A Month Without Internet

January 10, 2016

Steider Studios.Snow Day.12.17.15

Yes.  A month without internet.  Could you do without online communication, shopping, banking, game playing, and more for a month?  I decided I couldn’t, so am sitting in a warm cheery wi-fi cafe in Hood River checking up on all the above.

Steider Studios.Snow Day.12.17.15-7

It started with a snow storm.  Then an ice storm.  Then more snow & more ice.  Eventually after only a few days the snowy, ice-encrusted trees completely blocked my line of sight to the internet tower on Underwood Mountain.  When will the ice melt?  March?

Steider Studios.Snow Day.12.17.15-3

I’m not waiting.  I ordered a new service, but alas the installer has left for vacation and won’t be back for another two weeks.  So, until then, I’ve cleaned out closets.  I’ve gone through reams of old paperwork from my business; and design ideas stacked in my studio.

Steider Studios.Snow Day.12.17.15-4

I’ve shoveled my deck countless times and romped in the snow with my dog.

Steider Studios.Ice Day.12.18.15-2

I’ve watched my icicles grow and fade and grow again.

Steider Studios.Ice Day.12.18.15-6

I’ve checked on my trees to see how much longer the ice might remain.  Looks like forever to me!

Steider Studios.Ice Day.12.18.15-11

I’ve played with bubbles in the snow and ice….

Steider Studios.Ice Day.12.18.15-12

…on more than one occasion!

Steider Studios.Ice Day.12.18.15-3

One day the sun even came out, but the temperature didn’t rise above 30º.

Steider Studios.Sunset.12.31.15

I can sometimes see the sunset glow outside our constant inversion.

Steider Studios.Northern Goshawk.1.5.16

One snowy day a Northern Goshawk landed on the snag below my deck!

Steider Studios.Northern Goshawk.1.5.16-3

He didn’t stay long, but I was glad to witness his presence in my neighborhood!

Steider Studios.Rowland to Bingen.12.30.15-5

I’ve come into town every couple of days to keep up with my email but also to watch for eagles since it is the season.  This pair was right off Hwy 14 between Lyle and Bingen.

Steider Studios.Raptors.12.27.15-2

A couple of occasions I was able to watch eagles chase each other and fight over food.

Steider Studios.Raptors.12.27.15-3

I saw other raptors like this little Kestrel and a Peregrine Falcon!

Steider Studios.Raptors.12.27.15-10 I even saw a Northern Harrier at Bingen Marina for the first time.  I usually see them in more open spaces.

Steider Studios.Snow Day.12.17.15-2

Each adventure down my mountain first involves a hike up to the road where our cars are kept.

Steider Studios.Snow Day.12.17.15-6

And a hike back down at the end of the day.

Steider Studios.Raptors.12.27.15-9

In between, it’s a 30 minute drive down to the river, and when I arrive, it’s Raptor Heaven.

Steider Studios.Raptors.12.27.15-5

I think this guy pretty much sums it up.  I want my internet!!

In case I don’t have another opportunity to sit in a cafe for this long, I’ll catch up with you again at the end of the month when I’m ‘connected’ again.  I hope!!


16 Responses to “A Month Without Internet”

  1. coral Says:

    As always Linda a “journey into your photo treasure land” beautiful..I know what you mean when it comes to loss of TV,,we have Dish and it is good only when low clouds come over and then poof of it goes…we still have the internet so I will sometimes go back on…to clearer days ahead for more photos…hugs


  2. Sue Says:

    As always….fabulous bird photography. I love going out with you without the pain and cold. lol
    A month without internet?? I can’t imagine. Hope you get it back soon.


  3. Marlene Vitek Says:

    Thank you for those great photos and comments! You spent your time well. Made me realize my trip to the apt parking lot outside my door is nothing to be concerned about! Put off doing it today because it was only 15F.



  4. cfortglass Says:

    Ok you’ll get this in a couple of weeks but this is a very cute post! Love the last photo as a descriptor of how you feel. PERFECT! xoxoxo c


  5. Laurene Eldred Says:

    Communication and self expression!!! It is what we humans are. The internet allows us to be alone, but still communicate and express ourselves.
    I think this winter, more than any other, I have thought of the early pioneer women who were faced with a winter of being snowed in.
    Sometimes solitude isn’t so great. Especially when you are worried about enough fire wood, enough food, and slipping and falling on a trip to the cold outhouse.
    If only they would have had the internet!!


  6. Linda, no need to go to Hood River. Just drive to the White Salmon Library. They have FREE wifi!


  7. Candace Says:

    I can’t stand being without internet for more than a day but it’s not so hard for me to get to a place with wifi. Great birds you have around, though. Keep warm.


  8. Thank you Coral!


  9. Thanks Sue! Hopefully after the 23rd. My online shops need my attention!!


  10. Thanks Marlene! Hope your temps have risen!


  11. Thanks Charlene! Surprised I haven’t run into you at our ‘hang out’!!


  12. Very good points Laurene! I often think of the pioneer women when I’m off road on an adventure. I can’t imagine driving a covered wagon instead of my cozy car & everything else they endured while on the road to their new homes in the west.


  13. Good point, but I do enjoy a hot latte while catching up, lol!!


  14. Thanks Candace, I’m almost out of data because as it turns out, much of my at home entertainment is also online! Looking forward to going back to normal!!


  15. toddmach Says:

    I am impressed by your post. It touches the heart and also the soul… oh year and the addiction we all have to both beauty and social media.


  16. Indeed! Thanks for your comment Todd.


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