Aurora Borealis ~ Oh What a Show!

November 3, 2015

Steider Studios.Aurora.11.2-3.15-8

The Aurora Borealis put on a fabulous show last night about midnight.  I was lucky enough to catch it but can’t decide which shot I like best.  I like them all for different reasons, but this is Photo #1 in the line-up, once the Aurora began her dance.

Steider Studios.Aurora.11.2-3.15

She was already making herself known when I arrived and I caught a shooting star as I set up my composition and camera settings.

Steider Studios.Aurora.11.2-3.15-2

And then she danced!  Just after midnight, behind my town of White Salmon the party started.  Photo #2.

Steider Studios.Aurora.11.2-3.15-3

It was chilly and dark and difficult to manage at first, but with each check of my camera’s LCD my excitement grew.  Photo #3.

Steider Studios.Aurora.11.2-3.15-4

While my eye saw a dark clear sky filled with stars, Aurora continued showing herself on the back of my camera.  Photo #4.

Steider Studios.Aurora.11.2-3.15-5

My eyes could only see what looked like a whitish cloud or fog on the horizon line where you see a greenish glow; and I could see columns of ‘mist’ rising from that.  Photo #5.

Steider Studios.Aurora.11.2-3.15-6

If it were a stronger Aurora, I might have actually seen the color my camera displayed.  Photo #6.

Steider Studios.Aurora.11.2-3.15-7

The wind was blowing clouds overhead so I knew my time was limited.  Photo #7.

Steider Studios.Aurora.11.2-3.15-8

As Aurora danced in the Columbia River Gorge, so did I ~ to keep warm!  And I drank coffee to stay awake.  Photo #8.

Steider Studios.Aurora.11.2-3.15-9

My day started at 6 a.m., so this midnight hour was hard to keep.  Photo #9.

Steider Studios.Aurora.11.2-3.15-10

The cold, the coffee and my excitement kept me shooting, dancing and laughing with delight!  Photo #10.

Steider Studios.Aurora.11.2-3.15-11

I need your help!  ……  Photo #11.

Steider Studios.Aurora.11.2-3.15-12

I need you to help me decide which of these images to print!  Photo #12.

Steider Studios.Aurora.11.2-3.15-13

You can vote for your favorite simply by commenting which numbered photo you like best.  Photo #13.

Steider Studios.Aurora.11.2-3.15-14

As you can see, they’re all numbered: #1 – 16 ~ plus the Shooting Star shot.  Photo #14.

Steider Studios.Aurora.11.2-3.15-15

What a magical night it was!!  Only lasted for about an hour.  Photo #15.

Steider Studios.Aurora.11.2-3 last2.15-2

Just after 1 a.m. the clouds rolled in and covered the Aurora.  Otherwise, I’d still be there.  Photo #16.

Please let me know your favorite ~ in a comment here, via private message on Facebook, or via email ~ linda at steider studios dot com (all one word).

11 Responses to “Aurora Borealis ~ Oh What a Show!”

  1. Marlene Vitek Says:

    Wow – what great photos! Hard to pick just one.
    I like photo #1 and also #8.


  2. Sue Smith Says:

    Yes, it is hard to pick just one. All are so lovely. However, I love the shooting star #1 and #5 because it seems to have the most red.
    Just wonderful to see all of them lined up like that. Good for you for staying awake for it. I guess we could never see it in southern OR.


  3. Thanks so much Sue!! I think it would have to be a really big aurora storm to see it that far south. As you can see, compared to photos taken in Alaska mine are not as spectacular. Spectacular enough for me, though, lol!!


  4. Alison Vickers Says:

    What an amazing night! Sorry, I can’t pick just one favourite image.Thanks for sharing them with us all.


  5. Thanks Alison, that was my dilemma too! Appreciate your comment!!


  6. Coral Says:

    Linda, how can we pick the most favorite…they all rank up there….love 1-2-3-4-5-6-7, need I go on…lol..your talent is showing again and I am so happy for that as I have seen photos of nature by the Hands of God that I would not otherwise be aware of…keep up the grand work. God has so Blessed you.


  7. Thank you so much Coral!


  8. awsum7 Says:

    Photo 10


  9. coral Says:

    love #1 shooting star…..


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