Camping at Goose Lake

October 9, 2016


This summer I invited myself along on a friend’s camping trip to Goose Lake in the Mt Adams Wilderness, with her two grandsons.


This was my first camping experience (that I remember ~ my mom tells me we camped when I was a toddler) and I couldn’t wait to see sunset and sunrise over the lake without having to get up or get home at an ungodly hour.


The boys brought fishing poles to catch our food, a BB gun to fend off wild animals in the wilderness, and a machete…I presume to clear a nice space for our comfort.  All but the fishing poles were abandoned as soon as they saw the lake!

steider-studios-fishing-goose-lake-8-26-16-11While waiting for sunset we watched a ‘mist’ of dust rise and fall as travelers drove the gravel road next to the lake.


When sunset arrived in front of our campsite, it was pretty nice!


Sunrise the following morning was quite beautiful as light overtook shadow.


I was hoping to see a ton of wildlife, and made sure I was the first one on the lake after a brutally cold and nervous night’s sleep.  Between my husband’s 30-year-old worn out sleeping bag and a twig or branch crackling seemingly every few minutes I think I got 3 hours sleep max.


Surrounded with golden light and a sweet little Sandpiper to entertain me in early morning solitude.


As the sun rose higher I could hear campers stirring and looked for more photo opportunities before anglers or boats disturbed the lake.


I found a family of Mergansers beginning their day.


They chased each other back and forth…..


…and did a bit of their own fishing while humans launched boats into the lake.


A little Junco serenaded me from a branch behind  my spot on the beach…

steider-studios-fishing-goose-lake-8-26-16-23…as did an American Dipper on the next rock over from where I sat.


Did I already say the morning light was Golden?  Breathtakingly so!


As I headed toward sounds of the boys talking, a pair of Bald Eagles flew overhead.

steider-studios-goose-lake-logs-8-26-16I had to climb over a series of logs to get to where my friends were fishing for breakfast.


As I began my climb, I stumbled upon a pair of Crossbills!  Good reason to stop!!


Finally, I made it across the logs only to find we had no fish for our breakfast.  Luckily we brought a camp stove and eggs!!


Goose Lake is so beautiful and a perfect place for little boys to fish and dream about all the wilderness has to offer ~ hopefully they’ll take their children one day.


It’s also a pretty nice place for a photographer to catch some lovely reflections!  I even heard a PIKA speak!!!  I must tell you, I didn’t like the part about no showers and the lake too cold to take a dip ~ but I loved being there at dusk, dawn, and every moment between.

A Month of Adventure

October 16, 2015

Steider Studios.Columbia River Gorge From Bridge.11.2.14

Once again I’ve fallen behind in my blog.  Summer and now Fall racing by at mach speed, I want to take a moment to breathe and fill you in on some of my recent ‘adventures’.

Steider Studios.Waterfalls.10.15.15-13

Many friends have come to the Columbia River Gorge this year to see this Gorge-ous place that I love and call home, so I’ve played tour guide often ~ a role I truly enjoy.

Steider Studios.Mt. Adams.9.23.15-7

I took my friend Kathleen (amazing metalsmith, jewelry artist) & her husband (fellow photographer) Dan to Takhlakh Lake, looking for fall color with a quick stop at Trout Lake.

Steider Studios.Demianni Vineyard.9.26.15

I finished out my birthday month by photographing long-time friends Cathy & Alex’s vineyard during harvest… mmm Demianni Winery ~ fabulous wine.

Steider Studios.Lunar Eclipse.9.27.15

I went back to their vineyard to shoot the Super Harvest Moon and Lunar eclipse.

Steider Studios.Otter Family at Play.9.28.15-4

The next day I found birds and OTTERS at Taylor Lake with friends Nancy and Mike.  A great finale to my birthday month!

*Fourth hiker on Trail to Tamanawas Falls.10.1.15

October opened with a hike to Tamanawas Falls with friends Holly, Rick & Dianne where we enjoyed glorious fall color.

Steider Studios.Bird Banding.10.9.15-7

Lucky me, invited to watch bird banding near St. Cloud Recreation area.

Steider Studios.Birding.Eagle Creek.10.11.15-7

The Gorge Bird Nerds took walks at Bingen Pond and Marina, Bonneville Fish Hatchery and Eagle Creek in October.

Steider Studios.Panther Creek Falls.10.12.15

A Waterfall Festival is what I called a day driving a big loop up to Trout Lake, across 90 to Carson and down to Hwy 14.  Dawn to dusk we were able to see 5 or 6 waterfalls ~ some were at the end of a hike & others were close to the road.

Steider Studios.Dry Creek Falls Hike.10.14.15-3

Two days later I hiked a small portion of the Pacific Crest Trail at Cascade Locks to Dry Creek Falls with friends.

Steider Studios.Pika from Hike.7.25.15

I took a friend in search of Pikas near Beacon Rock ~ another day with multiple stops and beautiful Columbia River Gorge landscapes!  I love these reclusive little critters that look like a cross between a bunny, and a squirrel with teddy bear ears.

…and in between I’ve been catching sunsets, birds in my garden and rescued kittens for Columbia Gorge Cat Rescue.  In upcoming posts I’ll tell you details of each adventure…..

AWS 2015 tour 6x4

OH!  Not to mention my upcoming art show ~ Art White Salmon’s Fall Tour!! Next weekend!!  October 23, 24, 25.  I’m limiting my shows this year, so this is one of only two opportunities for me to show off new work.

AWS New listing and map

Come see my new work and that of other talented local artist friends!



Steider Studios.Sunset.5.31.15

A beautiful sunset last night closed out the month of May.  It was full of hard work, but also full of adventure and good friends.

Steider Studios.Garden work fence finished.5.31.15

Yesterday my friend & neighbor Katie popped in with a trunk full of tools to help me repair my veggie garden fence.  After we finished I started planting this years crop.  Today I’ll buy more seeds and finish – I can already taste those yummy fresh veggies – an assortment of lettuce, zukes, cukes, carrots, and more!  Below the veggies are grapes and blackberries.

Slash pile burning

My giant ‘Slash Pile Burn‘ Fuel Reduction project through Department of Natural Resources is finally finished with paperwork submitted!  That was a long, hard, cathartic project, and I’m glad it’s done!  Yay ME!!  The image above is my friend Eileen who came up one morning & helped with her husband Jim.

Steider Studios.Friends

My fabulous ‘Gorge Glass Girls’ (Leila, Terri, Charlene, Kathy and Carolyn (who isn’t in this shot, but also an instigator),  gave me a wonderful gift:

Steider Studios.After Wings 5.27.15-3

They hired young men from ‘Wings’ to help bring up firewood from my now-cleared and burned forest.  These sweet, polite and respectful, hard-working young men – under the direction of Walt – brought up firewood from the farthest point of my property to the woodpile outside my back door.  They cut branches into wood-stove lengths and stacked as much as they could in a day.  Image above shows the remaing piles of firewood and I have all summer to leisurely haul it up.

Steider Studios.Merganser Family.Stevenson.5.25.15

My friend Nancy & I have been out on several photo adventures, looking for wildlife.  While chasing down a lead for a Wood Duck family we found a Hooded Merganser family!

Steider Studios.Heron in Flight.Ridgefield.5.11.15

We went to Ridgefield NWR, one of our favorite spots to photograph birds.

Steider Studios.Red-breasted Sapsucker.5.14.15

We went to Conboy Lake NWR for a day where we ran into friends who showed us a Red-breasted Sapsucker nest – can’t wait to go back and photograph babies!!

Steider Studios.Wood Duckling.Pink Reflection.5.11.15

And we went to Crystal Springs to watch Wood Ducklings learn how to be a duck.

Steider Studios.Owlet.Bingen Marina.5.15.15

I’ve also traversed the Columbia River watching my favorite little owl family grow up…..I plan to write a post on their progress from when I first found them.

Steider Studios.Pileated Woodpecker.Home.5.3.15

As I worked in my back woods all these months, I’ve watched more birds come to my now-open forest, like this Pileated Woodpecker;

Steider Studios.Western Tanager.5.15.15

and Western Tanager.

Steider Studios.Elk at Conboy Lake NWR

Now with most of my hard work finished, I plan to spend more time at Conboy Lake NWR watching for baby elk, baby birds, and maybe even see a baby otter this year!!  You’ll find me along the Columbia River checking all the Osprey and Woodpecker nests that I find.  And anywhere else that looks like a promising adventure!

Hood River Holiday Pop-Up

The Hood River Holiday Pop-Up opens Saturday, November 1st.  Open hours are 10am until 6 pm every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in November and December; and every day December 12 – 25.  A fabulous place to do your holiday shopping, located at 301 Oak Street in Hood River.  I’m honored to have my work juried in with many artist friends including Kathy Watne enamels and several artists from Gorge Artists Open Studios.

You’ll find my ‘Buggettes’ (also featured on the poster, yay!), art glass star ornaments, miniature plates, treasure/trinket boxes, wall pocket vases and some sweet 8 x 10 photographs printed on metal along with some of my favorite images printed on all occasion greeting cards.

Snow Show at Columbia Arts

Don’t forget the ‘Snow’ Show opens First Friday at Columbia Arts in Hood River with some fabulous artwork depicting snow.  I may post a teaser of my work on my Steider Studios Facebook page, if time allows.

Extravaganza 2014

I’ll take my art glass and photography on the road again and meet you at the Soroptimist’s 10th Annual Artisan Shopping Extravaganza!  Held at the Hood River Inn one day only, Saturday November 22nd from 10 am until 4 pm.  Mark your calendars, this is a good show!

December 5 I’ll be in The Dalles with a small table of work at the MCMC Holiday Market in the Medical Office building.   December 6th you’ll find me in Trout Lake for the Holiday Market at the Trout Lake School, sponsored by the National Honor Society.   More info on both shows as we get closer to the events.

Until then, I think I’ll catch up around the studio as quickly as I can, then take a long and leisurely Sunday Drive up to Glenwood and visit my favorite National Wildlife Refuge, Conboy for inspiration and relaxation!

Miracles DO Happen

September 22, 2013

Kathy Watne

Two months ago I wrote about my friend who was in a horrific motorcycle accident and life-flighted to a trauma hospital in Portland.  A cancer survivor, she has once again proven to be an inspiration for friends and family.  Today, after a month in ICU, a stint in a rehab facility and then a stay at an assisted living facility, she is HOME.  Not just home, but home with all her casts removed, using a cane and walker to amble about and the wheelchair ditched.

Her wonderful husband rarely left her side during this long ordeal, even to sleep.  Having never been in a trauma unit, to say I was shocked at Kathy’s condition that first week is an understatement. Not wanting to bring any negative energy into her room, I held back my panic and tears while stroking her hand and simply repeated a mantra, “everyone loves you”.   That was all I could do on that day while her broken body filled with tubes and surrounded with monitors lay comatose.

Last week I drove her to a couple doctor appointments, went out to lunch and we even had a couple of side ‘stops’ for a fun ‘girls day out’!  Her bubbly effervescence is so contagious it is no wonder I love this friend!

A few of you asked me how to purchase her work.  Now that she’s home she has re-opened her Artfire studio, Kathryn Watne Enamels.   She’s getting back to work and plans to be in her studio in plenty of time for the Gorge Artists Studio Tour and at least one Christmas show that we’ll do together at MCMC in The Dalles.

Check out her shop, visit her Facebook Page and give her a ‘like’.  Follow her Blog and show some blog love with a comment.  Wherever you choose to visit or get to know her better, give her a BIG Welcome Home!!

A Facebook business page is a great marketing tool & I think every artist benefits from having one.  Last week my friends asked me to lead them through the steps of setting up their Facebook Business page, a blog and an online shop.  We had a (mostly) fun day and you can help their pages grow via their links at the end of this post.

Technically challenged, I had a long learning curve when I began my on-line adventure.  A couple good friends (you know who you are Kathleen Krucoff and Toni Johnsonheld my hand and helped me better understand some of the technicalities and I want to pay that forward by helping you.  Starting with a Facebook business page.

If you haven’t already, go to Steider Studios on Facebook and click the ‘like’ button.  Yes, that was just my way of getting a ‘plug’ in, hehehe.   Seriously, from my page (or any business page) at the top right, click on ‘Create a Page’.

Then, click on Artist, Band or Public Figure … unless you prefer any of the other choices.

That box will open and you’ll choose a category (artist) then type in your business name.  I’ve been told this name cannot be changed…you can always cancel the page & start another one, but you’ll lose your ‘community of followers’.  Yet, lately I notice people are changing their business names…I’d still title my page with care.  You want your ‘brand’ on your web page, blog, FB, Linked In, Twitter and everywhere else you network to be the same.  Don’t forget to check the “I agree to Facebook Pages Terms” if you’ve read & agree.

The next screen that opens is your new business page.  You may want to bookmark it so you don’t lose it.  You’ll see your title/business name at the top, a ‘like’ button for all your followers to click on and a set of directions.

This next part is easy, just follow the prompts.

Upload a picture.  Click ‘upload an image’.  Click choose file.  Select a jpg image from your computer.  If you haven’t done this before, simply place a small jpg image on your computer desktop and you can easily upload it without having to search your files for the one you want. This first photo is your ‘avatar’ or profile photo.  It’ll remain static on your page like a logo in the top left corner until you decide to edit or change it.  It can be you or your work, a graphic image or anything you want.

Click on “Suggest to friends”.  A box will pop up with all your friends (assuming you already have a personal FB page).  Click on those folks that you’d like to send an invitation to, or select just a couple friends to see how it works.  Then click “send Recommendations”  You can come back to this step later to send more invitations & you can click cancel if you don’t want to do this right now.

If you’d like you can ‘Tell your friends” by importing contacts from your mailing lists or e-mail list.  Click the link to see what it looks like & either follow the prompts or click cancel.  You can always go back and import later.

Post status updates:  just like your personal FB page upload a photo, share a link or video, or just say what you’re working on today.  I always try to add a photo or link when I ‘post my status’ because a visual image will draw people in more than text.  Don’t forget to click  ‘post’ when you’re satisfied with your message or photo.

Set up your mobile phone:  I haven’t done this, so can’t be of help with this one.


Now go up to the top under your title and click ‘edit info’.  Following the prompts, type in any of the info that you want to share publicly.  If you don’t want your address public, don’t type it in.

Chances are you already have a bio and general info about yourself, so you can simply copy & paste it into the boxes.  Don’t worry about filling everything in, do what you can for now & go back later to fine tune.  Make sure you add your website & blog if you have one; on-line shop or any other links you want a visitor to easily find.

Click “Save changes” before you leave the page.  You’ll see a yellow bar across the top that says “information updated”.  On the top right click on “view page”.

Now you’ll see your page again.  You can click on “get started” to go back to steps 1 – 4.

Click on “info” to see your bio, websites, etc.

If you click “Wall”, you’ll see your wall with all your posts.

Above your status bar you’ll see 5 empty boxes.  One has a plus sign with a photo symbol.  Click this to add photos of your work.  Follow the prompt, “select photos”.  Another box appears “Create your album while you wait”.  Again, follow the prompts.  Name the album, fill in the location if you’d like, then click “create album”.

The next prompt allows you to enter captions (description of the work & your name), and choose the album cover.  You can also “publish now” without captioning, but it’s a good idea to at least include your name on each of your photos.  I try to remember to include info that a potential customer might want to know about each piece.

When you’re ready to go back to your page, click on your business name & you’ll be taken back to your wall.

On the top right you can now use your personal page or your business page via the little gear next to the lock and your name, to comment or like other pages.  You can purchase an ad if you’d like.  You can view insights (stats on those interacting with your business page) or invite friends.

Go back to  ‘edit page’ again & on the left you’ll see a menu of options.  Settings, permissions, etc.  Check the boxes that apply to how you want your business page to work.  I want others to be able to comment and post photos & interact with me, so those are all checked; if you don’t want anyone else to post on your wall don’t check them.  You can always go back and edit if you change your mind.  You’ll notice you can also change your profile picture from this menu.  There’s more, but this is a simple introduction to get you started.

It took me 2 hours to set up a new page including a simple bio with 6 photos, plus taking notes for these directions…you can spend as much or as little time as you like.  The advantage to having a FB business page is letting the world know what you as an artist are doing.  Viral marketing.  If we each like one another’s pages we’ll all have xxx new community members.  If you haven’t already, go ahead and like my page now: Steider Studios on Facebook (yep, another shameless plug).  You are welcome to post a link to your page on my wall so I can reciprocate; and some of my followers will see your post and like you too!

You should know that when you like another page from your business page, your ‘like’ doesn’t count.  If another business page likes yours it won’t count.  You can only help grow a page by liking it from your personal page.  There are advantages in doing that, but I’ll tell you about it another time.

When I began, I humbly asked a few of my friends if they would like my page.  Then I asked them if they would mind “sharing” my page with their friends to help me grow.  Today when I post a new photo on my business page wall I have several friends who automatically share my new photos with their friends because they have taken ownership in helping me grow my business.  I love it when people share something I’ve posted!  In addition to that, as each of your friends like your page, their friends will see that they’ve liked it & may like it too.

After you have 25 “likes” or a community of followers (formerly called fans), you can eliminate the long string of numbers after your business name.  I’ll tell you how to do that in the near future.  In the meantime, I hope you’ll get a Facebook business page set up, get your photos posted along with any other relevant information and get comfortable with it….then come to my page share your link (paste the url into a post on my wall) so that we can like your page!

You might be wondering what to post.  If you’re shy, keep it simple until you have a feel for it.  Post a photo of your work & tell us about your process.  Post a photo of work in progress and tell us your successes or failures (yes, failures are good to post because most of us like to respond with helpful ideas).  Tell us about your sunset tonight, or an exciting adventure that inspired you to create something, or…well, you get the idea.  Of course, if you’re the gregarious sort, you’ll have no trouble thinking of interesting conversation starters!

My neighborhood is the Columbia River Gorge located in the Pacific Northwest

I try to post something of interest once a day but if I’m busy in the studio, at least a couple times per week.  I like to engage those who follow my page by asking questions and promoting their business pages.  I like to share photos of  my neighborhood because it’s so darn beautiful.  I promote Arts in Education, Youth Arts, Schools, and other art-related causes I believe in without being spammy.  Nobody wants to know what you eat for breakfast every morning unless you’re listing recipes or eating something really unusual – or your page happens to be about food..  They absolutely want to know about your projects, past & current; when & where your gallery openings are; when & where your next shows/sales are; and your process.  They want to see & share in your joy, your successes, and even your failures.  I hope this helps you & I’m happy to answer any questions that I can.  I always reciprocate, so if you like my page:  Steider Studios on Facebook, I promise to like you back!

That is, if you let me know where your page is.  Post a link to it when you say hello on my page.  Be sure you have it listed on your personal page under ‘about’ – contact – web address.  You can list at least five or six.

Don’t forget, let me know when your page is ready & I’ll be one of the first to like it AND share it with my friends!  I look forward to helping you grow your business and I hope you’ll like my friends’ pages too!

Kathy-Watne-Enamels        Morning-Sun-Studio     

Carolyn-Crystal-Glass-Beadmaker        Terri-Johanson-Art-Glass

Edit:    If your friends like your business page, you don’t want to spam them with duplicate content.  Unless it’s cartwheel-turning exciting, I post on my personal page OR my business page, but not both.  People who follow my blogs via networked blogs will see duplicate posts, but I try to curtail everything else.

If you like this post, sign up to receive an email for future posts so you don’t miss anything.  It’s easy, just click the box at the top right of this page that says ‘Sign me up!’ and type in your email.  It’s right under the yellow close-up photo of my work.

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