September Turtles at Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge

December 7, 2015

Steider Studios.Ridgefield Turtle Trio.9.3.15

Pouring rain outside, I thought I’d take a little time travel break ~ back to a beautiful September day at Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge.

Steider Studios.Ridgefield Frog with Turtle.9.3.15

It was a day filled with turtles!

Steider Studios.Ridgefield Grebe.9.3.15

I remember watching a Pie-billed Grebe and several ducks in the creek.

Steider Studios.Ridgefield Wood Duck.9.3.15

I only saw one Wood Duck pair.

Steider Studios.Ridgefield NWR.9.3.15

It was a quiet day with very few sightings and even fewer people.

Steider Studios.Ridgefield Pileated on Snag.9.3.15

I watched a Pileated Woodpecker for a bit.  Is he a juvenile?  His feathers are a bit spiky around his neck making me wonder if he had been in the creek.

Steider Studios.Turtle.Pair.Ridgefield.9.3.15

Back to turtles….this poor fella spent about 15 minutes climbing up to share a log.

Steider Studios.Ridgefield Turtle Fight.9.3.15

Unfortunately his friend wanted nothing to do with him and shoved him off!

Steider Studios.lunch spot.9.3.15

I ate my lunch in the shade while watching a Kingfisher fly back and forth across the creek.  I desperately wanted him to land on the snag in front of me.  If he had, that’s what you’d be looking at now.

Steider Studios.Ridgefield Northern Harrier.9.3.15

I slowly finished the route, watching more herons, egrets and Northern Harriers.

Steider Studios.Ridgefield Quiet Day.9.3.15

It was a gorgeous day of sun, rain, clouds and end of summer fun at Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge.

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4 Responses to “September Turtles at Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge”

  1. Sue Says:

    What a lovely day you had. Probably warm back then, too. Are those Western Pond turtles? We had a couple of them in our stream or slough near where we live. Haven’t seen them for ages now. They are very prehistoric looking. So cool.


  2. Hi Sue, yes I believe they are Western Pond Turtles. And yes, it was warm!! At least the rain has melted our ice finally!!


  3. coral Says:

    Oh how I envy you dear lady to see all these beautiful works of nature that God has given us…thank you again for the photos that you share…loves


  4. Thanks Coral, it’s my pleasure!


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