My Last Art Show

October 18, 2016


I’ve had a long and wonderful journey with art from painting to fiber to glass with photography along every step of the way.  A year or two ago I announced my retirement from teaching and selling art supplies.  My announcement this year is the end of weekend art shows.  Yes.  This is the last one.  I’ve sold my work at weekend art shows since I was sixteen years old.  This. Is. The. Last.  If you’re in the region I hope you’ll come out & snap up the last of my glasswork.  I’ll be at the first spot on the map below:


200 SW Edgecliff, at my friend Ann Fleming’s studio.  I’ll still play with art but just for myself, just for fun, and when I’m in the mood…probably only on rainy days.  I’ll still be out in the field trying to capture wildlife with my camera, and will print on demand instead of speculation.  Most of my images will always be available for you to order on paper, canvas or metal in most standard sizes.

This weekend, October 21 – 23; Friday – Sunday from 11am until 5pm.  Come say hello, support our local artists!

2 Responses to “My Last Art Show”

  1. Matt Bartels Says:

    Hi Linda – I’m writing to follow up on a sighting on Snowy Egret from Ridgefield NWR that I heard about via other birders. I was referred to your blog, where you’ve posted a nice photo of the bird.

    Snowy Egret is a rare bird in WA, and our committee, the Washington Bird Records Committee, attempts to collect full documentation on every sighting in the state. A couple questions for you: First, can I have permission to include a copy of your photo of the Snowy Egret in our official files for this sighting? Also do you have any additional photos of the egret? Would love to have copies, if so. Second, if you have anything to add in the way of a write-up, it would be helpful to have more context — we have an online form for written descriptions here: http://wos.org/records/reportabird/

    Thanks again, good luck with the last show, and let me know if you have any questions.


    Matt Bartels Secretary, Washington Bird Records Committee



  2. Hi Matt, an acquaintance told me the Snowy Egret was rare, which I didn’t know or I’d have taken more photos of it! Yes, you may use my photo (with photo credit) and I do have a couple other shots, not the best, taken in low to fading light but am happy to share them with you. Will send an email.


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