A Sizzling Summer

August 9, 2014

Steider Studios.Please Don't Eat the Cosmos1

I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 months since my last post!  This summer is flying by faster than ever and I am barely keeping up.  My garden is overrun… with weeds and deer.

Steider Studios.Kilnload of WallPockets.8.7.14My studio is working overtime catching up with orders. I’m having a run on recycled glass wall pocket vases at the moment ~ you can see the finished versions here.

Steider Studios.Elk with Babies

Since the first day of summer I’ve traveled to Conboy National Wildlife Refuge often to find Sand Hill Cranes, Elk, Otters, Waterfowl and any wildlife that presents itself to me…

Steider Studios.Treasure on the Beach

I’ve learned to use LightRoom for my photo processing and management; celebrated my sweet girl Treasure‘s 7th BirthDay and my BFF’s 60th!  I’ve had lunch, dinner, coffee and wine with friends over the last 7 weeks…

Steider Studios.Rowena Fire.8.7.14

…I’ve had brush removed from my property for fire protection by a 6 man crew that knocked it out in three days!  We seem to have wildfires near us every summer now.  This wildfire is almost out At Rowena Oregon, across the Columbia River From Lyle WA where I watch eagles and osprey.

Steider Studios.Family at Long BeachI went on a very fun multi-generational family vacation across Western Washington exploring only a fraction of what my state has to offer, including a ride up the Space Needle for the first time and a drive on the beach at Long Beach!

Steider Studios.Baby Osprey Stretching Wings

I continue to check on several families of Osprey along the Columbia River.  The babies have grown up so fast.  I was shocked at the rate of growth in the 10 days that I missed while in Alaska.

Steider Studios.Moose in Denali.2014

Yes, I was in Alaska teaching for Half Moon Creek for the 4th time.  My 4th visit to Alaska was magical and deserves a post…no, several posts just to show you how beautiful Alaska is and how much fun we had.

I have volunteered for Columbia Arts, managed my way through the relaunch of my sales site, Zibbet

Steider Studios.Group Hike to Bird Creek Meadows.

…and formed new friendships with a new hiking group while traversing Bird Creek Meadows!

In short, I have not been able to make myself sit at the computer while the sun shines and I can play outside!  I’ll try to get my Alaska Adventure up soon for you to dream up your own Alaskan Adventure.  It’s one of those places that I wish everyone could experience.  I am already working on getting back there!

Bringing in a New Year with a new Gallery Show, I thought some of you might be interested in just how a gallery show goes up.  Columbia Arts is a community, non profit gallery, run by volunteer committees.  The Show Committee sets a show, selects a curator and sometimes works with the curator to choose participating artists.  The January show, Trash 2 Art was installed today.  Before the doors can open to the public for an artist’s reception there’s a huge renovation:

…starting with moving portable walls into place.  Volunteers have already applied fresh paint.  Curator Kathy Watne and her crew of volunteers set the stage for how our work will be displayed, taking into consideration the huge storefront windows.

After the walls are moved into place, the pedestals are brought out.

Since the walls are on wheels, they must be stabilized before any work can be hung.  The work is placed in an order that flows, usually by artist, by color or theme.  Sometimes it’s as simple as first to arrive selects their spot.

The work gets unpacked and tentatively set up as artists arrive.  Dave Sherburne’s work always catches my eye.

Sarah Burr Arnold creates gorgeous jewelry.  Here it awaits installment into the show.

Also waiting to be installed is one of Kathy Watne’s fabulous enamels.

My glass bowl looks too flat just sitting on this pedestal.  Tomorrow I’ll deliver a stand for it so you can see color and light filtering through.

Back to the installation….Sarah and Kathy attach tags while Caroline, the gallery director checks inventory sheets and prepares show labels in the background.  Artists submit written information about their work in advance to avoid dealing with these details at the last minute.

I can’t help myself, my eyes are constantly distracted by the wonderful artwork being delivered.  More coming in each hour.  This wonderful piece was created by Tracy Klas.

Mixed media panels by Kris Joy, known for her blown glass.  I LOVE her new work!

The artwork goes up, packaging taken away and within just a few hours the show is almost ready.  Tomorrow I’ll return with that stand; other artists may also return for additional tweaking.  Once the work is installed, it’s easier to see what might need adjusting.   Kathy will be there attaching show tags, aiming lights and fine tuning those devilish details.

One last photo, a piece by Kerry Lucia to whet your appetite for this fun and playful show, generously sponsored by Hood River Garbage!  Trash 2 Art features work made from objects otherwise destined for the trash or recycling.

Many friends are planning to join us at the opening, I hope you will too!  Friday January 6th from 6 to 8pm.  Columbia Arts at 215 Cascade in Hood River OR.  If you can’t make the opening reception, Trash 2 Art runs through January 29th.

Participating artists:  Sarah Burr Arnold • Marbe Cook • Peggy Dills Kelter • Tracy Klas • Dawn Elle • J. Neils Harvey • Terri Johanson • Kris Joy • Suzanne Keolker • Kerry Lucia • Kelly Phipps • David Sherburne • Linda Steider • Kathy Watne • MaCrae Wylde

Show curators: Kathy Watne, Sarah Burr Arnold

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December Digest

December 28, 2011

December has been a whirlwind month with holiday happenings, sales and keeping my galleries stocked.  It’s been a wonderful month for me, and looks like it’ll end with a flourish.

I’m honored & excited to be included in the Flow Magazine’s 7th Annual Gallery of Women in Glass!!! My bowl is surrounded by such amazing inspiring glasswork, I feel humbled to have my work next to such talented artists.   TheFlowMagazine (on Facebook – go like them!)   The Flow Magazine.com  Go buy the magazine & check it out!!


Not to mention our annual Baking Day with my grandchildren who are unbelievably more fun with each passing year.

Our idea this year was a 3D sleigh with reindeer.  My practice project turned out great, but we decided to have the kids decorate the cookies before ‘gluing’ it together with frosting.  We didn’t take into consideration how much frosting and candies would be used on each cookie.  Or that the weight would be different on each side.  So, they didn’t stand up perfectly, but they were very tasty to eat!


In just a few days I’ll be delivering work for Columbia Art Gallery’s ‘Trash 2 Art” show.  All the artists are working with recycled or reclaimed materials.  The opening is First Friday in January and runs through January 30th.  I plan to write a more detailed post about this event.

Steider Studios: My Cabin in the Woods

From my heart and little cabin in the woods, I wish you a safe and healthy…wonderful and joyful…spectacular and prosperous…2012.

Paving the Way….

July 5, 2009

Paving the way to my newest seating area.

Paving the way to my newest seating area.

…..In the Pacific Northwest with iridescent ‘Puzzle Pavers’ to my newest garden seating area.  It used to be a wildly overrun herb garden filled with weeds and is now the perfect place to start paving.

I’ve been casting glass pavers for my garden paths, using up buckets full of scrap glass.  Thanks to the moving sale at Studio Ramp, I picked up a few paver molds from Mel George.   (If  you’re unfamiliar with Mel, here is a video of her & partner Jeremy Lepisto at the Museum of Glass. I’ve taken several casting & pate de verre classes where she was the instructor or assistant.)  Each paver is 10 pounds & about 8″ square ~ so far I’ve only used clear iridescent glass.  So far I only have five pavers!

Side View

Side View

I build them like a jigsaw puzzle, placing each scrap of glass into an empty spot where it fits.  It’s the same way I make my puzzle vases and bowls but in this case it’s 10 to 15 layers thick, depending on the size of each puzzle piece.  The layers are built up until I’ve used 10 pounds for each paver, while balancing the shapes so the end result is uniform.  I love how these pavers look holographic, radiating light along the paths!  Wear your sunglasses if you stop by & use caution ~ slippery when wet!

Puzzle Pavers; 1" thick by 8" square; scrap clear iridescent glass

Puzzle Pavers; 1″ thick by 8″ square; scrap clear iridescent glass

You can read more about my garden in the Columbia River Gorge at An Artist’s Garden. I try to spend my summers there because the rest of the year I work in the studio without many days off.  This is my time to rejuvenate while redecorating, redesigning or otherwise just playing outdoors in one of my favorite places.  I might play in the studio if it’s too hot or cold or windy outside, but usually work only on specific projects for my garden.  Unless, of course, I get a rush or special order!  Especially if it’s something YOU might want!

******** A follow up note to my previous post, Do You Have Rainbows in Your Halos?

Left 960º in old Paragon, Right 900º in Skutt bathtub

Left 960º in old Paragon, Right 900º in Skutt bathtub

I wanted to compare these 1″ thick pavers under polarizing film to compare halos.  For the paver on the right I used Bullseye’s new anneal soak temperature of 900º; and the paver on the left was soaked at the ‘old’ temperature, 960º.  Whoa!  Really?  Now we’re talking ‘Rainbows’!  I have that much stress in the left paver?  Of course the corners on a square is where the greatest stress will show, but see how the stress goes beyond the corners?!  Good thing I wasn’t planning on selling them!

To be fair, I’ll have to do one more comparison ~ a kiln comparison.  The right paver was fired in my Skutt bathtub (at 900º) & the left paver was fired in my oldest Paragon (at 960º).  I think I’ll check the accuracy of my thermocouples and it’s been awhile since I checked for cold spots in my old Paragon!  I’d also better remeasure and be sure my pavers are 1″ thick and not greater.  In the meantime, I’ll keep the stressed pavers separate and watch how much foot traffic they can take.

Detail, stress halos on left, clear irid scrap pavers.

Detail, stress halos on left, clear irid scrap pavers.

For now, I’m heading back to the studio to build more puzzle pavers for the rest of my garden….  I have about 5 more buckets of clear scrap and an acre of garden space.  I might start throwing in some color to see what I get.  Hey, I also have a couple buckets of broken finished work that I was thinking about using in mesh melts, but maybe they’ll look interesting in a flattened or pressed glass sort of way!  Not to mention adding some fiber paper designs on the bottoms for bas relief effects!  And veils of leftover powders that I can’t bear to throw away!!  My head’s exploding with ideas, I’ll be in the studio today!!!

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Puzzle Vase Up For Bid

Puzzle Vase Up For Bid

I’ve been thinking all weekend about the upcoming Helping Hands Against Violence art auction & how could I be of more help. I wondered if I posted an item here for bid if I’d be able to raise additional funds to benefit HHAV. I’m going to try it to see what happens.

This vase from the same series listed in my last post (Puzzles) is made from recycled bits and pieces of iridescent clear glass. I darkened the photo to get better contrast, allowing you to see more of the detail. The vase is three sided, which is difficult to achieve in a standard kilnformed vase form. It stands 4.25″ tall and is 7″ across the widest parts.  It retails for $65.00.

Care to place a bid?  You can do so in the comment section below.  I’ll pay shipping anywhere in the US.  If you are in the Columbia Gorge I’ll personally deliver.  Crossing my fingers that one of you will want this piece enough to step up & place a bid!  And that someone else might also want it enough to place another bid.  Maybe even another one after that!  Auction will have to close on May 18th, (edit:  sorry, it has to close on the day of the auction, midnight) May 8th, this Friday night.  Thanks for your interest in Helping Hands Against Violence!


Puzzle Bowl


I was asked to donate to an upcoming art auction benefitting Helping Hands Against Violence.  I’m all for stopping violence of any sort, especially against helpless children. Domestic violence is more rampant than you might think and according to reports is on the rise.  I’m amazed at how many women I know who have experienced a violent act.  My friend, Pam took an informal survey to discover 80% of her friends had been raped or molested at some point in their lives.   

This piece was selected as a symbol of how broken or discarded lives, just like glass can be put back together again.  It’s from my ‘puzzle’ series in which I jigsaw – fit discarded bits and pieces of iridescent clear glass together into a shape, then fuse it all back together.  For this bowl, I had a handful of clear frit also leftover, so tack fused it to the bottom of the bowl representing ‘diamonds in the rough’.   Similar to those who’ve been through the trenches of violence….diamonds emerging and ready to sparkle.  It then went back into the kiln for a third time to shape it through a drop ring into the bowl form.       

If you’re in Hood River next Friday night, the benefit auction is May 8th from 5:30 until 8:30 at Ground Espresso Bar & Cafe at 12 Oak St.  Only $8.00 to get in includes a drink and hors d’oeuvres plus the opportunity to bid on an array of artwork by local artists.   Please bid on my piece!  Bid on your favorite piece!  Bid high and bid often.  You’ll receive a beautiful piece and your financial help will benefit a worthy cause.

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