Steider Studios.Yellow Warbler.Trout Lake Bird Walk.5.17.15 This time of year is spectacular in the Columbia River Gorge.  We are inundated with colorful melodious flying beauties.  Plus Owls, Osprey, Eagles, Herons and more.  Above is a Yellow Warbler we found at Trout Lake Marsh today. Steider Studios.Trout Lake Bird Walk.5.17.15-3 I’m so far behind in telling you what’s going on, that I’ll just start with today at the Trout Lake Marsh with our birding group and promise to add more later!  I believe  this is a Red-naped Sapsucker. Steider Studios.Trout Lake Bird Walk.5.17.15-2 I don’t remember what this little bird is!  I knew I should have taken notes today.  edit:  Just learned it’s a Western Wood-Pewee.Steider Studios.Trout Lake Bird Walk.5.17.15-4 I think this little sparrow is cute balancing himself between the reeds.  I think he’s a Song Sparrow.  Steider Studios.Trout Lake Bird Walk.5.17.15-5 We were fortunate to see a Lazuli Bunting!  I also saw them at the Sandy River Delta and at Ridgefield. Steider Studios.Trout Lake Bird Walk.5.17.15-6 Today was full of Warblers.  This is a MacGillivray’s Warbler, a first for me! Steider Studios.Trout Lake Bird Walk.5.17.15-7 We saw a couple of Black-throated Gray Warblers and heard several other species of Warblers. Steider Studios.Trout Lake Bird Walk.5.17.15-8 We caught an Oregon Junco eating a dragonfly. Steider Studios.Warbler.Yellow Throat.Trout Lake Bird Walk.5.17.15 Is this a Yellow-rumped Warbler? Steider Studios.Trout Lake Bird Walk.5.17.15-9 Western Tanager, one of my favorites!  The end of another fun day. Over the last month I’ve watched a trio of owlets grow and learn to fly, plus 5 nesting Great Horned Owls further east. I’m watching a Bald eagle nest and almost a dozen Osprey nests along the Columbia River. I’ve been to Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge and Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge several times.  I finally went to the Sandy River Delta and I’ve traversed the Columbia River almost daily. I’ve easily taken over 5000 photos of all the above adventures. Oh, and my giant backyard forest slash pile burn project is very near finished thanks to several groups of friends who took it upon themselves to come help me! I try to post daily photos on my Facebook page if you’d like to see more images of all the birds and wildlife I’ve run into lately!

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