Searching the Hood River Spit…

August 9, 2015

Steider Studios.Osprey.BirdWalk.8.9.15-2

…for birds!  A sunny summer Sunday in the Gorge ~ perfect for the monthly excursion of Bird Nerds as we’ve dubbed ourselves.  Forgive the quality of some photos, I forgot to double-check my camera settings again….

Steider Studios.BirdWalk.8.9.15-3

An abundance of Gulls at the Spit today, including Bonaparte’s sunned, swam and preened as we scoped.

Steider Studios.BirdWalk. Northern Shovelers.8.9.15-4

John was the first to notice a group of female Northern Shovelers swimming just off shore.

Steider Studios.BirdWalk.Heron.8.9.15-6

A Great Blue Heron always attracts my attention.

Steider Studios.BirdWalk.Caspian Tern.8.9.15-5

A couple of Caspian Terns joined the group of Gulls.

Steider Studios.BirdWalk.Caspian Tern.8.9.15-7

Then they flew off to join another group.

Steider Studios.BirdWalk.Sandpipers.8.9.15-8

Speaking of flight, a group of little shorebirds teased us all morning, flying back and forth across the Spit but never landing where we could view them.

Steider Studios.BirdWalk.Western Kingbird.8.9.15-9

Dense vegetation grows on the west side of the Spit, perfect for this Western Kingbird…

Steider Studios.BirdWalk Bewick's Wren.8.9.15-10

…and Bewick’s Wren.

Steider Studios.BirdWalk.White-crowned Sparrow.8.9.15-11

Several sparrows searched for breakfast among the brush and shrubs growing all over the rock and sandy beach.  I still have a hard time deciphering Sparrows, but was informed this is a juvenile White-crowned Sparrow.

Steider Studios.BirdWalk.8.9.15-12And of course, the Great Unknown….I was too slow to catch him, but maybe a warbler?

Steider Studios.BirdWalk.Downey Woodpecker.8.9.15-13Of all birds I didn’t expect to see a Downey Woodpecker here!

Steider Studios.BirdWalk.White-crowned Sparrow.8.9.15

Another White-crowned Sparrow, perhaps a sibling of the one above.

Steider Studios.BirdWalk.Osprey Hunting.8.9.15-14

As we left, an Osprey flew directly overhead, making me wish I could stay a little longer….There were many more birds, I’ll edit this post when I receive the official list.

If you’d like to join us for an outing (usually in the Columbia River Gorge), we meet once a month with an extra outing here & there.  Send me an email for information, linda at steiderstudios dot com.

Steider Studios.Garden Bird.Blue Grouse.8.9.15

Welcoming me home ~ a Blue Grouse resting near my blueberry bushes.  Love where I live!


6 Responses to “Searching the Hood River Spit…”

  1. Fran finney Says:

    Linda – I love your pictures! Can you send me information on the bird outings? Thank you! – Fran Finney

    Sent from my iPad



  2. Thanks Fran, watch your email in the next couple of days – I sometimes get stuck in spam.


  3. Coral Says:

    Oh Linda you never ever disappoint!…I sent you an e-mail about a new camera that flies like a drone..called Lily..just think of all the pictures you could get with that…hugs


  4. Thanks so much Coral! If only I had the $$$ for a drone, I’d already have one! Endless possibilities stagger the imagination!! xoxoxo


  5. Coral Says:

    I figured they would cost bucks….hugs


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