No Aurora Borealis for my Birthday

September 8, 2015

Steider Studios.Night Sky.9.8.15

Monday night looked like a good chance of an Aurora storm, but it didn’t happen in my part of the world.  It was good practice for me anyway, using my new lens!

Steider Studios.Milky Way.9.8.15

Trees at my back made it a challenge to capture the Milky Way, but again, good practice and I loved getting out during my ‘Birthday Weekend’.

Steider Studios.Herman Creek.9.6.15

On Sunday I went for a hike with some old & new friends up Herman Creek in the Columbia River Gorge.

Steider Studios.Herman Creek.9.6.15-6

A seldom traveled area, we crawled through dense brush and branches to get to this part of the creek.

Steider Studios.Herman Creek.9.6.15-3Then scrambled over or around big rocks to traverse further up the creek.

Steider Studios.Herman Creek.9.6.15-4

It was an overcast, drizzly, wet, dark and slippery kind of day.  A couple of friends took a dip in the creek when they slipped on rocks.

Steider Studios.Herman Creek.9.6.15-2

Glad I went in spite of weather, it’s always fun to hike with friends!!

_DSC3789Did I say we had to scramble over rocks?  I should have said boulders!  My friend Nancy took this shot, it shows a good sense of scale.  Yes.  They were boulders!!

3 Responses to “No Aurora Borealis for my Birthday”

  1. Sue Smith Says:

    Looks like very tough going, Linda, but beautiful. And, your sky shots are great. Happy Birthday.


  2. watnenamels Says:

    wow linda! those are great photos of the night sky-i love the moss on the creek shots!


  3. Thanks so much Sue & Kathy, appreciate your kind words!!


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