Counting Raptors in Klickitat County

November 25, 2015

Steider Studios.Prairie Falcon.11.20.15

I signed on for a route in Audubon’s Winter Raptor Survey.  My route is basically along Hwy 14 between Bingen and Dallesport along the Columbia River.  The first run yielded my first ever sighting of a Prairie Falcon!!

Steider Studios.Red Tail Hawk.11.20.15

I expected to find Red-tailed Hawks, and did find six of them.

Steider Studios.Eagle Group.11.20.15

Non resident Eagles are returning to the Gorge ~ I found these four in one snag and six more along the river.

Steider Studios.American Kestrel


I also counted three American Kestrels, but not close enough for a good shot.  This shot is from Sauvie Island in January.

Steider Studios.Klickitat River.11.21.15

The following day broke with a beautiful clear blue sky so I followed my route hoping to recreate my photos with better light and composition.  Alas I saw no eagles, but the Klickitat River was gorgeous.

Steider Studios.Northern Shrike.11.21.15And on a little side trip I found a Northern Shrike across the road from the entrance to Balfour Park!  Told this is a rare sighting, I ‘penned’ my first entry into ebird.org.  He is a hatch-year (1st winter ~ thanks to my friend Cathy for that info!)

Steider Studios.Goldfinch Trio.11.21.15I also found a huge flock of Lesser Goldfinches in their ‘pantry’, a field of weeds.

Steider Studios.Goldfinch.11.21.15

I love these little birds and couldn’t believe how close they allowed me to get.  This is a male Lesser Goldfinch.

Steider Studios.Lewis's Woodpecker.11.18.15

The day before my route I’d gone looking for eagles with my friend Carolyn.  Although we didn’t see eagles that day, we found tons of Lewis’s Woodpeckers, one of my favorites!!

Steider Studios.Heron.Balfour.11.18.15

We watched a heron fishing on ‘golden pond’ from afar.

Steider Studios.Cormorant in Flight.11.18.15

A Cormorant flew by pretty close!

Steider Studios.Ruby-crowned Kinglet.11.18.15

And we saw a lot of Ruby-crowned Kinglets!  See his Ruby Crown?!!

Steider Studios.Ruby-crowned Kinglet.11.18.15

He’s a bit blurred, too fast for me to keep up with his movement, but I wanted to show you his front too!

Steider Studios.Oak Leaves.Balfour.11.18.15

In spite of only finding Bald eagles on my official ‘Raptor Count Day’, we saw many beautiful birds including a Kingfisher, Wood Ducks, Robins, and Meadowlarks.  It’s always a good day driving through the Gorge.

5 Responses to “Counting Raptors in Klickitat County”

  1. cjflick Says:

    Hi Linda,

    Great photos. Check with Stuart on the 1st goldfinch that you call “American.” It looks like a female “Lesser” to me.

    Your 2nd goldfinch photo is a male Lesser Goldfinch.

    Your shrike is a hatch-year (1st winter) age as Stuart mentioned.


  2. cfortglass Says:

    Beautiful as always. Love living through you vicariously with the camera.


  3. Thanks so much Charlene!


  4. Thank you Cathy, I’ll edit!!


  5. cjflick Says:

    Saw the big rock-o-la this afternoon! WOW.

    I don’t do Hwy 14 during pineapple expresses!

    From: cjflick [mailto:flick@gorge.net] Sent: Monday, December 07, 2015 8:15 PM To: ‘Stewart Fletcher’ Subject: Wind & Rain Storm

    From: linda@steiderstudios.com [mailto:linda@steiderstudios.com] Sent: Monday, December 07, 2015 7:53 PM To: cjflick; ‘Stuart Johnston’ Subject: RE: Last one – RTHA

    Hope you’re not going anywhere tonight. I just heard about a rock slide smashing a car on 14 east of bingen. Lots of trees down & raging rivers. I wonder how this will affect our birding on Sunday with 2 more storms coming in tomorrow & thurs.

    ___________________ Linda Steider http://www.steiderstudios.com

    https://steiderstudios.wordpress.com/ http://www.zibbet.com/SteiderStudios http://www.artfire.com/users/SteiderStudios http://www.facebook.com/SteiderStudios


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