Fine Feathered Friends ~ Bird Walk ~ and Last Weekend of Art Show

March 28, 2015

Steider Studios.Stairs1

Today was the last event for ‘Fine Feathered Friends’, a gallery show I co-curated with Robin Panzer.  Sunday is the last day you can see our fabulous show.  For our final weekend event, a group of us participated in a Bird Walk led by Field Biologist, Cathy Flick.  We were thrilled to have Cathy available and willing to share her time and knowledge with us.

Steider Studios.Stairs2

When we learned we’d be climbing ‘The Stairs’ we all looked at each other … hmmmm …. dare I say nervously.  As it turned out I was not the only one who had never climbed this steep set of stairs.  I had no idea how many stairs there actually are!

Steider Studios.Stairs3

Our destination was a private garden in an older Hood River neighborhood to view birds and their habitat.  But first we had to climb these stairs!

Steider Studios.Stairs4

A series of five staircases….we’d stop and talk about birds for a minute here and there on our way up.

Steider Studios.Stairs5

Finally, the last set.  Did I mention how steep they are?

Steider Studios.Cedar Waxwing.3.28.15

Our first reward at the top of the stairs and into our destination neighborhood was a flock of Cedar Waxwings!

Steider Studios.Unknown Bird.3.28.15

This little bird was in the same tree but I’m not sure if it’s a youth or a different species.

Steider Studios.Pine Siskin.3.28.15

At our destination garden we had a marvelous time watching all the different varieties of back yard birds at our host’s feeders.  She had tons of Pine Siskins at the feeders, on the ground and waiting their turn in nearby trees and shrubs.

Steider Studios.Scrub Jay.3.28.15

A couple of Scrub Jays made their presence known.

Steider Studios.Red-breasted Nuthatch.3.28.15

A Red-breasted Nuthatch joined us at our host’s wonderful smorgasbord for birds.

Steider Studios.Crow.3.28.15

A crow watched us for a minute then decided on a little snack of cat food near a back door.

Steider Studios.Downey Woodpecker.3.28.15

One of my favorites, a Downey Woodpecker graced us with her presence.

Steider Studios.Mourning Dove.3.28.15

A Mourning Dove didn’t want to be left out of the action, but didn’t come down to the feast.

Steider Studios.Maybe Song Sparrow.3.28.15

We thanked our host for allowing us into her gorgeous garden then meandered toward the stairs … watching neighborhood birds as we slowly made our way back.

Steider Studios.Down the Stairs

Going down wasn’t too difficult, but the steps were slippery in spots so we did not hurry.  And now we can all say that we’ve climbed ‘The Stairs’.

Steider Studios.Down Stairs into Hood River

Back in town, we returned to Columbia Arts and enjoyed the ‘Fine Feathered Friends’ show.  Tomorrow, Sunday is the last day to see it.  Artists pick up unsold work on Monday and patrons will pick up their purchases.  Thanks so much to all who bought my bird prints and greeting cards, it’s an affirmation that I’m going in the right direction!


4 Responses to “Fine Feathered Friends ~ Bird Walk ~ and Last Weekend of Art Show”

  1. cfortglass Says:

    love this post!!!!!!!!!!! Those stairs are a killer! whew Charlene


  2. Thanks Charlene!


  3. fostersbeauties Says:

    The benefit of being a photographer is that when you’re out of breath or need a rest, you just find something to take a photo or five of. Built in excuse!

    Wishing you well on your newest focus! Follow your bliss. 🙂


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