December Bird Walk ~ Little White Salmon River

December 19, 2015

Steider Studios.Little WS River.Birdwalk.12.13.15-13

I love hanging out with a group of birders calling themselves ‘Bird Nerds’.  We travel locally in the Columbia River Gorge seeking birds of all sorts.  Many of us are still learning and are appreciative of the ‘experts’ that have undertaken our education.

Steider Studios.Little WS River.Birdwalk.12.13.15

We meet the 2nd Sunday of each month and in December went to the Little White Salmon River.  A small group this month, we had the entire river and Drano Lake to ourselves.  As we pulled in, two Bald Eagles flew out of a tree next to the road.  The two photos above are juvenile Bald Eagles.

Steider Studios.Little WS River.Birdwalk.12.13.15-10

We watched eagles soaring above and ducks swimming below the road as we walked adjacent to the river.  A trio of  Goldeneye, the lead is a Barrow’s and his cohorts are Common Goldeneye.

Steider Studios.Little WS River.Birdwalk.12.13.15-2

We watched this American Dipper fishing along the rocky bank of the Little White Salmon River.

Steider Studios.Little WS River.Birdwalk.12.13.15-3

For awhile, it was hard to decide – look up at soaring birds in the sky, or look out into the river at all the waterfowl!  Is it possible to see both at once?

Steider Studios.Little WS River.Birdwalk.12.13.15-14

Not really, but if I just look straight across, I can see this Kingfisher looking for his next meal!

Steider Studios.Little WS River.Birdwalk.12.13.15-11

Looked back at the river just in time to see a Barrow’s Goldeneye taking off from the ‘herd’.

Barrow's Goldeneye taking off from the Little White Salmon River. Photo by Steider Studios

Had it been a windless day I would’ve caught a great reflection in this shot!  You can still kind of see it….can’t you?

Steider Studios.Little WS River.Birdwalk.12.13.15-5

As we continued our walk we spotted several Gulls, including this Glaucous-winged Gull on a sandbar in the river.

Steider Studios.Little WS River.Birdwalk.12.13.15-8

Across the river more Bald Eagles perched at the top of a tree.

Steider Studios.Little WS River.Birdwalk.12.13.15-4

This section is normally just grass, but due to recent rains had become a little pond.  It was perfect for a Pintail Duck to hide out with a couple of Mallard friends.

Steider Studios.Little WS River.Birdwalk.12.13.15-6

A Common Raven flew overhead in just the right formation to show you his tail, shaped like an arrowhead ~ different from a Crow’s tail which is straight across.

Steider Studios.Little WS River.Birdwalk.12.13.15-7

The day started cloudy, but we were graced by the sun as we headed back to where we’d left our cars.

Steider Studios.Little WS River.Birdwalk.12.13.15-16

A Red-tailed Hawk flew overhead as well as a couple more Bald Eagles.

Steider Studios.Little WS River.Birdwalk.12.13.15-9

Just before we left we spotted a sweet little Mountain Chickadee singing his heart out.  Another wonderful day of birding in The Gorge.


10 Responses to “December Bird Walk ~ Little White Salmon River”

  1. Coral Says:

    Again your gifted talent is showing all of us so much of the Nature of God…and what He has given to us…thank you Linda dear..


  2. cathy Says:

    hi linda, may I use your common raven photo for an eagle outing?
    your 3rd photo is one barrow’s (the one with a squarish head shape & mostly yellow bill) & two common’s (more rounded head profile & mostly black bill). check sibley. yours, cathy


  3. Thanks for your comments Coral, & its my pleasure to share nature with you!


  4. Thanks so much Cathy, yes you may!!


  5. Nancy Harbert Says:

    Love your photos thanks for sharing.


  6. Thank you & thanks for commenting Nancy!


  7. Katie Says:

    Envious of your talent that I enjoy so much!


  8. Aw, thanks so much Katie!! I appreciate your kind words.


  9. Laurene Eldred Says:

    Thank you for sharing.


  10. Thanks for your comment Laurene! I am following your blog for Glenwood updates because I haven’t been up in too long!


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