Art White Salmon Fall Tour

October 21, 2015

Steider Studios.Dragonfly.8.26.15This image of a dragonfly I caught at Bingen Marina just arrived along with the following images, in time for the Art White Salmon Fall Tour.  A self-guided walking tour of artist studios and a Pop-up gallery downtown White Salmon this weekend, October 23, 24, 25.

Steider Studios.Otter.Lost Lake.1.26.15

Our tour hours are 11am until 5pm each day and I’ll be in the Pop-up Gallery on the corner of Jewett and Estes.  I caught this otter on ice last winter at Lost Lake and have a couple views of him.

Steider Studios:  Sunset Sky.2.28.14

I’ll have many of my Columbia River Gorge sunset images on cards and in print….

Steider Studios.Sunrise.8.26.15

…and a few Columbia Gorge sunrise images.  You know it’s easier to catch the sun going down than the sun coming up, right?

Steider Studios.Big-horn Sheep Fight.9.13.15

I’ll have all occasion greeting cards and small 5 x 7 prints that include my wildlife shots ….

Steider Studios.Trout Lake Bird Walk.5.17.15-9

… and many of my favorite bird images on cards and printed on metal.

SteiderStudios.Linda Steider in her booth

And of course I’ll have some glass.

AWS New listing and map

Come see me and the other White Salmon artists!! October 23, 24, 25 from 11am until 5pm all three days.  I’m #4 on the map, corner of Estes and Jewett in the Pop-up Gallery!!  See you there!! 

Steider Studios.Bird Banding.10.9.15-4

Thrilled to be included in a bird banding session with friends Cathy and Stuart, we arrived at St. Cloud Recreation Area at dawn.

2Steider Studios.Banding.10.9.15

We trudged out to the Columbia River, then followed the Arthur Slough back in a little way as the sun came up on an early October morning.
3aSteider Studios.Banding.10.9.15-5It was difficult for me to keep up with them because the scenery was so gorgeous, I must have stopped for a photo-op every ten steps.

3Steider Studios.Banding.10.9.15-23

Fall had arrived on this part of the planet and I was soaking it all in.

4Steider Studios.Banding.10.9.15-3

When we arrived at the banding station, Cathy and Stuart set up nets to capture birds, then as we waited for birds they unpacked their tools.

5Steider Studios.Banding.10.9.15-22

The sized-to-fit metal bands fit various sized birds and have numbers stamped on them.  The information is recorded as each bird gets banded.

6Steider Studios.Bird Banding.10.9.15-5

While waiting for birds we go check out the shoreline of the Columbia River to see what’s been around by checking tracks in the mud.

Steider Studios.Bird Banding.10.9.15-2


Steider Studios.Bird Banding.10.9.15-3

I was so excited to see bear tracks in the mud and secretly hoped one might come out to say hello to us.  Yes, trust me I’d keep a safe distance!

Steider Studios.Banding.10.9.15-7

Back to banding….  Birds fly into a net then drop unharmed into netted pockets.  An Orange-crowned Warbler was one of our first to capture.

Steider Studios.Bird Banding.10.9.15

A Song Sparrow is carefully and gently freed from the net and brought back to the banding station.

Steider Studios.Banding.10.9.15-9

Held ever so gently at the neck a Brown Creeper is quite compliant while being banded, measured, weighed and examined for health and age.

Steider Studios.Banding.10.9.15-8

Wings are spread to see patterning on a Brown Creeper.  I love these little birds.

Steider Studios.Banding.10.9.15-13

Wings get measured on an Orange-crowned Warbler.

Steider Studios.Banding.10.9.15-12

Stuart examines the Kinglet’s wings to determine age and wear.

Steider Studios.Banding.10.9.15-10

Checking tail feathers.

Steider Studios.Banding.10.9.15-4

To help judge age, the head feathers are moistened with water then gently parted to reveal the scalp.

Steider Studios.Banding.10.9.15-11

Cathy and Stuart use Sibley’s Guide for confirmation of aging and further identifying.

Steider Studios.Banding.10.9.15-14

Sweet little Song Sparrow, finished with his exam and awaiting release.

Steider Studios.Banding.10.9.15-15

I didn’t quite click in time as he flew away down by the slough.

Steider Studios.Banding.10.9.15-16

Chickadees tend to take a bite now and again during the banding and exam.

Steider Studios.Banding.10.9.15-17

He settles down and allows the process.

Steider Studios.Banding.10.9.15-18

Black-capped Chickadee receives a wing exam.

Steider Studios.Bird Banding.10.9.15-8

The band is gently clinched closed after being placed on the Orange-crowned Warbler’s leg.

Steider Studios.Banding.10.9.15-19

A ‘bracelet’ is placed on a Spotted Towhee.

Steider Studios.Bird Banding.10.9.15-9

Blowing on the Chickadee’s belly, reveals body fat under his feathers.

Steider Studios.Banding.10.9.15-20

Same with the Spotted Towhee.  His eye will turn more red as he matures.

Steider Studios.Banding.10.9.15-21

Another release….another miss with my trigger finger!

Steider Studios.Bird Banding.10.9.15-7

I’m fascinated with the Golden-crowned Kinglet ~ isn’t he gorgeous?!

Steider Studios.Banding.10.9.15-24

We checked the nets every 20 to 30 minutes and between checked area flora.

Steider Studios.Banding.10.9.15-6

I will try to come back and edit with correct names.

Steider Studios.Banding.10.9.15-2

No promises though, it’s been a busy season and I have many more adventures to tell you about.

Steider Studios.Banding.10.9.15-25

Back at the parking lot we noticed a tree full of Cedar Waxwings!

Steider Studios.Bird Banding.10.9.15-10

We also saw a flock of Bushtits!  My first sighting of these sweet little birds!!

Steider Studios.Bird Banding.10.9.15-11

My last & luckiest shot of the day was a female Varied Thrush dressed for fall.

A Month of Adventure

October 16, 2015

Steider Studios.Columbia River Gorge From Bridge.11.2.14

Once again I’ve fallen behind in my blog.  Summer and now Fall racing by at mach speed, I want to take a moment to breathe and fill you in on some of my recent ‘adventures’.

Steider Studios.Waterfalls.10.15.15-13

Many friends have come to the Columbia River Gorge this year to see this Gorge-ous place that I love and call home, so I’ve played tour guide often ~ a role I truly enjoy.

Steider Studios.Mt. Adams.9.23.15-7

I took my friend Kathleen (amazing metalsmith, jewelry artist) & her husband (fellow photographer) Dan to Takhlakh Lake, looking for fall color with a quick stop at Trout Lake.

Steider Studios.Demianni Vineyard.9.26.15

I finished out my birthday month by photographing long-time friends Cathy & Alex’s vineyard during harvest… mmm Demianni Winery ~ fabulous wine.

Steider Studios.Lunar Eclipse.9.27.15

I went back to their vineyard to shoot the Super Harvest Moon and Lunar eclipse.

Steider Studios.Otter Family at Play.9.28.15-4

The next day I found birds and OTTERS at Taylor Lake with friends Nancy and Mike.  A great finale to my birthday month!

*Fourth hiker on Trail to Tamanawas Falls.10.1.15

October opened with a hike to Tamanawas Falls with friends Holly, Rick & Dianne where we enjoyed glorious fall color.

Steider Studios.Bird Banding.10.9.15-7

Lucky me, invited to watch bird banding near St. Cloud Recreation area.

Steider Studios.Birding.Eagle Creek.10.11.15-7

The Gorge Bird Nerds took walks at Bingen Pond and Marina, Bonneville Fish Hatchery and Eagle Creek in October.

Steider Studios.Panther Creek Falls.10.12.15

A Waterfall Festival is what I called a day driving a big loop up to Trout Lake, across 90 to Carson and down to Hwy 14.  Dawn to dusk we were able to see 5 or 6 waterfalls ~ some were at the end of a hike & others were close to the road.

Steider Studios.Dry Creek Falls Hike.10.14.15-3

Two days later I hiked a small portion of the Pacific Crest Trail at Cascade Locks to Dry Creek Falls with friends.

Steider Studios.Pika from Hike.7.25.15

I took a friend in search of Pikas near Beacon Rock ~ another day with multiple stops and beautiful Columbia River Gorge landscapes!  I love these reclusive little critters that look like a cross between a bunny, and a squirrel with teddy bear ears.

…and in between I’ve been catching sunsets, birds in my garden and rescued kittens for Columbia Gorge Cat Rescue.  In upcoming posts I’ll tell you details of each adventure…..

AWS 2015 tour 6x4

OH!  Not to mention my upcoming art show ~ Art White Salmon’s Fall Tour!! Next weekend!!  October 23, 24, 25.  I’m limiting my shows this year, so this is one of only two opportunities for me to show off new work.

AWS New listing and map

Come see my new work and that of other talented local artist friends!



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