Birds ~ Herons, Cranes Egrets, Bittern

April 22, 2015

Most of my bird images are from the Pacific Northwest, mainly the Columbia River Gorge.  In my Audubon Guide these are called ‘Long-legged Waders’.

Steider Studios.American Bittern.Closer.9.5.14

American Bittern

Steider Studios.Bittern in Flight.9.3.14 Conboy

American Bittern in flight

Steider Studios.Bittern VS Frog.9.5.14

American Bittern vs Frog

Steider Studios.Night Heron.HR Marina.2.14.15

Black-crowned Night Heron

Steider Studios.Heron.Bingen Marina.1.11.15

Great Blue Heron

Steider Studios.White Heron.Columbia River.2.1.15

Great Blue Heron, leucistic

Steider Studios:  Heron in Flight at Rowland Lake

Great Blue Heron in flight

Steider Studios.Heron on Log.9.23.14

Great Blue Heron

Steider Studios.Riparian Egret

Great Egret

Steider Studios.Egret in Flight

Great Egret in Flight

Steider Studios.Egret Portrait.1.23.15.Ridgefield

Great Egret portrait

Steider Studios.Sandhill Crane.4.14.15

Sandhill Crane

Steider Studios.Sand Hill Cranes.Conboy.5.24.14

Sandhill Crane pair

Steider Studios.Sand Hill Crane.Dance.Sauvie.1.23.15

Sandhill Crane

Steider Studos.Sandhill Crane.Ridgefield.1.23.15

Sandhill Crane back

4 Responses to “Birds ~ Herons, Cranes Egrets, Bittern”

  1. Katie Says:

    As I sit here in Upstate NY @ 9pm on 4/22, 36 degrees with snowflakes in the air ~~~ this sure was a beautiful escape from the mountains of the East Coast!!


  2. Aw, so sorry your spring is cold and snowy Katie, but you know I appreciate your comment and I’m happy I could assist in your escape.


  3. Chris Says:

    I have 2 nesting pairs of birds on my birdfeeders. One pair eats the feeder on the left and they are Cardinals and the right side feeder is Blue Jays. It’s one of my slices of heaven.


  4. Chris, that’s wonderful. We don’t have Cardinals here, they are so beautiful. Love it when our backyard birds bring their young to ‘train’ at our feeders!


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