I makes my day! Now it’s time for you to have less stress and spend more time in nature surrounded by the beauty that is…………


  22. Thanks so much Katie!


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