Sunday Birding on the Deschutes River

November 10, 2015

Steider Studios.Deschutes River.11.8.15

Another wonderful day with the Columbia Gorge birding group ~ this month we went to the mouth of the Deschutes River.  We decided to walk along the west bank starting at the Heritage Boat landing, but failed to get that message to some of our people, so had to wave at each other across the river.  It turned out good though, because collectively we were able to see both the west and east sides of the river.  Yes, I like a positive spin!!

Steider Studios.American Kestrel 11.8.15

One of the first sightings was an American Kestrel on a utility pole wire stretching its wings.

Steider Studios.Bufflehead on the Deschutes

We saw plenty of waterfowl swimming and fishing, including this Bufflehead pair.  Light rain and clouds made lighting along the river not as optimum as I’d like.

Steider Studios.Barrow's Goldeneye on the Deschutes

Much discussion whether this was a Barrow’s or Common Goldeneye.  I believe it was settled as a Barrow’s.

Steider Studios.Common Merganser Pair

We saw Common Mergansers in several spots – lucky us the sun came out for a bit.

Steider Studios.Great Blue Heron on Deschutes River

I always love finding a Great Blue Heron.  Instead of a close up, I want to share his gorgeous environment.

Steider Studios.Spotted Sandpiper on the Deshutes River

A Spotted Sandpiper was discovered, apparently staying a little longer than usual in our area.

Steider Studios.Mullein Stalk at the Deschutes River

The Downey Woodpecker in this mullein flew off JUST as I focused!  He really was there.  Really.  I saw him.

Steider Studios.Northern Flicker near the Deschutes River

We saw several Northern Flickers frolicking in the shrubs…or perhaps working for food.

Steider Studios.American Kestrel in flight.

Here’s an American Kestrel in flight.  He was really too far away for a good shot but I have to try!

Steider Studios.Bewick's Wren near the Deschutes River

A Bewick’s Wren came in and out of view in thick brush as we traveled a path heading upriver.

Steider Studios.Yellow Bird

Several little birds were seen in the same thicket area including Golden-crowned and Ruby-crowned Kinglets; Fox and Golden-crowned Sparrows and this Yellow Bird that I think is a Goldfinch but it could be a Warbler.

Steider Studios.American Robin

We saw several American Robins in trees, and large groups of them flying overhead.

Steider Studios.Song Sparrow

A Song Sparrow munching his way through sage and thistle seed heads.

Steider Studios.Large Tree Trunk lying near Path

We all thought this large tree trunk lying near the path was fascinating.  Color, texture, size ~ it was impressive.

Steider Studios.Otters playing in the Deschutes River

Several in our group watched 3 Otters playing in the river for a few minutes.  I had a shrub blocking most of my view, so vignetted this image a bit to showcase the one otter that I saw a little better.  See him?  Gray critter against a gray rock in the gray river (towards the bottom right side).

Steider Studios.Song Sparrow

I think I caught another Song Sparrow, but I can always use help naming my sparrows!

Steider Studios.Western Grebe fishing in the Deschutes River.

Back at Heritage Boat Landing, I spotted a Western Grebe fishing.  What is that on his neck?!!  He was in a fight, or potential prey or maybe a fish bigger than him gave him a run for his money!

Steider Studios.Green-winged Teal with Mallards

I also saw a Green-winged Teal swimming with Mallards.  Why do they never swim toward me?

Steider Studios.Magpie at Heritage Boat Landing on the Deschutes River

As we stood in the parking lot, saying goodbye we watched a Black-billed Magpie in the tree across from us.

Steider Studios.Otters playing on The Deschutes River

The Deschutes River always has something of interest, it’s a favorite place of mine.  If I have wrong identification on any of these birds, I’d appreciate your correction.  Next month, we’ll head to Drano Lake!

2 Responses to “Sunday Birding on the Deschutes River”

  1. Coral Says:

    Hi Linda dear, always such a pleasure to see what your next Blog is and the photos you print out..as always not one thing about them that I did not like.love the intricate details of the trees the birds are in. The tiny leaves and branches all look so beautiful, things that when you look at them directly you may miss. In your photos they are so clear.keep them coming..


  2. And I always appreciate your comments Coral, thank you!


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