Name of your Handmade business

Steider Studios

About My Shop:

I’m a full time artist working with kiln formed glass in the Pacific Northwest. I create joyful, colorful, quality art glass pieces for home decor, gift giving, jewelry and more. I believe in excellent customer service and prompt shipping with attention to detail. My original designs make a beautiful statement in your home, lighting up the areas in which they’re placed. Wearing my shimmery, sparkly jewelry is sure to make you smile, with a bonus of constantly receiving compliments.

15% off Glass Jewelry from Steider Studios

Behind the Scenes at the Shop:

My adventure with glass began in the mid 90’s. I was a fiber artist at the time, learning to make glass beads on a torch. My husband was worried that I would burn down my fiber studio with a torch so bought me a kiln to redirect my focus. I sold off my fiber studio in 1998 and never looked back. Working with glass has been wonderful and rewarding. I travel across the country, teaching specialized glass techniques to others. I’ve taught almost all the local glassworkers in my area, including how to set up their own studios. (I love nurturing others)

15% off Glass Jewelry from Steider Studios

Tips and Tricks

  • Don’t be afraid of color. When you look at nature you’ll see amazing color combinations. A color will pop if you add a spark of it’s opposite hue.

Rain Blanken, DIY Fashion Guide, says:

I have to agree, nature is a wonderful source of inspiration for color. When I’ve got a creative block, usually a walk in the woods will clear things up. Your kiln formed glass is absolutely beautiful, I’m a sucker for chunky bracelets!Show off your handmade shop. You could be featured on the DIY Fashion blog, in our newsletter and all the social media in between. I love to get the word out about great handmade work. Submit your Shop


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